Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rick Ate Gator!!!!! A Wonderful Saturday with Friends

Yesterday was a great day-we went shopping at a large mall in the morning! Found quite a few of those 'must haves'..and finished up the easter packages for the kids. Then we hopped in the shower and drove into Palm Harbour to visit and have supper with friends Eda and Tom and their two adorable little boys. They took us to the Azona Blue restaurant not far from their home. We actually travelled there via their golf cart. It was right on the water, we had a great table outside, they even had a swimming pool and hot tub in the restaurant area. It was at a marina, what a neat place and the food and service was excellent!! We hadn't seen Eda since 2008 so there was much gum flapping going on. So as you know Rick held a gator last week at gatorama well last evening he ate gator...I didn't eat any, but he said it was good and tasted alot like chicken. Just knowing what it looked like 'alive' -nothing could entice me to even taste it.
One of the many piers at the Azona Blue

Eda :)

Eda and I 

Tom and the boys

Myself and Rick

Sweet Boys at the restaurant

The wifi here in the park is not the best-but it is free so we can't complain. I cannot blog or comment while on it-so I have been using my air stick to do up the blogs. I can read your blogs and am keeping up with you all but sometimes I cannot comment on your posts-so please don't think we are ignoring you. That would never happen!
Today is looking like a nice day so we may possible hit the Clearwater beach. And meet up with some family I have in the area. Have a super Sunday everyone! Eda and Tom thanks so very much for the wonderful evening!
Be safe out there yall..thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Rick is a brave man! Good for him, just make sure he doesn't start snapping at you.

  2. having tried it myself I must agree with Rick, a distinct chicken taste, however in Texas where I ate it the waiter said their are four different parts of a gator that they eat and each taste different. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  3. LOVE Gator and it is good... YUM! Sounds like you had a lot of fun ~ we are from Palm Harbor but now stay in Largo since we started fulltiming... Hope to get to meet you guys!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  4. I love gator! That is a great picture of you and Rick! ~wheresweaver

  5. Hmmm, gator for dinner!

    I've had frog legs, but no gator nor snake. Frog legs also taste like chicken and, I'm told, snake does too.

    Nice photos of the area.

  6. Good for Rick,I love gator too and enjoyed it quite a few times.

  7. Elaine, I saw a cartoon once. I guy was served frog legs on a plate, when the door behind him opened and a number of frogs in wheelchairs and on crutches are walking in.

    Yuk, gator you say? hmmm... gators eat chickens and they taste like it? Suspicious!!
    Take Care!

  8. sometimes it is better not to know what you are eating!..gator?..not too sure about that one...
    the photo of the two of you is lovely, by the way!!