Sunday, March 17, 2013

Touring while we Can!!!

Our friends Larry and Marilyn pulled out last Sunday heading for Disney in Orlando to meet up with their son, daughter in law and dear 3 yr old grandson, who flew in for a week. While we were sad to see them go~I'm happy to report a good time was definitely had by all.
The first of the week involved cleaning and maintenance items around our home on wheels and Rick did manage to get a round of golf in. And of course Happy Hours were still on the schedule.
Thursday we drove into Ft Myers and toured the Edison Ford estates. Very impressive to say the least. 
Edison Estate, he also built a house next door for his guests

Ford Winter Estate-Close friends they had a walk way between their properties

Royal Palm tree and it was massive Circumference 53" height 97' crown spread 26' it was a biggan

massive and gorgeous tree

Walkway between Edison main home and guest house

Beautiful massive banyan trees some branches grow horizontal

Beautiful grounds 
A verandah to wish for

Hows that for a toad

The roots grow right out of the ground
Friday was spent with Friends down at the big Masters Flea Market..another quite impressive place..if you can't find what you need there then you won't find it anywhere. Interesting to see the place but not one I'd want to frequent on a regular was packed.
Yesterday Rick golfed again, but didn't do well he is having a major problem with his sciatic nerve in his back..he thought golfing might work it out but that was not to be. Today he is pretty sore. He had a long shower, and some medication and is going to sit quiet for the rest of the afternoon.
I have been busy in the dark hours, making jewellery..who knew this would be so much fun. I've been making up some 'breast cancer' design bracelets. I had some requests here in the resort-of those sold I will donate a percentage to the Breast Cancer Association.
It is hard to believe that our winter is almost over. We plan to leave here the end of the month, stop for a visit with good friends in Lee Fl for a few days, then head on over to Hendersonville NC to visit my darling Aunt Kay. From there we will motor to New Bern NC to visit dear friends for a few days. Then head north..stopping in Dinwiddie Va for a day or two to visit an old friend.
I am anxious to get home and see all the kids, and look forward to visitors to our home this summer. Can hardly wait John and Brenda. Humm wondering how they are going to manage a visit without I need to maybe rent a couple and tie them out in our yard? Maybe I could take them down to Broad Leaf Farms not too far from us if they need a fix.
Today was a laze around day, although I did get the laundry all washed and filled my line and my neighbours. It is a warm hot day so I think its time to hit the pool.

Congratulations to Arlene (Leno) on the purchase of her new to her motorhome!!!! I'm thinking we will see a blog soon with all of this news...Can't wait to meet up with you on the road sometime Arlene. May you have many wonderful adventures.
Take care all and stay safe out there..thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sewing, Happy Hours, Touring, Company and Star Gazing

We have certainly been crowding work and play into our days.  The gals and I made a few trips to Ft Myers and did a quick tour of Masters Flea Market..what a place that was, we definitely need to return as we only saw a bit of it. Joe and Carolyn travelled on and Larry and Marilyn arrived for a week long visit. And what a busy week it was. Marilyn and I made new drapes for our coach. After 2.5 days of measuring, cutting, pressing and sewing, the final result is gorgeous. Thank you so much Marilyn for working so hard, and giving up your time, my dear friend. You are so talented!!
dim out lining

The smiling designer

Yea first one finished

loving the pattern and colour

We also took a day and toured the Everglades, Everglade City, Marco Island, and back through Ft Myers to home here in Moore Haven. We had lunch at the Havana Cafe in Everglade City and it was the best meal ever. So if your in that area be sure to stop, and top it off with an Everglade ice-cream, you won't be sorry. 
Rick and I Everglades

Marilyn and Larry Everglades

The Everglades

And we did manage to squeeze in our happy hours during this busy week. Last evening was our farewell Happy Hour as Marilyn and Larry rolled out early this morning for Orlando to meet up with their son, daughter in law and sweet grandson for a week long visit to Disney. 
Happy hour snacks

Shrimp ready for the bbq

Happy Hour crowd
What fun to experience Disney through the eyes of a 3 year old. Gramma and Grampie were pretty excited this morning.
Its hard to believe our winter is coming to an end. Where did the time fly to I wonder, it seems like we just got here. The days weeks and months have just flown by. I guess its true that time flies when your having fun. Our resort had a yard sale yesterday, you set up on your lot and sold your wares. It was a good opportunity to unload some non needed items. I was quite impressed, as I didn't have much out but I made $90.00. I was told tho by the 'boss' I could sell but not purchase lol. Poor Tucker was under the weather for a few days so I was cooking up rice and chicken for him, but as you can see he is now back to normal and feeling much better.
Tucker catching up on his dogbook.

I'm thinking today will be a rest day, other than meals and some coach cleaning -me thinks it will be a lazy one, catching up on blogs.
Rick downloaded an app on my iPad, and now we can sit out after dark and star gaze, "GoSkyWatchP" point the ipad toward the night sky and shows you the planets up close and names them for you. Interesting! 
Star gazing
Theres Jupiter

Glad to see you are all doing well..
A nice end to a wonderful day

Be safe out there everyone!!!