Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tuesday May 19, 2010 - We are Home

Hi yall we left Bangor, this morning around 10am...from the Pumpkin Patch Rv Park in Hermon....stopped at Dysarts for fuel, and motored onto toward NB...had no problems crossing back into Canada at the border..we crossed at Holton border...except we MISSED the Duty Free shop...its not on the main road you have to exit to get to it...duhhh we forgot about that and whereas I was reading my book, Rick didn't notice the exit...because he was busy driving...anyway it was a good trip home traffic was light..we stopped in Grand Lake and met up with Deb and had a bit of a visit with her..then motored onto Riverview arriving home around was great to see the family again..

It was a wonderful vacation, and we have no idea where the last 6 and a half  weeks went...they went by so fast...but we have lots of great pictures, and excellent memories....

So y'all from our 'stationary' house to yours hugs hugs and more hugs..until the next road trip..ta ta for now...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunday and Monday travels

Yesterday (Sunday) we motored safely to Salisbury MA...and spent the night at Black Bear we motored onto Bangor Maine..and are at the "Pumpkin Patch" for the night one of our fav campgrounds in Bangor...tomorrow we may head onto Moncton...:)
The Salisbury Beach in Salisbury MA it was gorgeous

The strip to the beach

The strip to the beach on the other side of the road the beach was just at the end of the street..the street ended and it was nothing but beach..very cool

Well tomorrow we will probably arrive has been a wonderful wonderful vacation to say the least. We have enjoyed every minute of it, and the time has passed by in a flash. So much has happened and we've seen so many things..and been to so many places...We have crossed 12 states !!! And some of them more than we got to attend Becky and Matt's wedding which was an added bonus!! We got to spend time with Craig and Rob...its been totally amazing...totally amazing....we are not sad to be going home, we miss all of our family and it will be good to see them. Then it will be time to start planning our next vacation...we are thinking we will be traveling most of this summer and into the fall so thats something to look forward to :) Take care all and I'll post once we arrive safe and sound at home...hugs from our home on wheels to yours...from Rick myself and Lilly.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Safe and Sound in Matamoras at the Tri-State RV Park

Well folks we are here safe and is quite the it and look at the gorgeous pics online of this RV park...then look below at the actual pics I just took...Actually tho the people who own this place are really nice...there are many phases to this park..theres the junk yard area, then the 'seasonal' area..the overnighters area -theres a banquet hall for weddings etc..and theres a tent with a weekend bbq going on...the grounds around the banquet area are gorgeous...and folks thats where it ends...but you have to take the good with the bad, as thats what makes life was sketchy for awhile because one of the seasonals was away to work and their big un neutered Boxer dog was running around biting folks...but we just stayed in our rig and prayed Lilly wouldn't need to go pp in a hurry.

We traveled in from Carlisle PA today..and tomorrow we hope to be in the Salisbury MA area for the night. We are slowly crawling our way back to Canada and its hard to believe we've been on the road since April 2. Some folks say - "you must be ready to get home" nope we are not!!! We dont' expect truly to sleep in our house again until the end of Oct. but I'm sure that will change. Lilly is doing much better! She finally ate today..she has been missing her new 'big brother' McDuff...we had to whisper his name or she would go looking for him...makes us think she needs a 'friend' but but but...I am liking this one dog responsibility lifestyle..I truly do not want to start again. Altho there was a goldendoodle I met in NC that I would have dognapped given the chance.

This could be why "Miss Lilly" has been so lonesome she is missing McDuff she was so bonded with him...This was taken the night before we left NC-she was sitting right under his front legs..."the great protector"

Look Ma -"no shoulders" this was a detour road today on our way to Matamoras try driving your house down that road..but we were thankful it was paved..

 Current View from our RV lol

See the Porta Palace - its on wheels-on the right side next to the ladies room level with the step railing is a 'level' to level the place up lol
Guess which 'phase' this is ...another view from our front window
yupper another view from the front window and that is also the owners house to the left
yup one campers junk is another campers ??? (eyesore) lol
This is over on the seasonal side of the park..
Now isnt' this gorgeous..this is over on the 'wedding' banquet hall side of the park
Right on the Delaware River - glad we walked over there we would never have known it was there
Another shot of the Porta Palace see the levels on both sides of the building..thats important I would think to keep her level when someone is trying to use the potty

See the white top tent??? behind the Porta Palace? thats where the weekend bbq is..called Ribs to Run

All in all folks the place isn't that bad for an overnighter...I wouldn't give it a woodall rating or triple A but it has free great signal WIFI, and cable TV...and nice people (other than the boxer) what more could we possibly ask for...hugs once again from our home on wheels to each and everyone of you!!! Ta Ta till the next time...

Saturday May 15th heading out!!! On the road again!!

Hey everyone, we arrived in Carlisle PA on Thursday late afternoon, and held up here yesterday for some rest and shopping....had some rain thurs night and sporadically yesterday..hail storm at one point...but nice and sunny and hot once again today...we are motoring onto Matamoras PA we have approx a 4 hr drive...slowly making our way back home...will update when we arrived...take care all have a super day!!!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Safe and Sound in Natural Bridge Virginia

Hi everyone, we are safe and sound in Natural Bridge Virginia...its been a long driving day with some rain showers quite heavy at times but we are ok..we arrived approximately 1/2 hr ago..(4pm)...alot of traffic today...and we are tired...I think Lilly is missing her 'other' family and her new big brother McDuff....

