Monday, November 26, 2012

Testing the Waters with Blogger Problems!!

First off a big thank you to the "Go To Guy" Mr. Rick ..thanks for the advice and the quick resolution to my blogger picture problems..I say if Rick doesn't have the answers or the fix then may as well throw your machine out its not fixable :)...such fast service too!! thanks again Rick...
Apparently I have not been sizing my pictures properly...properly you ask? I haven't been sizing them at all..didn't realize I had I know :)..
Am going to upload a few here that I couldn't upload on the last blog as a test...
Here are some shots of our resort..
The Office

Pool and Clubhouse-which is directly across from us

Cabins for rent

these two graced our dinner table at the club house on Thanksgiving aren't they cute
 And Last but definitely not least is Hannah's grade 3 school picture..which we think is pretty darned cute but we could be biased!! I don't have a copy of Caitlin's yet but you can bet your corn flakes when I do I will post it.

Well Rick things seem to be are a great Mr. Fix it and thank you again.
Be safe out there everyone!!!

Home is where you park it!!

Friday, November 23, 2012

A Great Thanksgiving!!!

We hope you all had a safe and happy Thanksgiving! We experienced our first US Thanksgiving yesterday. There was a big turkey dinner here at our resort. The resort provided all the turkeys and a lot of us signed up to bring a side dish. It was very well organized. Considering the park is not full yet, there was still a big crowd in attendance. There was smoked turkey, roasted turkeys, dressing, gravies, vegetables of every kind, and deserts to die for. Miles of food. I took my famous sweet potato casserole and cooked cranberries. I put the casserole in the largest foil pan I could buy and there was only a wee bit left, which someone took home. I did notice some went back for seconds so that made me smile. We felt very welcome and enjoyed spending time with everyone, as we love making new friends. Of course I had signed us up for clean up duties also.  The tables were all decorated for thanksgiving..well I just went to upload some pictures of the resort and this is the message I got...anyone else have this problem???
"Whoops! You're out of space. You are currently using 100% of your 1 GB quota for photos. Upgrade storage
Photos are stored in your Picasa Web Albums account and are included in your 1 GB free quota for photos. Additional storage you purchase is shared between several Google products and is in addition to your free quota
Now how frustrating is that..hopefully Rick you can advise me on this one...
Today we took a run into town to the walmart as we needed some supplies...I sure felt sorry for the workers...although the place wasn't jammed with shoppers the cashier was telling me she worked all day yesterday and last night and went home at 3am and had to be back at work for 9 this morning. I mentioned I didn't see any great deals that jumped up and yelled take me home. She said the place was nuts last night..but there were a lot of frustrated black Friday shoppers because they had large flat screen tvs on sale and only had three in stock. We did pick up our christmas tree and some decorations..and some potted plants for out on the patio.
Tomorrow we are going to visit our friends down in Lehigh we are looking forward to that.
Well I better go read up on why I can't upload pictures grrr ..the extra storage space is probably on sale for black friday but I'm not buying extra storage. I don't use picasa but maybe theres pics over there? As you can tell I'm not very technical.
Stay safe folks and remember

Home is where you park it!!
PS: what a mess this posting is..and I can't seem to fix it..ughh maybe its a google thing? Help!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Catching Up...!!! About time Eh?

