Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Finally an update!!!

We have been on the go for sure...our daughter and son in law were home to visit for a week from TN...it sure wasn't long enough but better than no visit at all...the housing situation is finally totally finished and our tenants moved in last Friday...after our daughter and son in law went back home we jumped in the rig and took off for a couple of days of R & R...which was something we desperately needed...we have been going straight out since January with the downsizing and renos. We are loving the apartment reno and getting used to living in a smaller space, altho it does seem strange to hear someone living on the other side of the 'wall' in the main house..I'm sure it will take some getting used to, and we don't plan to be here much.

I am currently researching our winter in Fl...seeking out parks etc. We don't plan to stay put for the whole winter~hopefully we will move around every 3-4 weeks..there is still some planning to do...but I'm sure we will get there..when Rick started the renos in January I thought to my self..wow your starting early..but thank heavens we did or we would be way behind now...

Hope you are all having a good summer..we are planning our next trip to Cape Breton..I have family there and it will be nice to be able to visit and not rush back...

Take care all...stay safe...I still have pics to upload (trying to figure that out with the new camera)...from Ruth and Kevin's visit...will strive to complete that task...

and remember 'home is where you park it'

Elaine and Rick
Tucker and Lilly


  1. Great to read your blog again and hear how you're doing. Sounds like you've been very busy but I hope you now do get some to for a little R&R for the rest of the summer.

  2. welcome back to blogville!..an adventure to Cape Breton!..now that sounds like fun!..enjoy your time there!..sounds like you deserve a little 'vacation'!!!

  3. I like that. Home is where you park it! I love Cape Breton Island. Was there only once but loved it. Hi Lilly and Tucker. Gingee got a summer cut for the road.

  4. Hi all heading out sometime today....Levonne Lilly and tucker says hi to Gingee...congrats on the haircut Gingee...mom sent us to the groomer the other day too...will check your moms blogs for pics of your new 'doo'....

  5. Glad to hear that all the house renos are done and out of the way. Nice to get some R&R in, you guys deserve it, you have been working way too hard. Enjoy the Cape Breton, I am sure you will have much better weather than when we were there.

    Kevin and Ruth