Tuesday, May 1, 2012

We've rejoined the land of the living

Today we decided its out the door to tackle the yard work no matter how bad we're feeling..we are still not 100% but I think we're finally on the road to recovery.
Its been pretty cold here, but the sun was shining today, and we took advantage. I mowed all the front lawn (not hard on a ride on)...and we trimmed trees, bushes, flower beds and our lilac hedge..I'm not a fan of the power saw..but we needed to use it. A tree fell from the property next to us onto our back yard over the winter so we had to chunk that up and get rid of it...glad to see your all doing well..and theres been many new babies in the blogging family..wow its hard to keep up with them all..and they are all so cute...
Take care everyone and stay safe out there...I envy those of you who 'didn't' come home early..wish we were still out there...

Home is where you park it!!