Well its been over a week since I've updated. That does not mean I've been sleeping...or resting...we have not stopped!! But it was a fun busy!
On Monday while Buck and Jeannie were off to medical appointments I got all the laundry caught up and gave the rig a thorough cleaning. And I was also babysitting Barney their darling little furkid ...who was really no trouble at all. Tuesday Jeannie and I worked in her 'shop' most of the day on monogramming and sewing. And what a shop she has..wowsers..I'm thinking if we hauled an enclosed storage trailer instead of the car I could have an onsite shop also..humm not sure he will go for that tho..there must be some way to organize it that the car could travel inside while we're travelling and then it could be my shop when we are parked..I must work on that angle.
Tuesday We had to go to Tallahassee as Jeannie had a checkup appointment with her dr. we were in and out of there in jig time and onto Joann's fabric shop..I should have put a bib on before entering, as needless to say this old quilter was in awe and for once speechless. They had a beautiful singer sewing/quilting machine on sale (98 various stitches) I only had to look at it wistfully and next thing I knew Rick had it in the cart. Woo hooo and it was off to the fabric side of that store. We went to Sonny's for a late lunch / early supper then headed back to the ranch. Thursday it was more shop time for us girls :)..and of course I fired up and tried out my new machine. Friday was D day for us..Jeannie and Buck had to be back in Tallahassee for Buck's Coumadin blood work..for our good byes were at 6:45am. We were so sad when we pulled out around 8:30..they invited us to stay 'forever' ..and we sure could have. We really miss them and can't thank them enough for their wonderful hospitality..we just ate and chatted and sewed constantly. What great people..thanks again dear friends for the fantastic visit. We will see you again over the winter for sure.
We arrived Moore Haven at our winter destination The Glades RV Resort around 5:30 pm. We had stopped a couple of times so it should have been roughly a 6 hour drive but man it sure seemed like a 12 hour drive. We were both beat..we dropped the jacks, buzzed out the slides and just crashed in our chairs after supper. Saturday we got ourselves pretty much setup. I organized all the closet and dresser drawers and the linen storage closet, then we were off to LaBelle for some groceries. Sunday we made a trip into Clewiston to visit wally world, and the tractor supply Co. what a neat store that is. There is high speed internet here (included in the price) and guess what it works fairly good!! I'm impressed. The resort is beautiful also has a nice clubhouse and golf course, the marina area is beautiful. I think we will enjoy the winter here.
We did have to make a decision on Tv services. There is no cable here and our bell dish from home will no longer work in the US. I was getting pretty bored on the weekend with only two channels to watch and one of them being constant weather. Today the installer from Direct TV arrived and got us all fixed up. We just take the receivers and dish home with us when we go and put the service on stop until we are ready to head back in the fall. And a good deal too...if you are referred by a friend (yes we were thanks Donna and Ralph) they get a 10.00/mo discount and we get a 10.00/mo discount. So on our deal of 24.00/mo we only have to pay 14.00. 
I headed off to quilting group over at the rec center for 9am and worked on a christmas quilt I'm making for the back of our sofa. I hopped online and ordered some fabric from '' wow their prices are good. And its nice to have an address to receive the goods.Supper was left overs from Sunday evening. Homemade mac and cheese and chicken fried steak. Thanks for the recipes Jeannie. After quilting group and lunch it was that other "L" time..laundry..and wow I had four loads..thats a job I'm glad is behind me. Heres a picture that brought tears to my eyes when I received it last evening...
Keep them coming Hannah..we love and miss you also. Sorry I don't have resort pictures yet..I will get some within the next day or two..I guess if I had to complain my only complaint would be that the pool is 90 degrees F...not much of a complaint is it..take care all and be safe out there..

Home is where you park it. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lee Florida....Remembrance Day /Veterans Day

Remembering and thanking my uncles for their service to our country. L-R Cecil, Leo, Duncan and Jim. They all came home from the 2nd ww except for Leo who went down on the SS Caribou. Thank you to everyone who have served our countries! 

We arrived Lee Florida early Thursday afternoon at our friends, Buck and Jeannie's home, after a safe three hour drive day from Woodbine Florida.
My handsome chauffeur

Our furkids travel in style in their doggie seat belts

 And what a home it is..they have a beautiful property and home, and alot of it. They have a pad here with 50 amp three way hookup and we are having the time of our lives. 
J and B's beautiful ranch

Here we are parked up next to their RV which they have stored in their yard
Jeannie has a shop here on the property and her favourite hobby is monogramming-she has a wonderful monogram machine (actually she has machines everywhere) so while Buck and Rick are visiting, Jeannie and I are monogramming..this is a hobby I could truly get into. I love it..
I have been monogramming on tea towels since my arrival..there is no doubt I am going to have to invest in one of these. 
Jeannie teaching me how to 'stitch in the ditch'

I am an 'old fashioned' quilter, I piece my tops on the machine then put it into the frames to quilt all by hand. Jeannie makes gorgeous quilts after monogramming each block, then she sews it together with the 'stitch in the ditch' method..I love this method. Am going to get one of those monogram machines.

Loading up the threads on the monogram machine

And here I go

My first monogrammed piece-christmas tea towel

Just a sneak peek of a St. Patricks day quilt Jeannie embroidered each block on her machine and is now doing the stitch in the ditch method to put it together. What talent she has...and she has definitely done some gorgeous work.

We are having such a great visit with these folks. Jeannie is a very patient soul, willing to share her knowledge with me. Thanks Jeannie!!!! They are wonderful hosts..the best of the best.
Stay safe out there folks, I'm behind on my blog reading , but that is because I am having too much fun and I will catch up within the next few days.

Home is where you park it!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Woodbine GA for the night!!

Yesterday we were up bright and early..Miss Lilly is really missing her 2 hours she lost this week so she had me up again at 4:45am....Here is our view while out for a walk for potty duties..."sunrise" over Myrtle Beach...personally I think its time to start drugging that dog...

We showered dressed, and took a run to the Piggly Wiggly for some supplies then met Marti and Paul for a lunch at "Joey's Dogs Burgers"...the minute we walked through the door a speaker on the wall was barking at us..yup I felt right at home. We ordered up our food, and sat to have ourselves a good jaw flapping visit, catching up on each others over the past few months. When they delivered our food it was in 'dog bowls'...cute idea...but you can tell Marti and Paul wondering if a dog ate out of the bowl before

yup they fed us in dog bowls...

