Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Glad we got that all done!!!

So what did we get done!! Well after the new flooring in Ossumer, I stained all the decking, while Rick mowed, we trimmed trees, painted the soffit on the gazebo, laid a new outdoor carpet in there, dragged out all the 'stuff' that landed in there during the house renos last fall, and organized it in the storage barns, weeded the flower beds, and washed the siding on the house. Wow thank heavens we are retired where did we ever find the time to do all of this when we were still working. The weather has not been very cooperative while we were plowing our way through the outside chore list, so we did all of this ducking between showers and rain days.

It has been raining non stop today, and we sure got a lot of rain. Thank heavens it wasn't 'snow' or we would be buried. It has been raining almost daily now for over a week, and the weather report is showing that it won't be letting up until the weekend. Come on summer, we have company coming (Donna and Ralph and Buck and Jeannie)-we need sunshine!!! I'm thankful tho that we are not getting what Tampa and other areas are getting. Rivers overflowing etc.

Yesterday Rick got busy, and installed 30 amp hookups for RVs. We already have a dump station, and water hookup is not a problem. So if any of you are ever out this way let us know- we have 2.5 acres and your welcome to stay a spell.
Last evening I ran across town and snatched Miss Hannah Grace up for a visit and a sleep over here at our place. We enjoy having her and she is such a good little girl. We stopped for ice cream on the way home. 
Of course she is very good at sharing with her favorite puppers-

Hannah can always count on Tucker to clean her face up for her after enjoying ice cream.

Today we girls did our nails (toes and fingers)..made homemade fish cakes, and two shepherds pies. Hannah wanted to bake sweets today..but I quickly informed her you can't bake when its raining, as things won't rise properly. It was just a little white lie from a tired gramma. Hannah's momma came for her shortly after five and I sent them both home with supper for the family. Since then I've been catching up on blogs, and watching the devastating flooding news from the US on TV. I hope and pray Debby loses her strength, dissipates and leaves you all alone.  Rick had his ordered blood work today, even tho our Dr is out on vacation for the next 3 weeks. Hopefully they find his results and don't lose them like they did mine. I'm still not 100% feeling well yet but am still hoping for a full recovery. 
This weekend we plan to hop in Ossumer, and head up country to the cottage and try get caught up on the outside chores up there.

Take care all be safe out there and remember

Home is where you park it

Sunday, June 17, 2012

First Camping Trip of the Season!! Happy Fathers Day !!

Happy Father's day to all Dad's out there!!! Hope you all had a wonderful day. We had a Father's day Hannah visit.
Poppa with his Beautiful Girl

We loaded up and took off on Thursday for Truro NS. My cousin Anna-Mae and her hubby Don arrived in their new to them 'motorhome' on Friday, and Friday evening Beth and Barry arrived in their fiver. A great weekend was had by all. We had a lot of laughs and some great meals. Can't wait to do it again. 
Don - Anna Mae's Hubby

 Don, Anna Mae, Barry, Madeline and Beth
 Our rig on left, Anna Mae and her rig on right and our car
M Tucker with a sock taped on (yes its electrical tape) to stop him from scratching his face
Last but not least in the picture taking my beautiful cousin Anna Mae.

I'm feeling somewhat better, but sure would like to see some test results. I called the drs office from my cell on Friday and she couldn't find the results :(..and now they are closed for a month...grrrrrrr but theres nothing I can do about it so I have to stop worrying about it.
We are getting excited to have Donna and Ralph and Jeannie and Buck visit in early July. I will be busy next week researching campgrounds and resorts in PEI as that is where we will all visit after a couple of days here at our home. Rick will be busy this week, he wants to install another power circuit at the back of the house..and trim some trees in the big driveway, preparing for their arrival. It was so nice to camp this weekend without carpet in the living area..wow I can't wait until we do the bedroom. So much easier to keep clean. 
Today is bitter sweet for me -remembering 'my wonderful dad'...how I miss him- he passed so suddenly and so young. He was only 57 years old. I used to love Fathers day it was one of my favorite days of the year, yes even including christmas easter and grading day. I would make his breakfast, and altho I was his shadow all the time I was more so on Father's Day. That was our day, mine and daddy's - I tried to be his 'boy' and many a fathers day was spent off by ourselves fishing and making memories. 
Here is an oldie-L-R myself, Daddy, Mom and my sister Julia
I often sit and wonder, where have the years gone...they just seemed to have whizzed by us..travelling at the speed of light...seems we can't wait to grow up and before we know it we are wishing we could turn back the clock.
Well I think its time to go relax for a bit-take care all-be safe out there and remember...

