Friday, January 20, 2012

I Almost Bit off more than I could Chew!!

Thursday morning was 'scrub the carpet' morning..then I thought well I should scrub the ceramic in the bath, shower room and kitchen before getting out the little green machine and doing the carpets. I sure will be glad upon our return to Canada to finally have the time to have this carpet removed and more ceramic installed. As I love ceramic. During our renos in our home this year we put in ceramic and used a colour grout-looks so nice-which is what they did when they did this MH...or so we thought.
Was scrubbing away on my hand and knees, and noticed under the slide humm the grout there is white-so since June I've been travelling with a dirty floor - mind you I was washing it every couple of days. And I never noticed this before.
So after 3.5 hours and bleach and 7 Mr. Clean magic erasers the floor is now clean and sealed. And the carpets are all scrubbed and looking fine.
A work in progress after elbow grease and before

This is how it should look-who knew? 

Needless to say, I am a hurting unit today! So for all you folks out there the best best thing to clean the ceramic grout with is Mr. Clean Magic erasers and lots of elbow grease. Needless to say I will not be on my knees today praying or swinging a tennis racket with my elbows. . We have company coming today for the weekend and I'm pretty excited-hopefully the elbows will work for 'happy hour' -humm might have to use a straw.
After cleaning yesterday we showered up and headed over to the pot luck supper. And what a good supper it was. There was a great turn out and tons of good food. I took a taco salad and it was a major hit and it received great reviews. I chose this for the potluck because it makes a large batch. 

Richard and Kathleen

Dee, Jim in the hat and Jon

Some of the folks at the pot luck

After the pot luck we headed back to our rig, had coffee with Kenny and Debbie, then watched American Idol and Greys. It was 10pm and I was ready for bed. I resealed all the ceramic on my way to bed, so it would dry overnight. Upon reaching the bedroom area I wasn't totally sure I could get back up off my hands and knees.

Today I'm cooking- tidying up and prepping for my company which should be a great time. So it is looking like a busy weekend. There is a wine and cheese party today, and a car show tomorrow, and good hot weather forecasted. So wine, food, great company, excellent neighbours, good food, excellent weather, and many happy hours - what more could we ask for. I'm excited.

For those of you who attend potlucks here is how you make 'taco salad'...
  1. 1 lb ground beef, cooked, 1-chopped head of iceburg lettuce-1 large onion chopped (not cooked)-2 chopped tomatoes-shredded cheese-1 large bag of broken up nacho cheezy dorito chips, and toss it all together with a small bottle of ranch dressing. voila-your done :)
Have a super weekend folks..I probably won't be putering until Sunday-but I will be thinking of you all.
Stay safe out there.

Home is where you park it
"May your day be filled with blessings like the sun that lights the sky~and may you always have the courage to spread your wings and fly"


  1. The tile looks great. I love tile as well.

    Thanks for the taco salad recipe. It looks very easy.

  2. You have me looking at my floor. I looked and mine is the same as yours...WHITE. OH GOODNESS. I am going to take a picture like you. I do have the Mr. Clean Magic erasers and bleach. Looks like I will doing a bit a praying next week.

  3. you really don't need the bleach...the Mr. Clean Magic erasers does the trick...I just thought they used a nice brown coloured grout..little did I know..good luck...

  4. I like those Mr Clean erasers also. When they first came out my daughter was telling me she ran around the house looking for things to erase - was so impressed at what they did.

    You sure have a great weekend planned. Fun times!

  5. Salad sounds good, going to try that at our next pop luck here. Thanks alot.

  6. There is noi life without MR. Clean Magic Erasers!!

    I felt your pain getting up from the final sealing of the tiles.

    Thanks for sharing the recipe. enjoy the next few days even if you have to use a straw.

  7. That sure seems to be a lot of work for one day! I thought you were retired? Seriously though, the floor looks great.

  8. As nice as the ceramic tile is, the sheet vinyl that *looks* like tile is fine with me :) Nice job!

  9. LOL!!!! the tile looks great clean! & I thought it was grey. LOL!!!

  10. Tiles are beautiful, good job! I, too, would rather have linoleum, because it's more forgiving with drops and spills. Usually not as pretty as tile, though.

    Thanks for the taco salad recipe. I already copied it over to my "recipe file."

    That's the kind I love, easy, only a few ingredients, delicious and even living alone I can use it, just adjust the amounts used. Could feed one or a crowd. Perfect! :)

  11. Great job on the tiles! Do you hire out?

  12. I'm not sure why tile installers rarely seal the grout when done. (Well actually, I think it's called laziness)
    I've always done it on any of my installations, otherwise there will be trouble down the line.
    I sure wish we had Mr.Clean magic eraser here, since the grout in the bathrooms and kitchen wasn't sealed, and it's brutal to get clean.
    Oh, and when I did our basement apartment, I used BLACK grout! Bwahahaa!
    Nice job. Just a touch of OCD maybe?

  13. Elaine As soon as you feel better our tiles could use a little attention too. You do good work, you get the job.

  14. Good job on the tiles, and rv'ers work in never ending!

  15. hahaha everyone...Larry not sure you could 'afford' me lol....sure is nice to have it is Sunday and I'm just starting to walk straight now...