Friday, April 9, 2010

Loving Myrtle Beach !!

Well today has been an interesting day. We left Selma NC around 8am this morning and traveled with the wonderful sunshine all the way. It was a good drive we arrived around noon at the Myrtle Beach Travel Park.  The day was cooler mid 70's but very nice. We are parked here for one night and will move in the morning to Ocean Lakes Family Resort tomorrow morning and will hold up there until around the 23 or 24th of April. Then its onto Gatlinburg TN. It was a beautiful drive down here.

Myrtle Beach RV Travel Park

The Beach :) 

We are here !!!

Lilly walked into the ocean ~ with no fear at all! Her first dip in the ocean!!

Daddy and Lilly on the Beach

beautiful waves

 View of the beach and waves from our Rig
View from the beach to the RVs

We made a trip into town this afternoon to the walmart~we purchased a new vacuum for the rig at a walmart in Selma yesterday ~ but early this morning in the dark on his way to the washroom Rick tripped over it knocked it over and broke the handle off of so we had to go buy another one. But he did a great job on breaking it because the hand held unit is still  intact and now he can have it for the car and underbelly storages.

Upon our return from town we sat out in the sun, and soaked up some rays then came in and made supper. Well thats all for today folks, ta ta for now and everyone have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. It looks like a beautiful park. So close to the beautiful and clean beach. You two already look rested. Looks like Lilly is thoroughly enjoy this trip also.....Miss ya lots!!