Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Still on the Move..Heading North but not to the homefront yet!!!

Still having a blast..very guilty that I haven't been blogging..seems we just get up in the morning, I read blogs, its then time to do something and I fall into bed late. This fun stuff is almost (notice I said almost) like a job. The days are speeding by, we started our north trek from Fl last Tuesday, visited a few days with friends up in Lee Fl..motored onto Hendersonville NC to visit with family on Saturday, stopped in Columbia and had a nice lunch with Paul and Marti Dahl.. and we are now parked up at my aunts place. So enjoying our visit with my family...the weather is great..glad to see you are all safe and some of you are back home, crossing the border without too many glitches..we are leaving here on Thursday morning and motoring up to visit friends in New Bern...I have lots of pictures stored up..just haven't had time to download them all as of yet..
Take care everyone, just thought I 'better' take a few minutes and let yall know we're safe sound and happy...
Elaine Rick and the furkidss