Thursday, July 7, 2011

We have Blogger Company July 7, 2011

Today has been a busy busy day ...we found out that Kevin and Ruth and their dog Whiskey were passing through our area...I was spending my coffee time this morning reading blogs...I shot off an email...and warned them we are in reno mess but that they were more than welcome to come park here at our we have hookups...They accepted..I whipped a picnic ham out of the freezer, fired it into the oven to bake, grabbed the vacuum and ran behind the boys (they were closing off the doors to the main house today and theres drywall dust everywhere) popped them off an email saying if you can stand our mess we would love to have them visit. Then I raced off the the grocery pick up some potatoes etc...came back...packed up my linen closet (before the drywall sanding starts tomorrow in our bathroom where they closed off one of the doors that used to go into the main house)...and I've been in high gear ever since..:)

Visiting with Kevin and Ruth

Sherman parked in our spare driveway all hooked up

Sherman and he is smiling

Ossumer in our other driveway

Kevin and Ruth...what a great meeting / visit we all had

Darling darling whiskey what a sweetie she is

We had supper, visited each others MHs and then sat on our deck for awhile visiting until the bugs drove us neighbours surely think I'm crazy I now have to run from my apartment door to the house door to enter the big house...and I wanted to set up the bathroom in there for them as I'm sure they'd love showers in the I was running with towels etc...

Their dog Whiskey is a darling almost 16 years old...has a heart problem...tucker loves her giving her kisses and lilly likes her...also...

All in all it was a great day (will upload pics when I have more time)...its so much fun putting faces to the bloggers we've been meeting..thats three couples in the last exciting...

Ok its off to bed for us...they are out in their motorhome, all tucked in for the night..and we were able to share our wifi with them...

Take care all have a super evening..and remember

Home is where you park it...
Elaine , Rick Tucker and Lilly

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Update!! July 2011

Well, I haven't had much time lately to get on here and update the blog ~ its been crazy busy...we are finishing up the house...seems like I'm forever saying 'we are finishing up' and I dont' see the end as of yet. But I do see a light at the end of the am hoping that counts for something.

We survived the trip to Ontario, Tucker and Lilly travelled great...and the trip back was uneventful thank heavens. We have been going straight out since our return but we did take the long weekend off and camped up at the cottage in our new to us rig. It was a bit hairy at the Motor Vehicle Branch here in NB getting the rig licensed and registered..apparently we were so excited moving day, we didn't realize (I"m sure they told us)..that the little tab thingy on the peel and stick transit 10 day sticker was the proof we needed to register-I was worried Rick may have thrown it out after applying the sticker..thinking it was the receipt for the transit sticker... We waited in line at the DMV for what seemed like forever only to find out we needed that...the bill of sale etc was not sufficient...back home we came..tore the rig apart (I normally save everything) and finally found it...and back to the DMV we went again..waited in line again..and finally got the job done. Today we had to take it to be NB now everything is done complete and we're good till this time next year.

While in Ontario we had the extreme pleasure of meeting up with Dee and Jim, and Sandra and Gordon. It was a rainy wet day but it didn't put a damper on our visit. I just wish the visit could have been longer. Thanks for coming out to meet us folks..As you can see the rain didn't hamper our visit.

Dee and Sandra :)

 Jim and Rick Sharing a laugh
 Gordon taking a pic of me taking a pic :)
 Me Sandra and Dee
 Us ladies again
 Gordon being serious

We also had the opportunity to meet up with Rick's 1st cousin Barb and and her husband Bob at a rest stop in Trenton, ON...they hadn't seen each other in over 40 was another quick but special visit.

After leaving Grimsby, we travelled to White Lake a resort called Cedar that place was in the middle of no where...twisty and winding narrow roads...what a trip for our first long haul with the new rig...we met up with my cousin and her hubby there and spent four days with them, we drank some wine and had some great laughs and wonderful meals. And I have to add it rained for the whole 4 days we were there non stop.

All in all the trip was a great success but I will sure be glad when we are able to hit the road without time lines...seems we've always crowded so much into such short time spans...

Ok am off to spend some time with the hubby and plan tomorrow....stay safe all~and remember
Home is where you Park it...!!