Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter Everyone-Milestones

It is a wonderful sunny beach day here at the beach. So this will be short and sweet as I know you all don't want me to miss out on my beach time.
Its been a great week here and we've accomplished a lot. We finally got to camping world and purchased a new shroud (among other things too of course) for the a/c that Rick had duct taped due to the close encounter with that tree awhile back. While replacing it yesterday he figured he'd snap a shot or two while up there.
 We are about 8 or 9 lots up from the beach.

We had supper at Crabby Mikes the other night with our Ontario friends Colin and Barb. Great meal and great company.
We are going to daycare the fur kids for a day this week so we can visit Charleston, and realized yesterday that a couple of Lilly's shots were off we went to find a vet..and luckily there was an open house clinic and got her all fixed up for home we can't get in and out of the vets office under 180.00 maybe I should have all their shots done at a vet stateside. Tucker went to the groomer yesterday for a major shave down. Between the sand and sand burrs I couldn't keep up. I clipped Lilly up on Thursday but didn't have the energy to tackle him also. He is now too embarrased to let me take his picture...he keeps hiding under the table. He and Lilly are sure loving the beach.

The Easter display here is fantastic will include some daytime pictures for you. 
The last supper

He has risen

We attended a car show yesterday here at the resort..there were some nice vehicles to say the least. There were a couple we drooled over but none that would be suitable as a toad-so we passed on the ones that were for sale.

A week from today we head for home (unless I can talk him into staying longer). It has been a great first winter out as snowbirds.
I want to shout out a big congratulations to our dear friends Linda and Jim back home who are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary today, and I see they made the newspaper-way to go- you raised and educated three wonderful children into very responsible adults-Quite the milestone folks...we love and miss you but will see you soon.
The picture her hubby lovingly had put in the newspaper
Oh and Karen P of heres a couple for you!!
And last but not least -I lovingly want to acknowledge a special day today. Momma in law- happy birthday- I'm positive you are up there in heaven just filling everyone's day with smiles and love-like you did mine while you were here- Love you and miss you dearly-you took a piece of my heart with you when you were called home 2 years ago.

I hope and wish you all a blessed Easter folks..and stay safe out there..its beach time for us..thanks for stopping by. 

Update: Ok I couldn't wait for all the pics to load 3 hrs ago-so we left it loading and headed to the beach. Just retuned and go figure they all uploaded. 

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  1. Nice post and so nice of you to remember your MIL with such love. Your friend, Jim, in the anniversary picture made me smile. We are celebrating 39 years in July and Russ had glasses exactly like that when we were married. Hope you have a good time in Charleston.

  2. Looks like another great beach day , enjoy it while you can, and stay as long as possible. Happy Easter to you guys as well!

  3. I'd much rather sit on the beach than sitting inside blogging! Have fun!

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  5. Happy Easter to you and Rick and the 'furkids'!..sounds like you are enjoying yourselves!! for waiting for things to load?..I, too would have just left amd let the wonders of the internet do it's thing!

  6. Sounds like you had a fine Easter.
    Your first snow bird winter was a roaring success. I'm not so sure I'd be all that fired up to head back to N.B. just yet either, but the weather can only get better, so who knows?
    It's a funny thing how a suddenly slow internet connection can put us into a tail spin! Would have never been a consideration just a couple decades ago.
    Safe travels!

  7. Sure a beautiful Easter day to be at the beach. Nice picture of the Paddy Wagon. Hope you have a great day in Charleston.

  8. Enjoy every last minute as Snowbirds!

  9. Lovely park, did you mention the name of it?

  10. Oh thanks for your Safari Spying! I post over on my Safari list about WHO IS THIS ???? heh heh

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard