Saturday, November 3, 2012

Tucked in -In Roanoke Rapids in North Carolina

We left The Western RV Village in Carlisle PA this morning at 10:30..we were a little late leaving because I was having a lazy morning.
We arrived at The Carolina Crossroads RV Resort in Roanoke Rapids around 5:00. What a beautiful park. They have every amenity imaginable, and they offer free wifi and cable, as well as a rate of $25.00 express overnight stop pull thru site with full hookup. The resort is open year round and is very well laid out and clean.They also offer a free continental breakfast from 7:30 to 9:00 am...and you can wash your rig and your car here. It is not far off I95 approx a mile so its an easy on and off. The park is very quiet...we think we might hold up for a rest day here tomorrow..we aren't sure yet but the rig and the car could use a good washing, and we should stock the larder and fridge..
This morning the slide in the bedroom refused to come in..oh oh...but come to find out the pin fell out so Mr. Fix it got it back in and taped it good on both ends. That should hold us for awhile. Tucker and Lilly are excited to be on the road again..they sleep the whole time on the sofa in their seat belts, but sure enjoy a good walkie upon arrival. We do stop at rest stops and it seems like we are interrupting their snooze time by making them go out for a walk.
Have a super evening everyone ..and stay safe out there..theres lots of nuts on the road but you might be safe from them because I think they're mostly all travelling with us.

Home is where you park it...


  1. WOW...what a wonderful park!
    Rick to the rescue again. Good job Rick!

  2. An RV park that lets you wash your rig. Now that's almost unheard of. I might stop there just for that. Glad to see you are moving along. I wonder if my slide has a pin. Guess I'd better find out.

  3. Thanks for the good report on the RV park, we've passed by it many times and wondered about it. Now we'll stop next time, especially because we can wash the RV. :c)

  4. Hmmmmm... Our rig needs a good bath, and the trailer and Jeep! Probably wait till Florida. We are going over to Myrtle Beach for a couple days! Enjoy!

  5. Sounds like a good overnight stop or two, enjoy.

  6. Thanks for the park repost, looks like a super place.

    Are your slides hydraulic?

    1. Thanks...guess we won't have that problem. But we have had a hydraulic problem in Acapulco. Not fun.

  7. Able to wash rig AND a continental breakfast? Sounds like our kind of place - washing the rig for Len and breakfast for me!

  8. Been away from the blog world for a few days...but now that you two are on the road heading south, continued good luck with the drive. Glad the slide was quickly fixed and that it worked too.