Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thirsty Thursday !!

It was another great day at the Beach today ! I'm amazed at how 'strong' the sun is here in this area. We had a nice lazy somewhat sort of day today. Mick came to visit Lilly, and she pretends shes not interested, and plays coy with him. I think shes in love with a certain 'golden retriever' named Duffy. Our biggest problem is darling Lilly; in this state 'fireworks' are legal so every night someone is setting them off and Lill is petrified. She runs and hides in the bathroom :( poor little girly.

Viola and Dave (original newfoundlanders now in Ontario) came to visit us today. We had a nice afternoon. We met them last Friday at the MB Travel park, where we stayed Friday night as we weren't booked in here until Saturday. This is their first full winter away from home, and I have to admire them and say they are die hard RVers. They have a Triple E class A motorhome, 3 dogs and a big fat cat with them. They are towing a car also.  They deserve a medal for not giving up~they arrived here in Myrtle Beach in January their pipes had frozen up and they had to get a plumber, then their sewer froze up on them and they had to have that repaired...then in January they had a washer/dryer combo installed (its one unit that washes the clothes and dries the clothes)..heat was costing them a fortune weekly to try and stay warm in the Rv. So the end of January (the day after they had the washer installed) they left MB and headed on down to Florida hoping for better weather. Their gps misguided them and they ended up lost after being on the road for 13 hours fighting major strong winds. When they finally arrived at the campground they had booked for the month, the electricity on their site was not working :(...and the office was closed for the weekend until Monday. The new washer was leaking everywhere...this is just the tip of the iceberg of problems these folks endured. I would have probably passed the rig keys to someone and said 'its now yours' and caught the first flight home..but they carried on and faced everything head on !! I bow to them, for sticking with it.

Dave and Viola

This is Mick on the ground and lill in the chair
Pretending hes not even here lol...

He's liking you Lilly Belle-stop ignoring him

Isn't he a cutie? And Lill doesn't look impressed~they did go for a walk on the beach together with their daddies..

Tomorrow, Rick is meeting up with some local guys from his online RV Workhorse forum for lunch ~there will be alot of RV talk there I'm sure, and a great swapping of stories. I will stay here with Lilly, and enjoy some girly time together...maybe we'll take a walk on the beach and a drive on the golf cart. Tonight I am tired..and I have no idea why because theres only so much cleaning you can do in an RV..

Last night Miss Lilly decided she wanted to sleep on our bed..she NEVER sleeps on our bed due to the fact that I thought I was allergic to her..I have not had one allergy attack since leaving home..she was so cute how can you say NO to this face..
Can I please sleep on the bed Momma??
So of Course I said ok just this once Lilly

Ok everyone hope all is well at home..and everyone is doing well!! Miss you all..take care and have a great "Finally Friday"....hugs 

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