Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Invalid Passports??? What??? A Rainy Drive

We left home all hitched up at 8:30 this morning...had a rainy ride to the maine border...crossed customs without too much trouble --- Until he scanned our passports and said neither of these are heart literally skipped a few beats..(more than it normally does when Rick enters the room)...after about 1/2 a minute he said its because you didn't sign them. All I truly heard was "Not Valid" and " No Good"....we had just renewed them in August..and yes we did forget to sign them..he instructed us to have a good winter, and to sign those passports at the next rest stop. Whew!!! He was a nice guy, a jokester...
We arrived Bangor at around 3pm..headed to the verizon store. We had decided that instead of activating the air stick this year we would pay the $ for the mifi jet pack then we could both be online at the same time and the ipad could log on also. If you remember our blog about verizon last year you will remember it took them 3 hrs to activate our air stick which we purchased there in 2010. So I anticipated trouble - I mean come on we are buying a new piece of equipment..theres no way no how they will get it right...right? Right!!!....of course we have to park a mile away with the rig...we questioned ok this will work right? I even took the ipad in with problem we're after two trips from the coach to the store and about 4 people working on this thing, and over 2 hrs later..I'm online. Why do they sell items they don't know anything about...grrr...poor Rick he was busy trying to keep me calmed down. So theres no getting further tonight...we don't want to drive in the dark..and I of course hadn't eaten all day so my sugars were getting low and I was no longer we will hold up here for the night....

Here we are parked up for the night...nice grassy area for the fur kids...I made sandwiches for supper because our casserole was still frozen...but they filled the void...
Stay safe out there everyone!!!!

Home is where you park it!!!

The Wheels Are Rolling!!!

We are loaded and ready to roll...We are heading out today as soon as the sun comes up....heading to the sunny south...the dogs are bouncing around here in their seat belts as they know they are going travelling...the were some anxious while we loaded the last few things yesterday...thinking we were leaving without them..

Be safe everyone...will update when I have my US internet stick activated....

Home is where you park it....

Monday, October 29, 2012

Holding up Because of Sandy!!!

We are ready to roll out of here for the winter, our departure date was Saturday past -and circumstances made us sit a bit longer, which is a good thing considering we would be in the thick of "Sandy" right now...
Yesterday we picked up our grand tots and took them to brunch, then shopping for groceries with us for our trip. And of course we let them have free rein at the dollar store for halloween decorations.

They spent the afternoon with us and we arrived back at our daughter's house, around 3:30 pm with lots of halloween decorations and christmas presents. We celebrated our christmas festivities with all the local kids at Tracey and Todd's house. Thanks kids for the great family dinner. They opened their gifts from us and the girlies were pretty excited.
We are anticipating and hoping to get out of here by early Wednesday morning this week...
We have been following along with you all and are praying you all stay safe and sound.
Today is cooking for the 'road' day..have a roast in the crock pot, two chilli casseroles made-shepherds pie-and macaroni casseroles...that should take care of the travel days.
Hopefully our next post will be while rolling down the road. Till then remember:

"Home is where you park it"

Monday, October 22, 2012

UPDATE:So Long Friends-Till We Meet Again-

We had a great last day with our friends yesterday. Upon their return from Hopewell Rocks, and Magnetic Hill, we strolled down thru our backyard to the river edge to await the arrival of the "Tidal Bore"...and what a view we had...Mother Nature is phenomenal -the beauty she presents to us. The water flows from left to right then all of a sudden the bore moves in and changes everything to flow from right to left. Here is a shot of that.

The Tidal Bore-the brown is the mud-I swipped this shot from Larry as I forgot my camera at the house.
After that we came back to the house to get "happy hour" on the go. We started on the deck, moved into the gazebo, and eventually into the house.
CeeCee provided delicious appetizers chinese dumplings..and they were good. I opted to have mine with sour cream versus hot/spicy sauce..yumm...of course we had a few drinks what would be happy hour without them...and we girls got into the antique hat collection..where there are no fools theres no fun I always say.