"home is where you park it"


Monday, June 11, 2012

Birthday Milestone, MH Renos - A busy Time

Well we pulled off a surprise Birthday milestone for Rick. He turned the big "65" yesterday!! Our daughter hosted a surprise bbq at her home for family and friends. And I cannot believe he was totally in the dark until we pulled into their driveway and he saw all the cars. Happy Birthday Rick!! We gotcha! So the big check will start to roll in next month. But they will cut back the existing one of course.
He still can't believe he was 'got'

Cutting of the cake

Opening some gifts
I am still under the weather and have been back and forth to doctors for testing and antibiotics. After a steady 3 weeks of rain and cold today the sun is trying to poke through and for that I'm thankful. Maybe it will perk me up and provide me some energy.

Rick tackled a big job over the last couple of weeks removing the carpet in the living area of the motorhome..he had that place torn apart. But what a lovely job he did of the flooring. It may not be a big area but it sure was a big job, and a lot of intricate cutting and fitting. Although our cupboards are a light maple they are all different shades and we opted to go dark with the flooring versus trying to match the maple variation. The dark wood picks up the small brown squares in the ceramic. I am so glad to see the end of that beige carpet. Great job hon! You are not only handsome but handy as well.

 Sure looks like a professional job to me..and I'm a good inspector. It will be so nice to finally be able to take that little green machine out from under the storage and leave it home! I'm glad we opted for the dark walnut dream flooring.
Three weeks ago I was having a good day, and we decided it was time to wash the outside of the house. I think that is what started this round of unwellness (is that a word) for me. I think I inhaled too much of the javex while scrubbing the siding. I will know better next time to wear a mask! But it turned out great. We still have a small area left to do..but what a big job that was to tackle. Back front and sides.
We have new tenants moving in the first of July, and they seem like a nice 'normal' family. Just what I've been searching for. Wow there are some 'crackers' out there let me tell you!

This is our home, we live on the right side and rent out the left side

A shot of the tenant side driveway

A shot from down in the backyard looking up

A partial shot of our back yard-nice to see everything greening up

This property (2.5 acres in town limits) is the reason we are not ready to sell our home. We love it and it backs onto the petitcodiac river. Rick has his little apple/pear orchard down back, and although it takes over 5 hours of mowing on a ride on, we still enjoy mowing and working the flower beds.
We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Donna and Ralph and their friends with their motorhomes. They should be arriving around June 25th. I'm sure we will all have a wonderful visit. We certainly have space to park them up for as long as they want, and can provide hookups. 
Ossumer is back up in our front driveway, he was down back close to the garage for renovations-so now I can go out and clean and organize and load up for the season. Then we will be ready to hit the road. We haven't been anywhere since our return from down south at the end of April. 
This is a costly month for sure..mh insurance is due, inspection is due on both mh and car-registrations are due for both mh and car..wowser it seems to all hit at once. The car goes to the dealer today, and the mh to Canada Bread on Wednesday for inspection. I'm sure both will pass the grade.
I should have whispered that!! Hope I didn't jinx us.
Have a wonderful week folks..and may the sun shine upon you all..stay safe out there and remember

"Home is where you park it"

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Same ole Same ole !!

