Thursday, January 31, 2013

Still on the Run and Enjoying Every Day!!

Ever wonder when your at 'home' and having hitch itch why the time seems to 'drag' until departure day? Now that we're here and parked in the sunny south, I cannot figure out where the time is going. We have been here 3 months and it only seems like a week to me. We have been having a great winter..the weather is fantastic, the resort is fantastic, and the folks around us are fantastic, what more could we ask for. Seems every day is filled with fun. It will be hard when the time comes to head back up north.
We have been keeping busy with resort activities, and made a few trips down to Fort Myers, and Lehigh Acres to visit friends. Rick is golfing and loving it, who knew! He used to think it a senseless game of hit the ball and walk around looking for it..he could never figure out why anyone would want to do that...he is now definitely converted and loving it. I even purchased him a new set of clubs and bag as an early valentines present.
Heading to the course

Dave, Archie, Rick and Cal
We have been busy socializing. We had a lamplight supper with the neighbours the other night under our awning. And of course 'happy hour' has become a daily feature.
Ready for supper

Cal, Archie, Anne and Rick, Cheryl Deb and I were there somewhere
This morning we awoke to our first drizzly day, and the temps are only suppose to get up to mid 70s. Maybe that is my cue to have an indoor day cleaning around the coach. Dear friends Tommy and Dottie are leaving tomorrow to motor on, they have been here a month and we will sure miss them. Rick, Cal and Tommy got Debbie's other set of stairs constructed and into place last evening. I'm still busy constructing myself, with the beading and jewellery after the sun goes down, while watching tv. We are making a list and checking it twice of things we want to see and do before our time is up here. We will definitely make the time. I want to see the Ford and Edison houses, and Sanibel Island and of course the fort myers beach. We also plan to get a run up to big O and see our friends Larry and Marilyn. They are going to join us here early in March for a week :)...Rick wants to tour Everglade City also. So we have a few things to add to our already busy schedule.
I just popped a meatloaf into the oven for now its off to bean bag baseball in a couple of hours. The sun is now out and the temps are rising. The handsome boy is still watching me from next door..what a dear boy he is.
I love my Auntie Elaine and Uncle Rick

I have been busy catching up on all my blog reading. Paul and Marsha sure had a close call ..I know the feeling well. And Karen and Steve have not stopped for a minute getting their new home all set up..Contessa and Colin are so enjoying their little piece of heaven..Karen and Al are getting up really early to provide us all with magnificent morning shots..glad to see sassy is feeling better..and Sherry and David are enjoying each and every day..thats what we are all suppose to do while living this lifestyle...take care all and be safe out there..
Elaine Rick
Tuck and Lill

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Honey We Are Home!! And glad to Be here

Wow has it been busy..first off I'm feeling much much better..did the antibiotics (they didn't help) did the honey and Cinnamon (and wow did it help) and did the vicks on the soles of the feet sleeping with socks on trick and slathered it on my chest and I'm not sure exactly what worked but something did even if I didn't smell or look attractive for a few evenings.
We headed off to the show in Tampa last Wed morning leaving here around 8am. We arrived around 11:30..and although there were a lot of arrivals going on they were very well organized and we were parked up in no time.
We immediately headed over to the vendor area to get our names on the list at the Blue Ox trailer. We wanted to have our hitch overhauled..and the cost was only $25.00 which also included any parts you may need. We asked when they would be coming to the coach to do this..and they said they didn't' know but it would be done by Sunday when the show closed. We were the last ones on the list to be done and they finally showed up late Sunday morning. Personally I think they lost or forgot Rick went back over late Saturday and had a talk with them.
Thursday morning Jeannie and Buck and Donna and Ralph arrived bright and early, called us and we met up with them over by the vendor area. They registered to stay at the fairgrounds with their coaches but couldn't get in as it was full, so they all drove down and got a hotel for Thursday night.
We hoofed it on over to the floating restaurant and met up with other RV dreamer bloggers. Some we had previously met~ and it was wonderful to see everyone. And to meet some we followed but had never met!!!! It was so nice to see you all!
Donna, Arlene, Nancy and Myself
Karen and Al 

Rob Dee and Jim
The 6 of us toured the vendor area most of the day, then we came back to the coach fed and walked our dogs and headed to their hotel to meet up with them all for supper. We went to chilli's and had many laughs and a great supper.
Donna, Myself and Jeannie-three besties

Speak no evil, hear no evil and see no evil..