CeeCe, Me, Marilyn, and Colette
We finally did settle down and have supper, jigs dinner (boiled ham dinner in orange crush with turnips carrots onion cabbage)..Marilyn had made delicious homemade bread, and the ladies provided home made apple pie.
We visited some more, then everyone hit the sack early as it was travel day today for our friends. We are sad to see them leave, and not be leaving with them, but our plan is to meet them down the road in the not too distant future, and travel south with them. I am awaiting blood test results on this end, and can't leave without them in case I need to start medication. Hopefully those results will be there this week and we can get outta dodge. 
So to end a wonderful visit, I just had to document their departure...:(

So Long Larry and Marilyn

So Long Bob and Ceece

So Long John and Colette

Till we meet again down the road..hopefully in the not too distant future.
I am excited to start our journey south, our coach is pretty much packed and loaded, so it shouldn't be long now.

Take care all, be safe out there and remember

"Home is where you park it"
PS: Just got off the phone with doctors office..all blood tests are good and within normal range..ha betcha all thought you'd never see a result of 'normal' for me..woooohoooo hope to be outta here by the end of the week...tucker to vet for shots wednesday, pick up our meds for 6 mo..flue shots for us on friday morning..groceries..wrap christmas gifts for kids, visit kids.....try change my hair appt from next week to this week.etc etc

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Having a Blast x 8

Larry and Marilyn, Collette and John, and CeeCe and Bob arrived on Friday and its been nothing but fun ever since. It is so good to see Lar and Mar again...and meet new rving friends CeeCe, Bob, Collette and John...We have lots of laughs for sure...Friday afternoon we toured Hopewell Cape and they got to see the 'tide' in at the Hopewell Rocks  today we checked on the computer and they tide is heading back they are all on their way back down to see it while its out and hopefully get to walk on the ocean floor. Meantime I'm whipping up a jigs dinner for supper this can't come east and not experience a jigs dinner (especially Cape Breton style)...
Friday evening we stayed home to visit and we had a spaghetti supper with ceasar salad and garlic bread...

Yesterday we visited the Moncton Farmers Market, and the ladies were successful in purchasing some nice new bangle bracelets then we toured Shediac area the wharf, parlee beach and had a great seafood dinner in Cap Pele. Yes I was the only brave soul out of eight to kick off the sneakers, roll up the pant legs and walk in the ocean. For those of you wondering..yes it was well before Happy Hour.

Elaine, Bob, CeeCe, Larry, Marilyn, Rick, Collette, and John

Parked up down in the backyard...
Their View toward the River
When they arrive back, we plan to show them the tidal bore...which we can do right from the river bank in our back yard hopefully...then take them to Magnetic Hill..for the optical illusion of your car going uphill by itself while in neutral...

Tucker and Lilly are thoroughly enjoying their visit with Buster and Angel and everyone is getting along great...We will sure miss them all when they leave :(

Have a great Sunday everyone..and be safe out there...

And remember...

"Home is where you park"

Friday, October 5, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving to All our Friends and Relatives !!!!

I know I'm terribly behind in blogging, but there hasn't been anything too exciting to report from this end, just the ordinary day to day stuff. I have been scanning your blogs so I'm not behind in my reading.
We are preparing the motorhome for our winter journey, and finishing up chores that require attention here at the house, before we take off.
We did get the wasps under control finally, and Rick did manage to replace the few shingles on the roof that were bothering us as they were starting to curl.

This weekend is our Canadian Thanksgiving. We will be taking part in a big turkey dinner on Sunday with upwards of 20 friends and relatives.

I just popped my favourite Thanksgiving dish into the oven. And I will share my recipe here with you all...Let me know if you make it and also how you liked it. Our family looks forward to it every thanksgiving, I serve it as a vegetable

Sweet Potato Casserole
3 C sweet potatoes, cooked and mashed
1 C white sugar
2 eggs
1/2 cup evaporate milk
1 tsp vanilla
pinch of salt
1/3 cup butter

1/3 C flour
1 C brown sugar
1 C flaked coconut
1 C chopped pecans
1/3 C butter, melted

Combine all ingredients until smooth. Pour into 2 qt casserole dish. Mix all topping ingredients and spread over sweet potato mixture.

Bake at 350F for 35-40 minutes

 We are excited about the eventual arrival of Larry and Marilyn, and also Angel and Buster. Then we will have something interesting to blog about. It is also possible that other rvers will be travelling with Larry and Mar so we will also maybe make some new friends.

Take care everyone enjoy your weekend..and stay safe out there.....thanks for stopping by...

"Home is where you park it"