Monday, November 26, 2012

Testing the Waters with Blogger Problems!!

First off a big thank you to the "Go To Guy" Mr. Rick ..thanks for the advice and the quick resolution to my blogger picture problems..I say if Rick doesn't have the answers or the fix then may as well throw your machine out its not fixable :)...such fast service too!! thanks again Rick...
Apparently I have not been sizing my pictures properly...properly you ask? I haven't been sizing them at all..didn't realize I had I know :)..
Am going to upload a few here that I couldn't upload on the last blog as a test...
Here are some shots of our resort..
The Office

Pool and Clubhouse-which is directly across from us

Cabins for rent

these two graced our dinner table at the club house on Thanksgiving aren't they cute
 And Last but definitely not least is Hannah's grade 3 school picture..which we think is pretty darned cute but we could be biased!! I don't have a copy of Caitlin's yet but you can bet your corn flakes when I do I will post it.

Well Rick things seem to be are a great Mr. Fix it and thank you again.
Be safe out there everyone!!!

Home is where you park it!!


  1. Hi, Elaine. Your photos are showing clear as a bell. Glad to see everything worked out.

    That is a simply great photo of Hannah!! Sure makes me happy I was able to help a bit.

  2. nice job on the pictures today, Elaine! Looks like a great rv park!
    and Hannah?..cute as a button!

  3. Rick is the go-to-guy for any IT problem. Amazing how one guy can know so much about bits and bites!

  4. Rick helped me with my picture issues also and while he was at it set me up on Google Hangout. My husband and I got to meet him face to face on my laptop. Crazy! Him in Canada and us in Oregon. Your pictures are amazing and Hannah is a cutie.

  5. Pictures looking good. Sorry we didn't stop by yesterday. I guess we drove right by your place.

  6. That little Miss Hannah is becoming quite the beauty.

  7. Hannah is a beauty for sure. Glad Rick was able to help you. Nice of him, huh?

  8. What a cutie Hannah is and I don't think you are biased! What a great smile she has.

    Kevin and Ruth

  9. Hannah is cutie for sure and I love her attitude with the hands on the hips. Go Hannah! Pictures all look great. I love the little turkeys. I recognize peanut butter cups and candy corn. I think oreos and kisses?? What's the rest of it?

    1. yip oreos peanut butter cups and candy corn and yes kisses...the rest is frosting..for eyes lips and feet :)

  10. Good to see your Blog all fixed up and looking great! The Park looks nice.

  11. All seems to be in perfect working order. The RV park looks like a great base for the winter. Hannah looks very sweet.

  12. The photos are great Elaine and your readers can view them in a larger size by left clicking on them

  13. Hannah looks so adorable in her photo... she is such a sweetie!!!
    Looks like your RV park is pretty nice.