Sunday, August 14, 2011

A beautiful hot sunny Sunday!! We're off to the market

Yesterday, with heavy hearts, we left Sydney heading toward NB...planning a stop in Truro for the night and onto NB today..We ended up staying overnight in Debert the decided humm fairly nice park lets stay another night especially where the weather is so nice. So we are striving to push onto NB on Monday.

It was sad leaving the family...but we will be back again...all was well the drive was beautiful...
Windshield shot-

 A beautiful driving day!

How pretty is this...

 The Canso Causeway connects Cape Breton Island to mainland Nova Scotia..There is a bridge in the middle of the causeway. Entering the bridge from the causeway toward NB-:( leaving Cape Breton Island
 See this hut? thats at the top of the bridge (suspended) of the canso causeway. A worker sits in here ~and when the ships need to pass thru the worker swings the bridge around sideways so the ships can pass....

Shot of the causeway in the distance
Saint Annes look off
 Then things go somewhat 'hairy'....we encounter a 'detour' of approximately 45 minutes off the highway down a winding, twisty, broken pave, no shoulder~ back road. Traffic was heavy (altho I didn't capture the traffic I was too busy praying) This road does not look narrow but trust us it certainly is.

No shoulders

traffic was bumper to bumper at times
We met trailers, fivers, moto homes, tractor trailers...on this narrow country road

This could be tricky

We arrived Elm River Park in Debert NS around supper the trip which should have taken 2.5-3 hours took us around 5. Nice park...but being a Saturday night it was full and and dogs everywhere. Before even setting up we hauled out the dogs, the chairs and the happy hour liquids and kerplunked ourselves into the chairs to enjoy a cold one, enjoy the sunshine and ease the tensions of the detour drive.

I made big fat homemade hamburgers for supper-we took a few walks with the fur kids~grabbed a coffee and relaxed for the evening.

Have a great day all! 

Home is where you park it
Elaine, Rick Tucker and Lilly


  1. glad you arrived safely!..even if it was a bit of 'white knuckler!'

  2. No matter if stressful..still beautiful country to drive through!

  3. Thanks for the beautiful pictures of the drive from Cape Breton back into Nova Scotia. Looks like beautiful countryside - can't wait to see it for myself!

  4. I'm sure you were happy to 'park it'. Well done! Always something new to deal with. So close to home...take your time and relax!

  5. Hate to say it, but you'd be "white knuckling it" a whole lot in Europe! Those roads looked quite serviceable to me, but it's all in what you get used to I suppose.
    My guess would be that Rick was calm the whole time? Just a guess.

  6. We are used to roads like that, if not worse in Mexico. The shoulder on most of the roads there are at least a 6" drop from the pavement. We found that most of the side roads or secondary roads in Nova Scotia were in poor condition. You definitely enjoy those happy hour drinks after a day of driving like that. Glad you made it too the campground safe and sound.

    Kevin and Ruth

  7. yes Rick was calm the whole wasn't him that worried me it was the trucks and cars coming toward us :)....I thought I would have a melt down when I saw the RV Canada rental big class C coming toward us hanging over the center line~those are the ones that scare me..chances are they aren't experienced..the class c was full of kids standing up walking around etc..sure hope they made it to their destination safe and sound..we are home in Riverview safe and sound for a few days :) safe all