Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Gators Gators Everywhere!

Hopefully it never comes to this but its nice to know there is a setup in place should we ever need it~I figure I'll get to ride in the little rig like a queen :) !!!

This morning we arose around 8am..took the furkids out for their morning business, then got down to our morning business of coffee and putering. Dropped in on yall..and nice to see that everyone is doing fine :)..
After a bit I said to Rick what time is it (thinking it was around 10am) he said its almost -guess we got lost in the blog reading. We hurriedly tidied up, made the bed, passed the vacuum, hopped in the shower, got dressed and headed out to Gatorama. Now that was an experience and not one I'm in a hurry to repeat. I think I saw on Marti's facebook (R Sanity RV Adventures) 'Love is going to a military aircraft museum, because that is what HE likes to I can say "love is going to hang out with a bunch of gators and crocs because that is what HE likes to do"..all I can say Marti is there better be some good 'valentine memories' coming our way :)..
Gators and Crocs do not amuse me in fact I'm petrified of them unless they are incorporated into a nice pair of boots or a nice handbag.
I loved the birds, panthers, macaws, and other small animals. But alas most of the 'livestock' were gators and crocs.
Gators laying around

This bird really wanted that piece of bread

If there is such a thing as a 'nice' gator maybe this is one?

The bread landed on his head he didn't move

This dude was cute and very interesting

She was darling wish the pic was better I could have snuggled her right up

Of course theres vultures everywhere

These Macaws were gorgeous and quite chatty

Pretty Peacocks

Young Gators just laying around

Feeding time (with chicken)

I can't believe Rick held this 'thing'..he was pretty interested in it..I didn't touch it..I stayed on the other side of the camera.
The sun came out and it was hot and sunny, so we headed back to the campground, visited with neighbours and took the furkids for a walk to the dogpark. After supper we took a run into Labelle to the win dixie to pick up a few special things for supper tomorrow -my sister and brother in law are coming to visit us for the day!! Thanks for stopping by folks...stay safe out there...

Home is where you park it
"May your day be filled with blessings like the sun that lights the sky~and may you always have the courage to spread your wings and fly"


  1. Gators..they should be there on the other side of the wall :)

  2. Those are some HUGE gators. Watch those fingers and toes.

  3. Yes, having a camera to hide behind is always a welcome excuse...err...reason to stay out of harm's way!! Good thing those gators weren't hungry or that bird would probably have been dinner.

  4. Well you have gaters there, in the winter we have desert dirt. sunshine and lotsa dust and scenery. We love it here no crowds and no humidity, But we all love the places we are at. enjoy the time that you have there and the people you meet!

  5. Hey, those are some awesome pictures of all the animals you have there... I enjoyed!

  6. Gah! Gators are definitely not my thing. Just never been one for critters with scales, or whatever. (hey, I don't even want to know)
    There needs to be fur, and preferably no claws/snapping jaws.
    Those are the only requirements.
    Otherwise, no thanks.

  7. Married to someone from Louisiana and visiting there often over the last 23 years, it was only two years ago I finally saw some gators in the wild. I was beginning to think it was all a hoax!

    Have a great family visit.

  8. I can not imagine wanting a piece of bread that badly:)

  9. Nothing better than visiting with nature's live animals. I'm sure they feed the gators well before exposing them to humans. Nice variety of photos.

  10. Very brave Rick!! Not for me though.

  11. I don't think I'd be willing to hold an alligator no matter how small it was.

  12. Maybe that birds name was Riggins, he got into trouble over bread :-)