After our visit we popped into Camping World to have a look see...and I can't believe I walked out with Paul said when new to Rving you walk through CW saying I'd like to have that and that and you walk through saying I have that , and that and that. We met up with Laurie and George while there, we recognized them from their blog..after hugs all around, we discovered we were both booked at the same park in Woodbine GA tonight, so we were excited to meet up with them again.
We headed back to our rig, got the groceries put away...and then Marilyn, Colette, CeCe and myself decided we should go visit the shopping outlets -
CeCe Colette and Marilyn
Rick took one for the team and chauffeured us ! Followed us all around the stores, and was handy when we were laden with shopping bags to run them to the trunk for us. Bless his heart for his patience what a trooper. After returning back to the resort I put some snacks together and we all met for happy hour over at CeCe and Bob's motorhome. So picture this there were 8 of us and 2 more couples arrived. Friends and relatives of Marilyn and Lar's. They were all heading out for a supper of crab, but Rick and I begged off because we were so tired, and wanted to catch up with some of our kids on skype and have an early night as today was a travel day.
We arrived at Walkabout Campground around 3:30 and we are parked right next to Laurie and George. We got set up quickly and got together with them for happy hour.
Happy Hour with George and Laurie
 Eventually the cold chased us all in for the night. I cooked up some supper and Rick worked on the converter box for the TV. We are now ready to settle down and watch some tv..tomorrow we head to Lee Florida about 3 hours from here for a visit with friends Buck and Jeannie and we can't wait to see them.
Take care all and be safe out there

Home is where you park it...

Monday, November 5, 2012

Myrtle Beach Safe and Sound!!

We left Roanoke Rapids at 8:30 this morning, after a good nights rest. We were tired when we fell into bed after our 'rest' day yesterday. We washed the motorhome, the car, cleaned the coach, went for groceries (got lost-yes the gps was in the rig)..and did up all the laundry.
We arrived in Myrtle Beach safe and sound this afternoon, just in time for happy hour. The sun was shining and the temperature change was much appreciated. Larry & Marilyn, CeCee & Bob, and Colette and John are here also! We are all lined up in a pretty row. They all made supper for us and what a supper it was...Roast Pork, sweet potato fries, Salad, veggies..and the meal was topped off with upside down pineapple cake with ice cream and whipped cream. I think it tasted like heaven to me because I was not permitted to bring a thing other than Rick!! Thanks folks it was wonderful and very much appreciated.
Tucker and Lilly had a very enjoyable romp on the beach. Trying to keep Tucker out of the water is like trying to teach a fish to fly. What a boy!!
Be safe out there everyone!

Home is where you park it...

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Tucked in -In Roanoke Rapids in North Carolina

We left The Western RV Village in Carlisle PA this morning at 10:30..we were a little late leaving because I was having a lazy morning.
We arrived at The Carolina Crossroads RV Resort in Roanoke Rapids around 5:00. What a beautiful park. They have every amenity imaginable, and they offer free wifi and cable, as well as a rate of $25.00 express overnight stop pull thru site with full hookup. The resort is open year round and is very well laid out and clean.They also offer a free continental breakfast from 7:30 to 9:00 am...and you can wash your rig and your car here. It is not far off I95 approx a mile so its an easy on and off. The park is very quiet...we think we might hold up for a rest day here tomorrow..we aren't sure yet but the rig and the car could use a good washing, and we should stock the larder and fridge..
This morning the slide in the bedroom refused to come in..oh oh...but come to find out the pin fell out so Mr. Fix it got it back in and taped it good on both ends. That should hold us for awhile. Tucker and Lilly are excited to be on the road again..they sleep the whole time on the sofa in their seat belts, but sure enjoy a good walkie upon arrival. We do stop at rest stops and it seems like we are interrupting their snooze time by making them go out for a walk.
Have a super evening everyone ..and stay safe out there..theres lots of nuts on the road but you might be safe from them because I think they're mostly all travelling with us.

Home is where you park it...

Friday, November 2, 2012

The Slide Came In-A fun Day of Travel !!

Yeah Mr. Fix It did a good job the slide came in this morning.

