Sunday, February 17, 2013

Where theres No Fools, theres no lack of fools here...!!!

Pictures often speak louder than words...we are having a blast folks..Arch and Anne are still here and Joe and Carolyn decided to stay for another week. Although they did have to move down back in the 'country' as Joe likes to tell it...he does come up to town to visit us...and even though the pool closes at dusk we all received a printed invitation today from Joe to attend a moonlit dip tonight . (We did explain to him when your a tad bit over weight it is no longer called skinny dipping instead its called Chunky Dunking) read as follows:

Polar Plunge
Come "Chunky Dunking" at the Glades pool.
8PM-(Won't scare as many as in the daylight and get home before bedtime.)
Bathing Suits required!!

As you may or may not know we are in a cold snap here tonight and it is going to be a cold one, and the current temp outside is 45F. When we didn't hear from him via our 'country walkie talkie' I buzzed him to tell him it was almost time...he sounded fairly 'hesitant' but we had a printed invitation to this event and there would be no reneging~~ next thing we knew there was a knock on the door.

And hes into the pool

Breaking the law he is..

and its gonna be colder when he gets out

Pretending hes loving it
And hes out!! Brrrrrr
We spectators at the event (photo courtesy of Carolyn)

Dressing over a wet bathing suit...yes he did have one on folks

Of course Carolyn Rick Deb and I were there for the big olympic event. I had to take the pictures!!! And of course I took off with his towels and robe when he got out, and made him chase me around the pool in the dark. He kept threatening to throw me in when he caught me..but little did he know "I can run faster scared than he can mad"...Aww Joe your a great sport. My grandma always said "where theres no fools theres no fun"..thanks for stepping into my shoes buddy, as I'm usually wearing the fool shoes. 
We have attended the Hispanic Flea Market on Saturdays, and of course we had a blast on Valentines Day..attended a great dinner and dance here at the resort...
Joe and Carolyn

Anne and Arch

Brenda and Frank

Rick and I before dance

Nope no pics of Rick and I at the I was on the other side of the lens..but I'm sure Joe can scare up one or two...Please be 'kind' Joe...
Ok folks, thanks so much for stopping by...have a super week....

Elaine, Rick Tucker and Lilly

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Wowsers!!!!! Busy Bees

Wow I can't believe I haven't blogged since the last day of January..and its already the 9th of February. We sure have been busy busy practising this retirement snowbird lifestyle and fitting in all the fun. 
We toured Sanibel and Captiva Islands one day...what a gorgeous area and we plan to go back there before we leave.

Sanibel Beach

Cool Leaning Tree

Beautiful beach

We have played bean bag baseball. We are on a team "The River Haven Rowdies" (yes we're serious players we have team shirts) And also attended trivia night at the club house. We came in 5th in the trivia. Arch and Anne are here for a month and they played on our team.

Archie from the Accidental RVers

Even Tucker and Lilly had company come and visit..Larry and Marilyn are up at the big O and came to visit with Buster and Angel.

Lilly Tucker Angel and Buster-visiting
Of course there are daily happy hours (not that every hour isn't happy)..The weather has been fantastic!!! Hot and sunny..we are sure being blessed with great weather.

We spent yesterday on the golf course. Deb and her sister and brother in law came to visit and Deb partnered with Rick...

Rick Deb Jeannie and Reed
Someone had to drive the 'beer cart' so Debbie  and I volunteered as we don't play golf..but do enjoy watching.

The Beer Gals-Debbie and I

And of course after the last hole we popped into the club house for supper then it was time for...

Happy Hour

Today we drove up to the "Sour Orange Festival" in Lakeport..and there was nothing sour about it...we all had a great time. Lots of interesting vendors and great food. Great dancers and excellent music. We toured the quilts and voted on our favourites.

Carolyn, Myself, Marilyn and Debbie

Carolyn Joe Myself and Rick
The highlight and draw that brings everyone to this festival each year is the "Sour Orange Pie" and let me tell you it is definitely the best pie I have ever eaten. You need to be there early and get your name on the list for a pie before they run out.We each purchased a whole pie to take home, plus we bought a piece to share because we knew we just couldn't wait until we got home to taste the world famous pie. 

Good to the last lick!! Right Joe?

I am excited to share that Carolyn and Joe are here visiting and are parked right next to us. We met them last year in HoHum and again this year at the Tampa RV show.

And of course when we got home..I betcha you can all figure out what time it was.....yup your all right!!! Happy hour again...

The day may have been devoted to 'sour' I leave you with a little sweetness....
how Sweet is that face
We are definitely blessed to be enjoying this wonderful lifestyle. Every day I thank our Lord for all he has bestowed upon us. The gorgeous weather and sunrises (I'm sure they're gorgeous I can't seem to haul butt out early enough to see one of them)..and gorgeous sunsets (those I do manage to experience)

I have been reading blogs every morning during coffee-it seems we are all blessed for sure.
My blessings this week include, a successful surgery for a dear friend back home, who is now on the road to a speedy recovery, and a very successful surgery here in Fl for a dear friend who received excellent results and escaped the nasty C word...Thank you Lord.

Have a great rest of weekend folks, and stay safe!! Thanks for stopping by.
Elaine, Rick
Tucker and Lilly