Chilli's-Jeannie, Myself, Donna, Ralph Rick and Buck-we made Buck wear the silly balloon hat
After supper we all came back to our coach and visited for a spell, then they headed back to their hotel for the night.
Friday we all met up again and toured more vendors. What a big place it was, with many many vendors. The weather was a bit nasty in the afternoon. But we trudged on for the rest of the day. I don't' think I've ever walked so much in such a short span. What a great visit with great friends thanks folks for coming down and meeting up with us.
Friday evening we realized that Kathy and Rick were only 5 or  6 rigs up from us in the same row. We strolled up to say hello but they weren't around so we left our card in their door. We then went to Larry and Marilyn's coach for supper. Thanks for the invite guys it was great!! See you the first week in March...
Kathy and Rick arrived down to meet us Saturday morning and we had a great visit.
Rick and Kathy
 They headed on over to a verizon store to get all setup with mifi. And thats another story..suffice to say we advised them to take their laptops with them to ensure all was working, because verizon is good when its working..but we've had major problems reloading etc as you all know. We tried to impart all of our infinite verizon wisdom on them to try avoid them going through what we went through. Rick then took Marilyn and I to Michaels and we made a stop at Camping World down at Lazy Days. I finally got my coffee table at I was pretty excited about that. Then Rick took us ladies out for brunch/lunch at Cracker Barrell. (Again I didn't have the camera)
Of course when Kathy and Rick got back Saturday they could not connect to their new verizon mifi. Rick and I went up to help and I did manage to get one laptop online but not the other after spending over an hr on the phone with tech support. I think they dude at verizon had them on the store mifi..and not their g4 lite..anyway they went back on Sunday and are working now thankfully. Saturday evening..Joe and Carolyn stopped by to visit..they are in the Orlando area. Was great to see them. (Sorry I forgot to get a picture)..When they arrived I was up helping Rick and Kathy and was on the phone with tech support...I was late getting back to the coach, and I felt so bad and did apologize profusely..sure hope they are still our friends. It was great seeing you both and thanks so much for stopping by...hope to catch up again before we head for home.
Sunday we waited and waited for Blue Ox to arrive and 'git er done'..our friend Eda arrived to visit with flowers and sweets, she lives in Florida and it was so nice to catch up with her :)...thanks Eda..
We finally left Tampa around 4pm and headed back to our resort arriving at 7pm we were very tired and the last 10 miles was in the dark. We don't' like driving at night but it was only the last 10 miles and we surely know the road after being here since November, so it was all good. 
Here we are parked in beside a Prevost

Some Rig shots
We did make some purchases at the show..and we were very good and only stepped into a couple of coaches, so as not to tempt ourselves. Rick picked up a progressive  inline surge protector (that was our biggest purchase), got himself some handy dandy german super glue (and its good stuff)..I picked up a few odds and sods..Donna, Jeannie and I found their favourite vendor so we also got some snazzy jewellery.
Today was a laundry and set up day, we were so tired last night we didn't' even put the jacks down until this morning. I gave the rig a good cleaning and Rick did what had to be done, then crashed most of the day, as he's is not feeling good..hoping its lack of energy and not the nasty cold I had. I had planned on having Debbie next door and her friend Karen who is visiting for supper. We made a fast dash to town for some groceries, then I popped a nice roast of beef on the bbq in a pyrex dish for supper. Whipped up a salad, some slaw, potatoes and veggies. Just as I was taking the roast off the bbq the dish blew up :( ughhh...I fired a nice pork tenderloin into the convection over in the coach and managed to get the supper on the table only a 1/2 hour late. Debbie brought dessert and it was to die for. Needless to say I commenced happy hour while cooking to keep the stress level down. My first one since being sick, thankfully I haven't forgotten how to 'happy hour'. (again I forgot the camera)..Ok if your all not sleeping by now you should be...pretty boring but busy stuff going on in our lives..hopefully tomorrow will be my morning to catch up on blogs.
Stay safe out there folks..and thanks for stopping by
Elaine, Rick
Tucker and Lilly

"Home is where you park it"
"We can't control the wind but we can certainly adjust the sails"

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Still at the Tampa Super RV Show!!

