Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Our First OOPS!!!

Monday: We got up early, had coffee did out putering, cleaned the rig and took ourselves out for supper. We went to Tony's for an early supper in Cedar Key, which was fantastic. They are world famous for their clam chowder and rightly so. 

After supper we walked around the pier and decided to have coffee and desert here-we had pineapple upside down cake and it was delicious. We sat out on the water and watched the pelicans and ducks.

Cedar Key Fl

I finally got a picture of Buddy the resident aligator at Cedar Key Resort :

After returning to the park we stopped for a chat with folks Rick had met earlier in the day when he was out walking the dogs. Beverly and Boyd  are from New Brunswick just an hour away from us. We had to leave to get the furkids out for their we agreed that Bev and Boyd would come over and join us for a drink. We had a lot of gum flapping going on, and many laughs, come to find out Boyd and Rick knew a lot of the same people :) did Bev and I-so it was just like having company from home. Around 10:30 after we were sure we were making too much racket we all said our goodbyes, had hugs all around, exchanged phone numbers and emails and promises to meet up again back home, and they headed back to their motorhome and we headed into bed. I wanted to set the alarm for the morning but Rick said your always up with the birds so don't worry about it. And off to dreamland we ventured. We were so busy talking and laughing I didn't even think to snap off a picture!!

Tuesday: As luck would have it neither of us woke up till 8:45 this morning and we wanted to be on the road by 9. Well that isn't going to happen..(should have set that alarm). We had coffee checked our emails, and readied the coach for travel. Janna, Mike and Matt came out to say goodbye (Gail was away to town, sorry we missed you Gail)..and we got on the road around 10:45am heading for Carrabelle and our destination of "Ho Hum" park. Travel was good today, traffic was light and the weather perfect.
We pulled into this boat ramp which showed to be a nice rest spot. Paved loop to swing around in etc.

There was a class C MH already in there as well as a fiver and truck. All of a sudden we heard a big 'crunch and bang'...needless to say my heart stopped..I was sure the car swung into something. Rick immediately stopped the coach and we barrelled out to check things out. You can figure out the rest from the pictures. Once we realized the car was fine we both looked up toward the roof-Yup the tree was too low, and we were sure we had torn off the a/c units...Rick got out the extension for the ladder and up my brave soldier went, not knowing what he would find. Lucky for us it only tore the back shroud off the back a/c.. Why it missed the front a/c and the fan covers is beyond me. 
Yup We lost one shroud the back one!
And up he goes to access the damage!

Now do we go ahead to unhitch the car and back up?

doesn't look too bad 

There is a dent

All fixed up with a Red Green Special
 We carried on going ahead did the loop and got parked-I made a lunch while he did the patch job. During lunch another class A pulled in and we were running out yelling 'don't go that way'...good thing they heard us and stopped. We didn't have to share our duct tape!! Altho we would have if necessary. So all in all it could have been a lot worse and we are heading to Pensacola tomorrow and will see about getting a new shroud cover! We arrived here around 3:00.
Upon registration we were coming out of the office when I heard "hello are you Elaine"?-Elaine and Rick who were at Cedar Key Rv resort? I turned around and there was Joe of Joe's Journey. He invited us to pop over after we were all set up. We popped over on our way out for supper, and promised to drop in after we got back. 
Here we are parked up on lot 11

A cute park right on the water
We went to the 'Fisherman's Wife' restaurant and it was delicious.We jotted over to visit Joe and Carolyn after walking the furkids. Thanks Joe and Carolyn, for the laughs and the great visit. After hugs all around and well wishes for safe traveIs with our new friends-we headed back home-it is so nice to meet blogger friends-it seems like you've known them forever! They are heading out tomorrow also. We took a walk out onto the pier before heading back home it is definitely a must do while here.
Tomorrow is hopefully an 'early' travel day (yes I will set the alarm as we want to be on the road by 9) so I am heading to bed. Now I am 2 days behind on blog reading so that will be my job for tomorrow evening, to catch up with you all! Take care and 'be safe out there'....
"Just another wonderful day in Florida"-our next post will be from Pensacola. 

Home is where you park it
"May your day be filled with blessings like the sun that lights the sky~and may you always have the courage to spread your wings and fly"


  1. YIKES!!!! But it does us almost twice....we just stopped dead and blocked the road, once for overnite and another time for 6 hours till we got the tree cut. We have learned to look up as well as everywhere else.

  2. Awww, Dang !!

    But it could have been a lot worse.

    It doesn't look to me like the AC is damaged, so just a new cover should do it.

    You just can't let your guard down for a second, can you

    Take care ... TnT

  3. Ouch! Glad it was not worse. That kind of damage always makes me crazy:(

  4. Not good, but it could have been worse. Sorry about your owie.

  5. like the 'friendly giant' use to say..'look up..way up'..glad the dent wasn't too bad..could have been a whole lot worse!..sleep well and safe travels tomorrow!!

  6. Ahh you have to read about our roof almost blowing off and us going from Montana to Denver looking like the Clamepets lol.

    Be careful my girl

    Miss our chats

  7. Thank goodness it wasn't any worse. Hope someone cuts that limb off before more damage is done. I like the looks of Ho Hum. You must be heading to Pensacola for spring break.

  8. That's a tough one to avoid, even being extra vigilant you really have to know how tall you units are and then be really good at estimating how low a branch is hanging, When I brought my new Coachman Home I dented a skylight cover on a branch that had cleared our old 5th wheel for years,never gave it a thought that the cover would be a couple inches higher than the old one. Naturally that branch was removed.Glad you can get by with just a plastic cover. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  9. I know that sinking feeling. Took my driver's mirror clean off when some enterprising road works person moved one of those triangular signs over a little too close to the edge of the roadway.
    Never sure whether to rant and rave, or feel sorry for yourself.
    I suppose at least now I know where to get a new "Velvac" mirror. *sigh*
    I guess you were "lucky", and so were the folks you warned right behind you.
    Good on ya for letting them know.

  10. I guess it happens to everyone at least once. At least your first one wasn't too bad!

  11. The first one is bound to happen sooner or later, luckily its was not too bad. You not only have to watch for other vehicles on the road , but attack trees as well.

  12. Glad the damage was minimal. Would you like a wake up call tomorrow morning? ~wheresweaver

  13. Nice picture of Buddy, pineapple upside down cake one of my favorites, and a nice view to go along with it. Glad the damage was minimal, I will have to remember about those branches. Sure nice you have met up with so many people on this trip, it makes vacationing so much more fun. Wishing you and Rick safe travels.

  14. Most RVers don't realize that they all use the Red Green form of repairs at one time or another. At least until the proper repairs can be achieved.

    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  15. Had a great time with you guys. We will meet again somewhere, TBD and I know will have another great time.

  16. Whew! We did that "touch-the-branches once with our 5th-wheel. But we hit the rubber roof and got a tear in it. Once we were on the NNew Jersey Garden Parkway, where big vehicles are banned - quite rightly, as the overpasses are old and low (under12') But we drove centric and must have made with the last inch of clearing as we did not hear a sound from the roof. But we were sweating of fear.