Monday, August 22, 2011

Will I Ever Be a Decent Blogger?

I was pleasantly surprised today to open the blog area and see an update from Stephanie~Margie and Bruce's daughter~sad that they lost Annie, but nice to see an update from them. I have often wondered how they were doing.
This is the third time I've attempted this blog..:(....being so 'computer' challenged I truly need to find an easier way of doing this blogging. So I ask all you expert bloggers out there..what do you use? We are using 'blogger'...there seems to be so many glitches in this program...or in my thought process..maybe its the 'blogger' being me?? Anyway I'm  hoping I can get it done this time, they say the third time is the hoping I don't strike out...because I have 4 busy days to tell you all about...I truly need to find a program that allows me to put pictures side by side etc...maybe I need a course...all I know is its frustrating to have your blog  done pictures uploaded and then it all goes screwy.

Thursday I left bright and early to go help a senior friend pack to move. After the packing I had quite a bit of running around to do while in town...I left Rick home to greet and meet the telco technician who arrived as I was leaving to install and change our internet television and telephone system provider. One would think Rick of all people (who worked in the teleco industry for over 32 years) would know all the questions to ask~and ensure everything was glitch free before letting the techie leave. I arrived home later in the day, crashed for a few minutes, made supper and then we settled in to watch some TV...not gonna happen... After over 2 hours on the phone (that would be me) with tech support we realized we were not programmed correctly..once you live with time shifting its hard to go without it...anyway after much back and forth I also found out that we were not receiving the programming that was "pitched" to us when we decided to change providers, I was told "yes you have it for the first 30 days"...needless to say there was a lot of back and forth I had previously spoken with three representatives on three separate occasions to ensure the pitch was the pitch. To make a long story short...we got what we were promised and not for only 30 days ~ it is until we decide to cancel !! We owned a customer service centre for the last 13 you have to do some talking to get around me. I refuse to be scammed.

So Rick tells me the internet is faster (I truly don't see much difference but what do I know I'm challenged remember) I can't figure out the TV guide (thats what husbands are for and bless his heart he built a favourites for my channels for me now just has to teach me how to find the favourites area), and my caller display on the telephone is still maybe we're good to go here?

Friday was a busy day of babysitting for our daughter for the afternoon, then we were all meeting downtown at the MotoMoncton Motorcycle Festival where our son Don's band was the opening band for the music. The grands, Hannah and Caitlin were very excited... this was their first 'concert' and thought their Uncle Donnie was pretty famous. They made signs and Cait even made a shirt! They were quite the little groupies to say the least.
Hannah and Caitlin

Front of stage with their signs..they were definitely in awe

Song dedication to them :)

Todd, Tracey, Hannah and Caitlin
Don, Rick and myself

Darren, Don, Alan and Justin -

grands watching the tune up

Don and Darren on drums
Proud sister with brother

Father and son

Some nice rides and lots of people

All in all it was an exciting evening and a proud evening for our family...after the performance we walked the main street and checked out the nice rides...I think everyone was out in Moncton on Friday evening. Then it was home for us and to bed as the grands were arriving in the morning to go camping with us.

Saturday: (our wedding anniversary-good thing daughter brought us a card to remind us of the day-thats how busy we have been-I immediately jumped on facebook and posted a loving anniversary wish to Rick-whew got that covered)

The 'grands' were delivered to us at 10 am sharp~and they were dancing in the driveway while we finished loading up a few last minute things into the MH...and after our ritual hand holding travel prayer~we were on our way. This was their first 'ride' in ossumer~we were booked into a kid full, fun filled campground in sussex NB. Thankfully it was only an hour away! The chatterboxes were quite cute~kids never cease to amaze me! There was crafts, playgrounds, the pool~and kids everywhere~ never a dull moment. Saturday evening the cg hosted a pool party for the kids with coloured lights and (loud) music. Everywhere you looked there was also a dog. Talk about a noisy place but if your taking kids along thats where you need to be. Here are a few pics of their camping trip:
They swam for hours

Bonfire and marshmallow time
Caitlin and Lilly
Hannah and Tucker
Snuggle time with Nan




Sparkler Time

Bedtime was seamless~bless their hearts because Nannie and Poppa were pretty 'tuckered' out.  Poor poppa spent so much time pool side, seemed we no sooner got them dried off and they were back in the suits and back to the pool. They had so many 'firsts' this weekend...first 'concert'-first ride in ossumer-and first pool party!!

We were smiling today as we passed two pretty worn out 'grands' back to their parents~now after blogging 3x I'm praying this one takes then its off to bed for this tired old nannie!! Hoping this new week that is upon us progresses at a slower pace than the last one. Where did we ever find the time to work and run a business??

Take care all and remember
Home is where you park it!!
Please feel free to 'blog' educate me~I'm seeking something fairly simple~type click insert and there such a thing out there that will work on my mac? ****see these paragraphs in the gold color text? Both Rick and I have tried everything to get them to match the text in this has to be some sort of carry over from the captions~ but it is a prime example of my frustration..oh well tomorrow will be a better day right???
Rick Tucker and Lilly too


  1. it worked!..I use Live Writer!..only way to go!..mostly because it is user friendly and the fact that you can do posts without needing the them and then post when you are back on line!!..great program!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary!! Looks like you had a very busy weekend and some great fun with the 'Grands'.

    Microsoft Live Writer is the 'cadillac' of blog editors but, unfortunately, there is no version for MAC computers.

  3. That weekend tired me out just reading about it. As far as I know there is nothing like LiveWriter available for the Mac. I have always just used Blogger even when I had a PC and have never had a problem with it but I don't do anything fancy either.

  4. Wow, you had a fun filled and busy weekend. Glad that the grandkids had a super time with you. Everyone looks like they were having a fun even Tucker and Lily.

    Can't help you out much with "Blogger" Kevin writes most of the posts. He does often write it in Word first, just it case we lose a connection and then he can copy and paste it.

    Kevin and Ruth

  5. I'm a MAC user ... tried a whole bunch of offline editors for MAC (Mars included), and in the end, I bought Windows 7, and using Bootcamp, partitioned a portion of my hard drive to be able to use Live Writer ... that's how good (read ... easy) LW is ... was worth the added expense.

  6. Happy belated anniversary!! Nice to meet your family!