We have been here since Wednesday...We had hoped to pull out and head back to our resort early tomorrow but it doesn't look like that is going to happen early...We met with Blue Ox on Wed early afternoon paid our fee to have our hitch overhauled and serviced and they still haven't shown up..Rick went to see them this afternoon and they said we'll get to you!  The show has been great..will update the blog when we get back to our resort...
Be safe out there folks...
Elaine, Rick
Tucker and Lilly

Friday, January 11, 2013

Meeting Bloggers, Still Busy/Sick and Exciting News

Well we are certainly busy, and I'm still sick but somehow I keep moving. I am done my antibiotics as of today, and not seeing much change in the coughing, congestion and stuffed up sinus and nose. Nothing worst than feeling like your 'brain' is trying to come through your right eyeball. Anyway enough whine-ing!! We have still been having fun.
On Monday I whipped up some lazy man's cabbage rolls (yeah I was lazy) and had Cheryl, and Cal, and Deb for supper. Cheryl brought a delicious dessert!
On Tuesday we hopped on up the road a couple of miles and met up with Donna and Dennis at their Hiker :) What a great visit. We have been following each other for quite some time now and I was so excited to finally meet up! Needless to say I couldn't partake in the adult beverage routine because I was on medication..hopefully next time!! Dennis and Rick definitely got into the swing of things with their beer..and Donna had a big mug (I think it was filled with 'self medication')..great folks and they are ever bit as nice as they sound in their blogs. Regretfully both Donna and I are sick, with congestion and sinus crud. Which may have been a good thing because I do believe she and I could play very nicely together and possibly get in trouble??? Hoping we feel better soon so we can visit the 'tiki bar' up in Clewiston, before they head on out. Thanks for the great visit folks..and we can't wait to do it again!
Donna and Dennis

Wednesday was pretty much a lay around day for me. I was feeling crappy and we didn't even get to shuffleboard. Between the laying around my neighbour Deb and I took a run into Clewiston to Wally World for some supplies, then stopped over at the good will and I found a couple of nice Teeshirts.
Yesterday, we did play Bean Bag Baseball, now that was a hoot. Thankfully we didn't have to run anywhere which was good for me.  And after ball we headed into LaBelle for supper at the 'Log Cabin'...great food, great friends and excellent service!!
Rick Tommy Nancy Terry-Cheryl Cal Dottie Debbie and Moi..

Now for some very exciting news!! 

No we are not lottery winners...but our resort hosted a holiday giveaway at Christmas time. You had to share on your facebook and you were entered into a draw to win a great prize! If friends shared off of your facebook they were also entered into the draw. Anne and Archie of The Accidental RVers from Nova Scotia won!!!!! Congratulations Anne and Arch. I emailed Anne to let her know they had won and she was very surprised and excited. Keep an eye on their blog to find out what they won!! Today they drove down from the Avon Park area to meet with the office folks and with us! We went to the golf club grill for lunch-thanks Anne and Archie for treating us. It was great to see you both, and spend some time together and hopefully we will meet up again at the Tampa RV show. Another couple of great folks. I usually don't talk a mile a minute Anne only when I'm excited :)...and I think I talked a mile a minute today. But you seemed to do very well keeping up :) We also got to meet their darling dog "tara"..what a sweetheart she is, and so well behaved she just laid on the deck at the grill while we ate lunch.
Arch Anne and moi-Rick of course took the picture-Tara couldn't get it focused

Now look at this darling Mug -Tara
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I feel better for the Tampa Show. We are registered to arrive on the 16th and are staying on the show grounds with our coach until the 20th, and meeting up with friends. So I need to be healthy enough to be in tailgate party mode--if your in the area be sure to look us up. 
I did manage to get another jewellery set done up in between everything else.

And hows this for a 'pretty but different' cow face..I think this cow has gorgeous markings. Yup Donna and Dennis are hanging with some pretty moo ers up there at Ortona Park.

This dude was in our park and he totally mystified Rick to the point of picture taking...we have never seen a hopper this big. Maybe he was a cross between a hopper and lobster?

Here is a shot of our pretty rainbow the other day, after a 2 minute soft rain shower.

And last but definitely not least here is a picture for my friend Karen P over at RVing: This country is our BIG Backyard. I do tend to be her Safari Spy and I snapped this picture of this Simba in Dennis and Donna's park. Hope your having a blast getting all settled in your new house Karen and Steve.