We had a great run from Fishkill to Harrisburg PA today. Our purpose for stopping in Harrisburg was to go to "Speedco" and have the oil changed in Ossumer and get all the fluids checked and topped up. A short hop off the freeway and we were there. We received the best 'customer service' we have had in a long time. They changed the oil, checked the tires and air pressure, performed an analysis on the oil they drained out (it was all good)...changed the filters, they even washed everywhere they touched so as not to leave greasy hand marks any where. And they were all entertaining to boot..Ossumer drank back 24 quarts of Rotella oil..boy was he thirsty. All for the excellent pricing of $202.00-it would cost us double that back home. So if your in the Harrisburg area and need an oil change thats where you need to go. Everyone felt like family by the time we left. ( I figure thats the equivalent of 2 - 24's of beer back home the quantity of oil not the pricing! Ha) There were big tractors in and out of there the whole time we were being serviced. Here we are parked up in the Speedco bay with the big boys.

and of course Mr. Fix It had to get in on the act. They even provided him a hard hat ball hat so he could go down in the pit with them.

Watching the guys service the Generator-my handsome Mr. Fix It Guy

As some of you know ~ a few years back..Rick and I used to breed, show and raise golden retrievers-Speedco had this poster on their wall today and I just had to snap a shot of it~this boy looks just like our previous male stud boy Malcolm. Isn't that just the sweetest face..I teared up when I saw it. Mac used to do the cookie on the nose trick too.

Once they were done all the work, we paid the bill with a smile, said so long to everyone and hitched the car back up and headed on down the road to Carlisle PA to a favorite park of ours for the night. Got setup, fed and took the furkids for a walk, then we hopped in the car and had supper over at the cracker barrel. 
We are now back home..the fireplace is going..soft music is playing...the kids are sleeping on the sofa, Rick is mapping out tomorrow's route....I'm reading blogs and is good.

Be safe out there folks

Home is where you park it...

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Safe and Sound Wallydocking in NY-OH OH

We left Bangor bright and early this morning. Because we went to bed so early last night I awoke at 5:45 this morning..but it was really 4:45am. I forgot to put my time back an hour on my watch. Ok do I dare start the generator-I sure could use a nice hot coffee...upon much pondering I made an executive decision to wait. I know our generator is fairly quiet but still... So I grabbed my kindle and read a few chapters of my book..all the while eyeing the coffee pot. There was still coffee in there from last evening..I had forgotten to empty it after supper. Hummm thinking it would be strong enough to stand alone I poured it in a cup..heaven knows I needed all the strength I could get for the drive I slapped it in the microwave, all the while wondering if the mic would run on the inverter..yeahhh it did. I was so nice to sit with my hot coffee in the peace and quiet and just watch the early morning risers drive by. And it tasted good too.
The drive today was longish..we left Bangor shortly after 8am and arrived here at 4:30pm. We only had three cutoffs today, thank heavens for air horns. Turn signals people... turn signals are on your car for a purpose. It sure can be scary at times, and I always dread driving thru Hartford Ct..Thankfully I have a great chauffeur who is always on task. Lucky for him I have mifi now and absorb myself in the words with friends and net surfing.
Upon arrival we got a great parking spot here our livingroom slide and bedroom slide are on the curb side and theres only grass on the other side of the curb.
When putting the slides out we heard a loud crunch, and kathump in the bedroom :(...oh oh...
After some investigation, my smart man discovered that the shear pin in the shaft that drives the gear to move the slide in and out broke...thankfully the slide was all the way out when it did. While I heated up supper Rick walked over to walmart but this walmart doesn't have an auto section. He found a bolt in his tool box (theres everything in there but the kitchen sink) and he thought this might be an option-so filed and sawed it for proper length (who the heck carries a hack saw not something I'd think to load on the rig) ...but after careful deliberation ~decided to use an allen key because its a harder steel. Here is my Mr. Fix it hard at work.
It is working again (Don't test that -its out leave it out what if it comes half way in and stops)..I was informed any good job has to be tested..and low and behold it is working. Tomorrow we will try find somewhere to buy some spare pins-just in case. Of course during all of this kafluffel I had all the warranty info out ready to make the call if necessary. We do have warranty on all of this stuff. But Mr. Man doesn't think it worth while to call the RV service (if you can find one) for a fifty cent pin. Good thing he's handsome and "handy". Yup got me a Red Green sorta fella.
We made another electronic purchase last evening. We have the standard analogue TVs in this coach. We decided while down south we would purchase flatscreen digitals and redo the openings yadda yadda (yup he also has a skill saw on board)..but for now we purchased a converter to change the signal from digital back to analogue and we can pick up around 12 channels just on our roof antenna. We did have bell expressvue...but they changed out their satellites on us. So another hurdle jumped!! Just a few frustrations I say..not I sign off this post, Rick just turned the handle on the antenna-to bring in the channels and the post, handle and spring landed on the floor-God love him. I'm sure he didn't appreciate me snapping this..but one needs to keep track somehow..
I wonder if we should hold up tomorrow and take the day off -they say it comes in 3s.....

Be safe out there foks...

"Home is where you park it"