Sunday, November 27, 2011

We Decked the Halls!!!!!

Well it has been one busy weekend. We picked up the 'grands' yesterday morning, our daughter had surgery on Friday and is doing well, but Poppa and I thought we would give them a break and take the grands for the day and night.

It was off to the mall (ughhh crazy crazy) to sports check for new winter boots for Caitlin and Hannah. Then to Walmart hair shop to get Hannah's bangs trimmed. Then it was off to their favorite store "clairs" where they sell everything from fingerless fishnet gloves to makeup, glitter, purses, funky hats - you get my drift. The perfect store for two 7 year olds. Poppa's wallet took a beating in that place. 

Then we thought we should have lunch, mercy it was almost 1pm by the time we did all of the above, but the food courts at the mall were packed and the lineups long. Poppa suggested we head back toward home and have lunch at Steves 50's diner (excellent food) where he could at least hear himself think. 

After lunch we pointed the car toward home-I think we must have walked a gazillion miles in that crazy people packed mall. Traffic was heavy, due to everyone coming to town for the Santa Clause parade last evening. Thankfully our two 7 year olds decided they wanted to forego the parade and decorate our home for christmas instead. 

So Poppa headed to the storage barn and started bringing in all the Christmas boxes. Talk about a couple of excited little girls..and of course the furkids were in on it all too. Tucker and Lilly love when the girls are here they become their two shadows.

Hannah and Tucker at Movie time
Caitline and Lilly at movie time

Our Little Tree and lighted garland-practising for the Motorhome Decor

Fiber Op Santa Made an appearance

The Girls Created a Centerpiece

Working on the village setup
Our Fiber Op Angel is in place

After all the decorating-supper-and baths it was snuggle down movie time-of course the furkids were on guard !!

After movie time and snacks it was off to bed -until around 6:45 am this morning when some little one was standing beside our bed poking me and stating it was time to get up.

After a big breakfast of pancakes and bacon it was announced that we 'must' make christmas cookies. First we video I Chatted with Aunt Becky and Uncle Matt in TN...

Poppa had to run to the store though because we forgot to buy decorating supplies. What were we thinking-(apparently we weren't)

While he was gone we ladies got busy mixing up shortbread cookies:

The wear their 'great grams' aprons- that seems to have become a ritual whenever we are some cookies ready for the oven.

Decorating time for 'all' the kids

Some of our finished product

So the manger is setup (we don't put baby Jesus in until Christmas eve) the village is setup and the halls are trimmed here in our stix and bricks. 

I told the girls at breakfast this morning that I emailed Santa last night and told him how very good they were. And low and behold when I opened my email after breakfast there was a beautiful message for each of them from Santa!!! They were so excited. I found this wonderful magical little program on the internet last night and signed them up. For those of you who have grands or little ones check this out..its adorable 
Just click on the 'start here' button. And you can email a copy to your grands.

I have seen a lot of controversy on the internet and facebook lately, concerning "happy holidays" instead of 'Merry Christmas' etc. and just thought I'd add my two cents worth. It will always be Christmas to me, and I will continue to wish everyone a very "Merry Christmas"-our family will always keep the "Christ" in Christmas and remember the 'reason for the season'-one of our rituals in years gone by was to have a birthday cake for Jesus on the center of our Christmas dinner table. While shopping yesterday, and viewing the masses of shoppers, rushing from store to store, screaming at their kids, being rude to other shoppers I wonder if they all even took a moment to remember the 'reason for the season'..

On another note, I sure didn't get many stitches into this over the weekend, hopefully sometime this week I will accomplish more....

Have a wonderful week everyone-where ever you may be-I'm off now to try and catch up on yesterday and todays blog readings. 

Take care

Home is where you park it
"May your day be filled with blessings like the sun that lights the sky~and may you always have the courage to spread your wings and fly"


  1. Oh my...that header pic of your back yard. What a diffeence to your recent photos of a still green lawn. Love the cookies in the pics. Do you bring some down here. I might be your guest. Any idea where you will be going once you're rolling down the highway?

  2. What a nice time you had with the grands! Most all our decorations floated down the river in the flood, but we found a perfect small fake tree for the RV, and there are a couple small things to put in as well. I'm with you. Christ is the reason for Christmas!

  3. A great day with the kids even if a bit hectic and expensive:)

  4. Peter and Bea we hope to be out of here one month from today Dec. 27th which means get all the christmas stuff down and away by end of day 26th etc etc..finish up the final loading of the MH ..and pray hard for good travel day...we are awaiting news on another health issue so also praying that is resolved by then. (Not one of us but our daughter)...

  5. Nothing can beat time with the grands! How long will those cookies last? Or are the already gone...

  6. looks like you had a wonderful christmas decorating time with the Grands!

  7. Elaine, I love that quilt, beautiful!

  8. What a wonderful post. So much fun having grands around...making cookies...making memories! Love it.

    I feel if people want a Happy Holiday, let them create one. Christmas is CHRISTmas and that's just the way it is. You are free to celebrate it or not but don't try and change it into something it is not. Merry CHRISTMAS to you and yours.

  9. Nothing like a great weekend with the Grandkids getting ready for Christmas. It sure looked like they had a lot of fun!

  10. sure looks like it was a fun but busy weekend with the grandkids!..nice job on the ccokies!!..and the quilt too..beautiful!!!

  11. OH I wish you were my Grandma lol. Looks like some great memories were made this weekend.

    Love your decorations and that quilt is just beautiful.

    Take Care

  12. Gracious, you sure did pack a lot of activities into a short period of time.

    How fortunate you are - grands sleeping until 6:45. Ours are always up by 5:30. ALWAYS!

    Lovely needle work.

  13. What a wonderful time spent with your grandchildren., lunch, movie, sleep over, Christmas decorating, baking....and it all leads to creating so many cherished memories. It's great!

  14. a fellow quilter ! Whoo hoo! and what fun with the grandkids!

  15. We made cookies last week with our grandsons... GREAT photos!!! Love the quilt!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  16. Well its been a while since I stopped by and you guys have been busy! Love that picture of Caitline and Lilly by the way. You make me want to live close to some little ones so that we can make cookies! (And then eat them.) Here we go into the Christmas season fullblast. Hold onto your hats (and your wallets)!

  17. Great post. Love all the photos and yummy cookies.