Tuesday, November 22, 2011

-8 C and 17 Degrees F-

I haven't been blogging lately as there isn't much to blog about other than the cold weather and I'm sure you all don't need to hear about how cold it is here.

Ossumer moved from the front driveway to the back driveway on Sunday. We have been busy, unloading winterizing and reloading him to be ready to head south. We took everything off (you know how things pile up over the summer and you never know what is truly in there)..all the clothes and linens etc. 

Ossumer resting among the foliage -ready to head out -pointed in the right direction I must add

Rick needed to find a way to keep the main power cord out of the snow-we sure don't want to have to dig it out come roll out time-so I'm down one storage bin as you can see. 

We reorganized and reloaded all the linens and clothing in preparation for the 'South', and then moved him around back to his resting place until we can finally take off. We are anticipating being on the road on Dec. 27th-and praying hard for good weather. The only things left to load are the food items, and some personal last minute things. I think we are ready. The bed is dressed in warm fuzzy fleece sheets, an electric blanket and lots of quilts. The fuel tank is full, the alignment is done, and the propane is topped off.

The furkids are ready to roll. Their medical kit is all packed and their paper work in order. We took them to the vet last Wednesday. Lilly needed a lyme shot and tucker was due for all his shots. Tuck man had a major reaction to the shots and went into anaphylaxis shock on us. Talk about scary..this is one of my main fears with shots. We've experienced this a few years back with one of our show goldens-so I am always on the look out for it to happen. Normally it happens within 15 minutes of being inoculated-we were at the vet office for almost 40 minutes after the shots waiting for the bill (ughh) and travel paperwork and we thought whew all is ok.

Upon leaving the parking lot he yelped in the backseat I turned to look and he was starting to swell. We immediately ran him right back in (talk about happening fast)..they raced him off to a back room and administered antidote needles-we stayed out in the waiting room for another hour or so to ensure he was going to be ok. Thank God those antidote needles work fast. His dear little face was all swollen and his back fur was standing up straight as hives were popping out everywhere. Thankfully he is ok, but his lips were still swollen the next day. I was very concerned about taking them across the border without lyme inoculation but I'm thinking next time we will skip that part for sure. We are so thankful we were not back at home when this reaction reared its ugly head~as I'm not sure we would have made it back to the vet office in time.
See Everyone I'm Back to Normal and doing OK

So now we prep for Christmas, the grands will be coming this weekend for a night and we will put up our little tree (no room for the big one since we've downsized), village and lights etc. They will be excited to decorate our little home and make christmas cookies I'm sure. Thankfully they both have decided to forego the Santa Clause Parade stating it is too cold and they sure don't like being cold. And frankly neither do we but we would have taken them if they wanted to go.

I am somewhat struggling to keep up with my blog reading and am finally caught up - and it seems you are all doing well and are all safe, happy to hear the estate sale went well for Paul and Marti, and hopefully they will both feel better soon. Our hearts go out to John and Peggy due to their recent troubles-but good to see they are still moving on. And happy to see that the rest of you who are already "there" are safe and sound and enjoying the weather. Karen is handling the cold very well cranking out socks on a daily basis it seems-Kevin and Ruth are having a blast-and Rick is sure enjoying his sunshine! Contessa and Colin are almost done the renos-and The Bayfield bunch are in the valley of Fires. Brenda and JB are 'horsing' around and having a blast.

Tomorrow we are forecasted to receive 15-25 cms of snow...yuck!!

Take care all, I just wanted to leave a quick update-to show we are still here and anticipating leaving in late December. But like the RV life plans are always set in Jello. Be safe out there!

Home is where you park it
"May your day be filled with blessings like the sun that lights the sky~and may you always have the courage to spread your wings and fly"


  1. Pretty scary moment for both Tucker and you guys - sure glad to hear he's o.k. now.

    Looks like you're all set to roll when the time comes. Hope you make it out before it gets too darned cold.

  2. I like that quote, may have to borrow it. Shots at the vet make me nervous, we never know how they will react.

  3. Poor Tucker! I guess I learned something new. Didn't realise dogs could go into anaphylactic shock, but then again, I haven't had a dog since about 1976. Too many new diseases for me.
    I like the power cord idea. That Rick is a smart cookie. Don't worry, there are more bins in the stores, and it looks like it can still be used, even though there seems to be a bit of a cut in the side.
    Bundle up!

  4. I'm so glad that Tucker told you he wasn't feeling good and that you were close. Scary!

  5. A lot of work now but look's like it will make for a smooth departure. Good idea Rick had for that power cord. Glad Tucker is ok poor guy, looks so cute in the picture.

  6. Good to see you are ready to go , just chopping at the bit, not long now.

  7. Very scary about Tucker. We just had Halley to the vet today for all her shots. Did not even think about any reaction. Gald it turned out okay:)

  8. You write an excellent Blog Elaine, keep it up. I am glad Tucker is doing okay now. I also did not know they could have a reaction like that to their shots.

    Take Care

  9. glad to hear that your Tucker is okay now!!..scary stuff!!!

  10. I love your posts!!!

    Poor Tucker and poor you, what a fright. It has happened to us so I know what you went through. Glad all is well now but still a fright and huge jolt to your system. We now only give a drop of liquid for legal purposes to get the paperwork. No more 'bad stuff' injected into our furkids systems.

    You are so very very ready to go, love that you are pointed in the right direction. We packed so quickly that I still can't find some things!!! You are so organized.

    How is Rick doing?

  11. Rick is doing great was 4 weeks yesterday...today its snowing as I sit here reading blogs...wish we were with you guys C...:)

  12. It's always a worry when your furry friend gets sick, so glad to hear Tucker is doing well.

    Thanks for your kind comments, we appreciate them and are grateful for your support as we struggled to transition to full timing. You are an encourager.

    Hope the weather holds for you and you have a safe escape from all that snow!

  13. How good it is that you are both set to roll.

    Unbelievable story about Tucker. Good to learn that all is well now.

    It won't be long now and you'll have the big wheels rolling southward.