Not much new here on the home front. Still interviewing perspective tenants..humm am wondering if we are being too fussy. It is possible.
Rick finished the flooring in Ossumer..and he did one heck of a good job. As soon as I get the energy to stroll down back and clean it up I will snap up some finished pictures. He just has some molding to stain and intall and we'll be good to go. 
Tomorrow morning I have an appointment at the doctors office and here's hoping he has a plan. I can pretty much deal with everything but the head pain and headaches. It has been so long since I've felt really good I forget what it feels like. But I also tell myself the cleaning can wait..and I still have much to be thankful for!

I've seen this all around facebook today-for those of you who have seen it did you notice she has the same jewellery on in both pictures.

Whether you believe in the Monarchy or not, that is one well raised lady whose selfless sense of loyalty, duty and honor will never again be seen in our world or any generation to come I'm afraid..but that is just my opinion!

Today I felt a burst of energy (and maybe a bit of guilt) and made dressing and put a turkey in the oven. Peeled up all the veggies, and set to cooking supper. I haven't been cooking big suppers because I haven't felt like standing up long enough. After supper I felt like I had run at least 1/2 marathon. Our oldest son came for supper-and we sure enjoyed his visit. I'm sure Rick was happy to talk to someone who was sitting upright.

Have a good week everyone, and remember

Home is where you park it

Monday, June 4, 2012

Who Knocked the Stuffing Out of Me!!??

We are still alive here on the east coast of Canada! Today I was trying to catch up on blogs..I've been depending on Rick to keep me updated on you all. I have been sick almost non stop since returning home the end of April. Thankfully, Rick has stayed healthy since getting over his flu. It seems all I can do is crawl from bed to couch. I am currently on my 2nd round of strong antibiotics as well as puffers..so am praying they make a difference. I still have a nasty cough, and almost constant migraine headaches. The only benefit I see so far if you can count it as a benefit is the weight loss.
The household has been a busy one. Our tenants were fortunate to be able to purchase a home so they moved the end of May. Rick had to do some patching and painting in the stairwell after they moved last week, but thankfully it wasn't a lot. Luckily for me-she cleaned the house spotlessly so I didn't have to deal with that.
Its a good thing I can prescreen perspective tenants via phone, while laying down, because I dont' have the energy to do much else. And let me tell you there are some strange weirdos out there. I think the hardest thing is getting 'dolled' up to show the property, which has been a struggle let me tell you, so it upsets me to no end when there are no shows. We have a few good perspectives so now we just have to decide on who we want in there. I know I am fussy, but I just want a nice stable 'family' in there who will love our home like their own. I dont' think that is too much to ask.
I did have a couple of good hours this week so I took advantage of them and got my flowers all in. But then I realized  I had over done it. I am not good at laying low at all!! And with the migraines the computer is almost tabou.

As for Rick he has 'not' been laying low. He has been keeping very busy...as you can see-
what could be going on here?

 he tore the carpet out of the living area of the MH and is laying new flooring

He is doing a fantastic job. I'm lucky he is so handy and articulate about his work. We are so happy to be rid of the carpet. Why they put carpet in the living area of rvs is beyond me. He was pleasantly surprised after tearing up the carpet, to find a beautiful level 3/4" plywood floor. He was expecting chipboard. This dream floor really compliments the ceramic tile it is dark walnut in colour. He was about 4 days into the job when I finally found the energy to walk down in the yard and snap some pictures with my cell phone. Great Job Hun! I will post pictures of the finished project. He should be finished within the next couple of days. We are suppose to meet up with cousins in Truro this coming weekend, but we will have to see how I feel. 
My biggest project is to get better as Donna and Ralph  are coming for a visit and I sure want to be in top shape for that! 
Ok time to hop off of this computer. I have to wait another hour to take my antibiotics as there is a restrictive "no dairy products 5 hours before or 5 hours after" the meds  and I had such a headache earlier I thought it was my lack of 'coffee' and had one at 8pm.

Take care all, stay safe out there, and remember

"Home is Where you Park it"