Monday, May 19, 2014

We are Finally back in our home and Installed at our summer jobs!

Happy Victoria Day to our Canadian Friends!! 

It has been so so long since my last post I'm not sure where to even I will just sum it all up here...

The winter was good, the trip home was almost uneventful --a 1/2 truck with a load of beds and furniture on it lost its we luckily dodged everything while pulling over and came to a stop..we were lucky and definitely had an angel onboard that day..we were 3 cars behind this 1/2 ton and...traffic was busy so knew we couldn't get ahead of lagged back...when the load let go the cars in front of us pulled into the left lane..we had no where to go so we pulled to shoulder and braked hard..we were surrounded by box springs, mattresses and a big bolted down in the box tool box that was no longer in the box..its was directly in front of us with only inches to spare.

We arrived back around April 10th..our chosen daughter called us on the 9th and her basement apartment was flooding so we advised her to shuffle herself and the kiddos up to our place and it wasn't a problem as the weather seemed to be turning to spring somewhat at home so we could sleep in the MH...bless her heart she was out of her place for three was a rough three evening we even had to shovel the snow off the MH steps to get in..anyway we all survived and we all still love each other so another hurdle jumped.

We are both back to work at our summer jobs at the local RV dealership..I'm service writer this year and I have to admit I love the fast pace, and the constant problem solving with clients..I come home at night very tired..but content knowing I made a difference in some rver's life that day..Rick is performing pdi's, deliveries just about anything they need him to do...Saturday we finally got our MH pulled around to the back yard (yes it finally dried up enough) dumped and parked on the summer pad. 

The other week I lost a dear friend unexpectedly..she wasn't sick..I was talking to her on Tues and Thurs morning she passed away..she was younger than me!! it was heartbreaking and I'm still in heart aches for her mothers day was spent in the funeral home honouring her!! Life is short and times like this make me realize just how short it is. Our youngest son flew home for the funeral, so it was nice to see him for a few days.  Seems our spring is just springing now..the weather has not been warm enough for me yet..but that could be because I am not climatized to his climate like I was to Florida..

I have been peeking periodically at your blogs..I need to focus..and get back on task..seems there is not enough hours in the day...

Take care all and safe travels...I will try to do better, if any of you are planning on a visit to the east coast this summer be sure to let us know!! We have space and hookups right here for y'all...and welcome you at any time...

Elaine, Rick and the furkiddos