Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Its really still Monday here (central time zone now)

Hi everyone, another large day under our belts..we left Pigeon Forge at 10 am this morning..and motored on down to Memphis...arrived after 8.5 hours on the road..we are pretty tired...Becky and Matt left at the same time and we followed each other down. We went to Becky and Matt's for supper and had a very nice visit at their home..I did take some pictures..but I am too tired to upload them this evening but I will do so tomorrow...we are back at the Rv..and heading to bed..We came through Nashville and most of the storm is cleaned up the roads are open again..but you could see the devastation..cars abandoned on the roadside etc..those poor people...Rick thought his allergies were acting up but it seems to be a nasty cold coming on so I've sent him to bed already after loading him with advil..and sinus meds. have a super day tomorrow everyone I'm off to bed...hugs from our home on wheels to yours....

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