We are loving this resort, the folks are all great, we've made many new friends, everyone is just like a big happy family. There are many many activities. 

Ok I've yammered on long enough if you are still with me and still upright and awake I thank you for stopping by!!! Have a super weekend folks and be safe out there!!

Rick Tucker and Lilly

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Busy and Sick!!

Friday we hopped in the neighbours SUV and took a fast trip to Fort Myers for lumber..Miss Debbie and her furkid Fritz needed a new step, as the trailer step was a little tricky for poor Fritz to get in and out..they are so narrow. We had quite a crew on board for this project.
Cal Rick and Tommy

The planning stage


Cheerleaders-Dottie, Cheryl and Debbie and myself but someone had to take the pictures

Clean up Crew

Taaa Daaaa Test Run
Fritz says Thanks to all my uncles Rick, Cal and Tommy

While in Fort Myers Deb and I even got a quick visit into AC Moores for some more jewellery findings and beads..this is a craft I think I'm going to like. So now I'm quilting and crafting jewellery. Here is my first go round..finished product..I made this Friday evening while watching TV.
Done in blacks creams and silver
Yesterday morning I awoke about 5:30 and boy was I sick. I could hardly breath, and it felt like someone parked an elephant on my chest. I dove to the medicine cabinet grabbed the antibiotics and my puffers (I travel prepared) ..swooped the OJ container out of the fridge poured a honking big glass swilled it down with an antibiotic...then realize..dear heavens thats the OJ we mixed up with vodka for the NYE dance (didn't want to be obvious over there)...I slathered myself with buckley's white rub, and dove back under the covers where I spent most of the day. I did get up periodically and move around because often with me the bronchitis turns to pneumonia. After being in the horizontal most of the day yesterday, I was asleep more than I was awake..and worried I wouldn't sleep last night. But I did and I feel much better today. Still coughing and congestion but much much better.
I sure don't have time to be sick. Today I will putter around here a bit till the energy runs out. Which should only take about 15 I better get moving.
Stay safe out there folks..Rene and Jeanette are sure having their problems..glad to see they finally found a competent RV repair technician. Larry and Mar got a beautiful new flat screen HD TV installed..and Rick and Paulette are safe and sound and into the swing of things at their destination..and many of us are still having our problems with Verizon ughhh...
Take care and until the next time...thanks for stopping by..
Rick Tucker and Lilly

Thursday, January 3, 2013

A great New Years!!!

Happy New year to you all! We had a great new years ...early afternoon the residents in our park were invited by invitation only to the opening of the newest restaurant. We were served finger food (which were good) and drinks (non alcoholic which was probably a good thing at 1pm in the afternoon)...almost everyone attended this nice informal gathering. 
Chery Myself and Deb at Lightseys opening

Rick and Cal at Lightseys opening

We came back home and started happy hour at 3pm (which maybe was a bit too early but heck it was New Years Eve)..the day was gorgeous and hot..early evening we hopped in the shower and got ready for the big dance at the clubhouse..the entertainment was fabulous. Friends Debbie and Kenny drove up and joined us for the evening, and we had a full table with Cheryl and Cal and Dottie and Tommy. Our table of 8 was rocking. And a good time was had by all. And we danced our legs off..
Before the dance

Cal and I

Cal and Cheryl

Dottie and Tommy

Debbie and Kenny

Rick and I

Of course theres one in every bunch

Debbie and Kenny

Always a clown.

Not often you get to see Rick Belly Laughing-I love it

Yours truly again
No evening is complete without someone spilling something. 

I think this is where Cal spilt the bottle of red wine all over my white pants..I honestly tried to get out of the way but my reflexes were not what they should have been...but when we got home I did get it all out..go was a great time ringing in the new year..with great friends...and yup I woke up Jan. 1st with a lot less minutes on the cell phone...Tuesday morning we girls Debbie, Cheryl and I hopped in the car and took off for shopping in Fort Myers..Cheryl did the driving thank heavens..and the boys went golfing.
Our weather has been gorgeous!!!! We hit the pool yesterday after I got all the laundry done. Last night we attended the bingo at the activity center..Debbie and I won..and Cheryl almost won. I think Rick and Cal found it a bit boring.
Looks like you all had a great NYE ...stay safe out there folks and all the very best in 2013, for health happiness and safe travel...

Rick Tucker and Lilly