Monday, July 23, 2012

This That and the Other Thing - Florida is Booked !!!

While in the Florida area last winter we cruised around touring  RV resorts. Today we booked for this coming winter!!! Yipee..
We are booked into "The Gades Resort" in Moore Haven, approximately 13 mi from La Belle and 43 mi from Ft Myers Cape Coral area. Offering 50 amp service, on large lots, free (strong signal-they are currently putting in a whole new system) wifi, golf course, marina, nice club house, and restaurants right on the resort. It was our first choice of all the resorts we visited. Shopping is close by..and they are offering a special rate of $1,599.99 for 6 months. Plus your electricity at 14/kw. Golf rates are fairly good too...11$ for 18 holes. So check out their website for further information. And should you decide to book there feel free to give our names as we and you will get a discount!! They still have lots available at this rate as long as you put a small deposit on it before the end of July. And the deposit is refundable if necessary.!!!
The Glades
Upon our return from PEI with Donna and Ralph and Buck and Jeannie, we had a kazillion things to attend to here at home. And we have not stopped much since. We had more company arrive to visit, and we thoroughly enjoyed their company....seems theres isn't a day that there isn't something happening. I truly don't know where we ever found the time to work before our retirement. Remember when you used to say 'what time it it' we say 'what day is it'...
I have been catching up on my blog reading...but as you can see I haven't been posting often..I just don't think you all need to hear about our humdrum matter how busy they are. We are flying to Vancouver for our Son's wedding on August 3 and returning back home here on the 6th. On the 8th we are meeting up again in NS with Donna and Ralph and heading onto tour around Cape Breton with them, being from there I sure know where all the great places (kitchen parties and ceilidhs) are. We can't wait to get together with them again. 
Ok we are now off to our daughter's for supper and to babysit the girlies for the evening while their parents play soft ball.
It is good to see that you are all having a good summer, and we are ecstatic to also see that fellow RV bloggers David & Sherry are keeping up their faith and strength during this trying time of treatment. God bless them its been a rough time for sure.
The weather has been wonderful. We have not been out with the motorhome since I'm thinking maybe this weekend, if we can find the time. I need to get myself to a beach somewhere....but not like this guy did...
I do see that he has his satellite dish set up in the truck bed. Probably thought he was all 'settled' in for the night. Now isn't that a understatement.
Take care all and be safe out there....until the next time remember

"home is where you park it"


  1. Your header photo is lovely!
    WOW...that is a GREAT rate for your Florida campground. Good job!
    My gracious...what was that guy thinking when he parked so close to the water?

  2. I liked the look of that campground but cable. But it's a nice spot.

  3. I always enjoy your blog posts, no matter how frequently you are able to write. Enjoy your wedding coming up.

  4. I must say..we've never seen such!! High tide surely ruined his wonderful site!! What WAS he thinking???
    That is a beautiful RV resort and great price!! I know you all will really enjoy being there!!

  5. We'll cross paths with you sometime this winter, we're going to do Florida this winter too. Key West is in our sights. :c)

  6. I know exactly what you mean by "what day is it?" Ira and lose track of the days all the time.

    I don't know what that guy was thinking but I am guessing he didn't take the tide into account.

    Maybe we will see you this winter. We stay near Orlando.

    Vicky and Ira

  7. Wow, nice FL spot! Great rates too. Maybe next year :)

  8. Looks like your in for a fun busy and August. Sounds like you have a winner picked for your winter holiday the price is sure right. Have a great week!

  9. You have been busy! You guys are great hosts.

    Enjoy the trip to the west coast for you son's wedding.

    That RV sitting in the salt chuck will face severe rust issues and is likely a write off. What an awful thing.

  10. Wow I have heard of a lazy man's RV wash, buth this guy takes the cake:)

  11. Pulling a 5'er on a sandy beach is looking for trouble even without a low tide. What a dummy!

    That sure is a great rate for the Florida campground. Looks like a nice place too - congrats!

  12. $11.00 for 18 holes is a fantastic price, actually your entire 6 months is going to be very economical. Well done. I guess you have to book early to get in on such a deal. We once saw an expensive vehicle swallowed by the tide in Mexico......people just don't think!

    1. no I just booked yesterday....and put a refundable small deposit on it..:)

  13. Yikes. RV + Salt Water = Not smart.

    That's all I got.

  14. Gotta wonder about some people's stupidity. Thanks for sharing.

  15. You said it, can't cure stupid, sure in a mess there!
    Looks like you found a nice spot for the winter, we just can';t stay in one place that long. Our membership campgrounds have been serving us quite well for the last six years.

  16. We are waiting for August 8th with excitement... We are here at Wayside Campground in Margarets Bay near Peggy's Cove and having a GREAT time but our internet is iffy... The card you lent us has no bars here and the parks wifi is on & off. That guys was NUTS parking on the beach like that ~ Eh? LOL Will be chatting with you soon!

  17. Pretty good rates on that RV Resort for Florida... might have to check it out!

  18. Love your header picture. Looks like you've got your winter time digs all set up in a place you'll like. Congratulations. I'd love to have a spot on the water but my budget can't handle it and I sure don't want to do what the guy with the 5th wheel did. Where was he when stupid overtook him??