Saturday, May 15, 2010

Safe and Sound in Matamoras at the Tri-State RV Park

Well folks we are here safe and is quite the it and look at the gorgeous pics online of this RV park...then look below at the actual pics I just took...Actually tho the people who own this place are really nice...there are many phases to this park..theres the junk yard area, then the 'seasonal' area..the overnighters area -theres a banquet hall for weddings etc..and theres a tent with a weekend bbq going on...the grounds around the banquet area are gorgeous...and folks thats where it ends...but you have to take the good with the bad, as thats what makes life was sketchy for awhile because one of the seasonals was away to work and their big un neutered Boxer dog was running around biting folks...but we just stayed in our rig and prayed Lilly wouldn't need to go pp in a hurry.

We traveled in from Carlisle PA today..and tomorrow we hope to be in the Salisbury MA area for the night. We are slowly crawling our way back to Canada and its hard to believe we've been on the road since April 2. Some folks say - "you must be ready to get home" nope we are not!!! We dont' expect truly to sleep in our house again until the end of Oct. but I'm sure that will change. Lilly is doing much better! She finally ate today..she has been missing her new 'big brother' McDuff...we had to whisper his name or she would go looking for him...makes us think she needs a 'friend' but but but...I am liking this one dog responsibility lifestyle..I truly do not want to start again. Altho there was a goldendoodle I met in NC that I would have dognapped given the chance.

This could be why "Miss Lilly" has been so lonesome she is missing McDuff she was so bonded with him...This was taken the night before we left NC-she was sitting right under his front legs..."the great protector"

Look Ma -"no shoulders" this was a detour road today on our way to Matamoras try driving your house down that road..but we were thankful it was paved..

 Current View from our RV lol

See the Porta Palace - its on wheels-on the right side next to the ladies room level with the step railing is a 'level' to level the place up lol
Guess which 'phase' this is ...another view from our front window
yupper another view from the front window and that is also the owners house to the left
yup one campers junk is another campers ??? (eyesore) lol
This is over on the seasonal side of the park..
Now isnt' this gorgeous..this is over on the 'wedding' banquet hall side of the park
Right on the Delaware River - glad we walked over there we would never have known it was there
Another shot of the Porta Palace see the levels on both sides of the building..thats important I would think to keep her level when someone is trying to use the potty

See the white top tent??? behind the Porta Palace? thats where the weekend bbq is..called Ribs to Run

All in all folks the place isn't that bad for an overnighter...I wouldn't give it a woodall rating or triple A but it has free great signal WIFI, and cable TV...and nice people (other than the boxer) what more could we possibly ask for...hugs once again from our home on wheels to each and everyone of you!!! Ta Ta till the next time...

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