Catch you all later have a super and hugs from our home on wheels to yours!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday Update for Saturday Sunday and Monday

HI all just a quick update..we've been very busy visiting with  Cathy and Brent, and Duffers...we motored onto Newport TN Saturday for the night and then came onto Shelby NC on Sunday...we are having a great time..even tho we brought the rainy weather with us...we were suppose to leave and motor on today..but they talked us into staying another we are heading out on motor toward home...

Here are some pics of our drive down..lovely scenery...and our visit

Cathy Brent and Rick

View from their deck

Cathy and Brent's backyard


drive in from Newport

Here are some pics of our drive down..lovely scenery...

McDuff-the boy
The boy

Lilly and her protector

Brent Cathy Me and Rick

Happy Hour

That's all folks....we're still having a great time....touch base with you all soon, hugs from our home on wheels to yours....will add to the Nashville visit with pics at another time...

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Friday May 7, 2010-Events of the day!! WHAT a Day!!!!!! Fantastic

We left here around noontime-headed to the Raddison up the road-parked our car there and we were picked up by "Tommy's Tours" at 12:45 and off we go!!! Was a great 3 hour tour-all around Nashville-Brentwood areas...downtown, then off to see the homes of the 'stars' was an excellent tour and Tommy was an excellent comedian and tour guide. While downtown he even stopped at the Ryman for Rick and I to pick up our Grand Ole Opry tickets that we had ordered by phone. Due to flooding and damage the Opry House is closed for renovations the GOP was being held at the old Ryman..what a beautiful building it was. After the tour instead of going back to get our car, Tommy suggested we just hop off downtown and leave our car where it was at the Raddison -versus picking up the car and driving back into downtown and paying for parking. He even called his transport guy "Jerry" and told him to be sure and come get us when we're ready to call it a day..and he did!!! People are so accommodating and nice...even after the recent disaster (flooding)..they are all still smiling... Taylor Swift donated 500,000.00 to the relief fund yesterday...everyone is coming together!! Helping each other.
After the tour we strolled down to broadway strip and had supper at Rippy's...and strolled from bar to bar listening to some great bands...and its off to the Opry for 7pm. The architecture in the Ryman building is something else. It used to be a church, them hosted the Grand Ole Opry until 1974 when it moved to the new opry house. Below are some pics of the stars homes, and of the performance this evening..the lineup was:
Ricky Skaggs, George Hamilton IV and V (his son) Jeannie Shepard, The Whites (Ricky S's wife is a member of this group), Little Jimmy Dickens, Jesse McReynolds & The Virginia Boys, Janie Fricke, Jim Ed Brown, Connie Smith, Dailey & Vincent, Diamond Rio, Jan Howard, Mike Snider and Brad it was a great lineup of performers...
Homes we saw today...can't remember who they all belonged to but will name the ones I can remember:
Dear Departed Mini Pearl's home

The one in the mountain is Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's home

Dolly Parton's home

Alan Jackson's place - yup thats his BARN for his horses

Alan Jackson's House
Tommy our Tour guide and me
More of Broadway (the strip)
yes I got a nice new Hat for my collection and it has 'bling ' on it (like who goes to Nashville and doesn't get a hat)

Rick and Minnie Pearl 2,

Inside the Ryman below the balcony

the seating is all Church Pews

Exterior - Ryman Auditorium
Ricky Skaggs man did he get old...:)

Ricky and Jean Shepard 

The wifi is slowing down on me so I will close for now..get myself to bed and continue hopefully tomorrow when the wifi speed is better...Tomorrow we head for Newport TN...close to the North Carolina Border...we are booked at a KOA there for the night...until then hugs from our home on wheels to yours.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Woooohooooo getting ready to leave

Opry at the Ryman tonight~tickets reserved excellent seats-Ricky Skaggs-Brad Paisley-Jimmy Dickens-Janie Frickie-Diamond Rio-and many many more-tommy's tours this afternoon-3 hrs touring Nashville-supper on the strip after the tour-gonna be a great day!!!!

Nashville TN - arrived yesterday Thursday

We arrived in Nashville TN yesterday afternoon. We left Memphis around 10:30am...alot of traffic coming down..but had a pretty good run. After an early supper here we hopped in the car and went downtown Nashville....there are clubs and sidewalk bars all up and down the street, with country bands in them all~they work free hoping to be discovered and wow are they good bands...all I can say is WOW...the opry is closed due to flooding but all shows are being held at the Ryman Auditorium so we plan to attend there today. Brad Paisley is one of the features!!...Here are some pictures...hey "Jim H" wish you were here with us buddy...

On the strip
Ernest Tubb's shop-where all the opry singers gathered after the opry for a midnight singing session-Loretta Lynn was the host for many years.

This band was out of this world-they sang everything-George Jones, Alan Jackson etc just to name a couple

The strip at night

This big guitar was on a corner of the street with all the 'greats' pictured on it...

A couple of the bars

It is quite the happening place. Well worth the visit...we are heading back there today....have a super Friday yall....