Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Got the Hammer Down!! Northbound to NB

Well it has been 5 days since I've been able to have a decent enough connection to upload a blog. Wouldn't you know the verizon stick is now working 'good' and I have 5 megs to use up before I cross the border into Canada..unless this will work in Canada but I doubt it as it hasn't worked the best in the US.

Do we really have to go back Momma? We love the beach

We set the alarm on the cell for 6:30 this morning to be up bright and early to finish packing up camp and give the fur kids a final walk on the beach! We all enjoyed our time in Myrtle Beach at the Lakewood Resort. The fur kids are going to be in for a big surprise at home when we say lets go walkies and theres no golf cart for them to hop on immediately outside the door. They do love to travel on the back of the 4 wheeler with dad tho. We left the resort at 8:15am. Dieseled up at $3.89/gallon and hit the road.

We have had a busy five days, visiting with friends who were in the area from NS-thank you Beth and Barry; can't wait to get together again this summer. We made a couple of trips to the Tanger Outlet, and a run to wally world for groceries and the rest of the time was spent on the beach, soaking up as many rays as we could before returning home.

Cathy and Brent our friends from Shelby were also down to the condo for a few days so we had supper with them at the Sea Merchant (fantastic food) Sunday evening. Thanks guys!!!! 

Am I sad to be heading north ? Nope!! I'm ready to get back home. I'm looking forward to seeing our kids again!! We sure did a lot of travelling since December, and we're thankful for having spent the winter in the south.

First order of business upon arrival home is to get the income tax info over to our accountant and get that pain in the butt (the paperwork not the accountant) out of the way before the last day of the month. All in all it has been a great first snowbird adventure, and I pray the good lord allows us to experience many more.
We have met so many rv blogger friends and have enjoyed our time with each and everyone of them. We visited with stateside friends, and even met some relatives for the first time. What great memories we've created.

I'm excited to see all our family and friends, tackle the spring cleaning in the rig and the house, work on the flower beds, and get the cottage opened up for the season. It is shaping up to be a great summer-our first full one since retirement. We also want to remove the carpet in the MH and install flooring that is more user friendly. Why they put carpet in is beyond me. I do carry a little green machine but its still a lot of work.

We are hoping to be parked up in Front Royal VA in good time today, but only time will tell. And we are praying for an arrival date at home to be Sat or Sun.

Its nice to finally have the time and internet to catch up on all your blogs..thanks for stopping by..

and remember

home is where you park it 
6:22 PM - we are parked up for the night in Front Royal VA safe and sound after a 10 hr day..


  1. So glad you had a good first season of snow-birding. Now a great summer is shaping up for you as well. Travel safe on your way home.

  2. Kind of sad were leaving for vacation in the morning and you guys are on your way home. maybe next year on your way to Fla you can stop at the Ranch and free camp. Like Kevin & Ruth did. We will let you know how our trip to Fla. goes. Have a safe trip home. Sam & Donna...

  3. Verizon told us we could use our stick in Canada but we would incur high roaming charges so don't do it.

    Happy for you both that you got to experience these past few months especially after the problems of lat summer and fall.

  4. Safe travels on your way home!!
    Looking forward to reading and catching up with you guys on your blog!!

  5. We have enjoyed following along, and am glad that you both had such a good time, and the chance to meet up with so many friends and family. We wish you and Rick safe travels on your journey home.

  6. Being a snowbird is addictive..Once you start, you will want more...and ...thank you for your kind words today...

  7. Front Royal is our old stomping grounds just a short way from our old home.

    Do we miss it? Nope! We're glad it sold so we could meet great folks like you on the road. :c)

  8. Hope you have safe travels on your way home. It always feels good to go home!

  9. Glad you enjoyed your first winter migration. It can be so addictive. Travel safely!

  10. Glad you had good times on your migration :) If you are traveling highway 81 north on your way home...we live outside of Wilkes-Barre, PA. Wave as you drive by! If you stop...give us a call!

  11. Great to be almost home, I bet.

    Be very careful with your Verizon stick - if you can get a connection in Canada and use it you will get hit with atrocious roaming charges.

    Best to suspend your account, if possible, and put it away until you return to the U.S.

  12. That you had a great winter snow birding adventure only 'whets your appetite' for more. It sure did that for us.

    After year two, away in the sunny climes, we already look forward to year three.

    Safe drive back to NB.