Sunday, June 19, 2011

Its a beautiful Morning-Cleaning and shining day!!!

We arrived Grimsby Ontario at around fiveish local time..and I was glad to see the rig parked...we jetted out looking for a car wash to try get some road grime off the car...didn't find one..but did find wine and some supper...came back to the rig and met up with new friends and bloggers Larry and Marilyn and had a lovely evening drinking wine and visiting with them...lots of laughs and story swapping...we are parked at the campground in fifty points conservation area..what a nice place...beautiful marina etc...
Had a restful nights sleep now today we are cleaning the rig, washing it outside (it is permissible thank heavens that will be easier that bucket washing)..and shining it up to do the trade tomorrow.
Tomorrow is 'moving day'...we pick up the new DP at around it will be a busy but exciting day. Marilyn and Larry insisted we have supper with them tomorrow nice not to worry about having to cook and move on the same day...will upload some pictures of our trip so far..when I have better wifi....have a super day everyone..looks like its going to be hot and sunny here...until later ~~remember

Home is where you park it!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Almost there!!! To Grimsby Ontario

Hi Everyone,
We left NB around 3pm on Thursday and made it to Edmundston for our first night of travel. The furkids were excellent during the drive~in their seat belts on the sofa..we were a bit concerned how Tucker woud travel because he was so little last year he wouldn't remember. Thankfully they have been wonderful little travellers..We left Edmundston Friday morning about 8am heading onward toward Ontario. Crossing Montreal and Quebec was scarier than riding shotgun outside a plane sitting on the wing...alot of construction and I think Quebec drivers assume signal lights is an option on their vehicles-and that passing you on the inside shoulder of the freeway is a god given right.

Yesterday was a long day...we drove for 11 hours and hauled into Brockville Ontario at around 7pm last evening. I was never so glad to hear the jacks descend...and the slides whine their way out. We took the kids for a brisk walk, had supper, showers and literally fell into bed. After a good nights rest we are once again on the road to Grimsby-currently on the 401 and planning on swinging off onto the 407. Thankfully the traffic today is not as bad as it was yesterday. We made a stop at a rest stop center in Trenton on the way by and met up with Rick's cousin and her husband. They had not seen each other in over 40 years~and what a great visit we had.

We hope to be in Grimsby within the next couple of hours...we will be arriving a day early but thats a good will give us a chance to clean up our rig-shine her up and plan our move into the new one on Monday.

We are planning somehow some way to meet up with Dee and Jim and Sandra and Gordon on our way back..another exciting visit to look forward to...

So until the next time~remember!!!

Home is where you park it!!
Elaine and Rick

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Progression~Finally!!!!!-We retire on Friday-this week!! Rick's Birthday June 10

Retirement!!!~~~New Rig!!!~~~Fear!!!~~~Excitement

Hey Everyone.....things are progressing at a rapid pace :) most of you know we are all moved into the renovated apartment on our home..and we are readying the main house for rental...we flew to Toronto on Thursday, rented a car and drove up to an  RV dealer Friday in Smithville and spent the day there going over a couple of motor homes we had our eye on (well Rick had his eye on~~ I personally love love love my miss Daisy our gas mh)...anyway the deed is done...we are the proud new owners of a 38' Tropi Cal by National ~diesel pusher... with 28,000. miles on it..three slides 350 cat motor-on freightliner chasis (like I know what thats all about)...sleeps 6, nice stainless appliances (side by side fridge)..and more importantly tons and tons of storage...pass thru under belly storage...Rick is drooling...I'm very happy with the interior storage..not to the drooling point mind you but at the panting stage (I think thats a man thing)..will be making arrangements with the dealer on Monday to hopefully be up there with ours on June 20th to 'move' again...So far all of our rigs have been "girls" so I think its only fitting that this one is a "dude" to find a name for him (yes I always name them)...I'm thinking 'osumer'....meaning "more than awesome" thats the thought for today...the way things have been progressing at lightening speed who knows what tomorrow will bring....have a super weekend everyone!!! Hope to see you all down the road!! Rick is walking on air...I have buyers remorse! But then again I have buyers remorse whenever I shop!!!!