Sunday, March 28, 2010

A little bit closer

Wow cold day here -13c this AM and did not get over 3C all day. Did get the storage bays all cleaned out on Miss daisy and some other little jobs done that are on the list like fixing the 30amp extension cord, running the jacks up and down a few times to make sure they are working OK don't need them sticking down the first morning we want to leave early. Looks like we are getting rain until Friday so not going to be a good week for loading and preparing for takeoff. We have to take the rig out and have the propane tank filled so we will have the furnace for the first few nights of cool temps.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Time is getting close. Just another week

Well Miss Daisy has a clean bill of health even had a front axle seal replaced while she was in for service. We have been busy cleaning and sorting out and removing "stuff" that we have been hauling around for a few years. Whenever we have traded rigs  (4 times in the last 6 years) the stuff that was on the previous rig just moved to the new rig so it is time to clean some of it out to make room for new "stuff".

Last weekend all the dishes were taken to the house washed and then placed back in the MH. The ceiling and walls were all washed down. Today I checked the tire pressure then went inside and reattached the fascia on the atrium slide that took a bad hit last year when attempting to put the slide out with the slide lock still in place ( end of using the slide locks they are now in the shed) . Fixed the middle support for the hanger pole in the bedroom closet that came loose on a large pot hole someplace in Ontario and dropped all the clothes on the floor of the closet..

Anyway things are taking shape and next weekend is the planned departure date with a current destination of Myrtle Beach SC then over to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge before returning back home early to mid May.

Monday, March 15, 2010

The List is Getting Longer!! And the Excitement is Building

Yesterday Miss Daisy was taken out of storage and is currently sitting in our front driveway, in preparation of our departure. We plan and hope to be able to depart anytime after our appointments on April 1st. Rick installed a new mud sweep on her yesterday. Tomorrow the toad goes to the dealer to have the snow tires changed to the summer tires, and the motor home has an appointment at the dealer on Thurs of this week to be serviced, brakes flushed, and inspected. Now to find all the 'summer' clothes and pack the rig, needless to say I'm beginning to have 'lists for my lists'. On the 1st Rick has a dental appt, I have a specialist appt, and Lilly has an appointment at the beauty parlor. Between now and then, I have to deliver our income tax to the accountant, other people's income tax to complete for them, office work to catch up on and the usual house work etc. all know the drill. We are really looking forward to getting away. I think deep down the excitement is building, but there is just so much to accomplish before we hitch up and roll out~will keep you updated.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Making Plans

Well March has come and we have been very delinquent in posting but there has been nothing new to post. Things have been busy in the office with us trying to get things all set up so we can have some time off.

The PLAN today is to dig Miss Daisy out of the snow by early April we have Dr's appointments on the 6th so maybe the 7th will be take off day. WE hope to head to Myrtle Beach SC for a few weeks returning mid May have to be here for Victoria day weekend for the family camp out.
                                                    Victoria Day Weekend 2009

If anybody has any tips on traveling from Maine to SC leave us a comment this is uncharted travel for us but the planning started weeks ago for routes and campgrounds etc. The first couple of nights will have to be a boon-dock site as not many CG's open by early April.

OK have to run and get back to more planning.