Sunday, November 23, 2014

Settling In !!!!!

We are settled into our resort in Sunny Florida. We left home on Oct 28, with Archie and Anne. First stop was Clewiston Me, for the night, then onto Fishkill NY wallydocking, then onto PA for a night at our standby park Western Village and then into VA  where we parked up and had a great 4 day visit with our daughter and son in law, while Arch and Anne motored on into Washington area to tour around, and to  Jekyll Island. They will arrive here at our resort around Dec. 5th. 

We had a small tire glitch after leaving VA and heading into the Carolinas, ended up spending the night in Selma to regroup~and we send out a big "thank you" and "you guys are amazing" to Perry Brothers in Smithfield, NC...they couldn't do enough to help us. Their technician even worked through his lunch hour to get us on the road early afternoon. 
So Torrey now had a full set of brand new 2014 good year sneakers...thankfully we did not have a flat in motion and our glitch was discovered at a rest stop. So also a great 'big thank you to that angel that was riding along with us'.

The trip down was fantastic..that F350 platinum, towed that Newmar fiver like a dream. I wasn't the least big nervous...I'm sure you all remember what a wreck I was in the DP, to the point of actually medicating myself at times. 

Due to losing a day for the tire issue we missed out on visiting our friends in Lee this time but we will surely get together over the winter months. 

Upon arrival at our resort that Friday the 7th, sweet Donna was here to greet us with lots of hugs..then other friends arrived to say hello and visit, and poor Rick ended up setting up and unhooking pretty much by himself ~ I was so busy socializing.

Our other NB friends arrived on Monday and its been happy hours, cards, golf and shopping trips ever since. 

Are we loving the fiver? You betcha!!!! We've had class C, Class A gas and Class A diesel, we've also had fivers in between the As finishing up into the DP and now into this setup. I love the living space, love love loving my washer and dryer~ and I'm still in the process of making it 'homey' as I'm definitely a 'nester'..and I am not intimidated driving that big truck, so I would say all is well with our decision. It was nice to travel down the road and be able to talk to each other without raising our voices, and of course that stereo volume was cranked from state to state :).

A big shoutout of congratulations to our dear friends Larry and Marilyn-the Amazing Vanstones who left Canada today heading in a southerly direction~they were awaiting the arrival of their darling new grand baby, Evie who finally put in an appearance. Safe travels folks.

Friday we had lunch with RV friends, Gail and Rick and Dave and Deb and we were all so busy eating and visiting we forgot to even take a picture. We are getting together for happy hour this week and will be sure to snap some then. 

We did have to make a trip to the local vet, seems we forgot our revolution at home for the fur kids, and they will not dispense it here without a heart worm test Thurs we got that taken care of and both are negative results so we await the meds to arrive by mail.

The heat and humidity is a bit hard to handle thank heavens for AC, but I won't scream that out loud considering everyone back home is dealing with the snow and cold. We have had a couple of cool nights which I welcome, but the heat pump takes good care of that. 

I will transfer some pictures from my iPhone to the macbook (I'm sure there is a way of posting here without transferring  but I'm not sure I can figure that out)..

Have a super Sunday folks and a great week ahead, all of you that are travelling, stay safe!!!

Home is where you park it
Elaine, Rick, Tucker and Lilly..


  1. From our own ugly tire experience two years back, we were happy to read your story. Better a new set of Good Year tires than a colossal blow out. That you two have experience with several RV models, it was interesting to read your thoughts about going back to a 5th wheel.

    It appears that you are well set up now and fully engaged with friends. Enjoy your winter getaway.

    1. I'm sure I spoke with approximately 15 tire companies/shops-we had a struggle because we were too small for truck tire shops and too big for car tire shops...but we hit the jackpot with Perry Brothers, those who could order in for us wanted to put us into the Japanese tires, but I was insistent on Good years or Michelins...Perry Brothers found them for us and had them ordered in overnight..

  2. Your new rig looks amazing..and you cannot go better than Newmar! We are leaving Wed. AM and beginning our journey South..hopefully. They are calling for 3-5" of snow tomorrow...Will be down at LaBelle about the 18th of December for 2 weeks..would love to see that new rig and have an adult beverage with y'all!!

  3. Pleasant trip for the most part - that's always a good thing.

  4. Makes perfect sense your switching to a fiver. Just right for your travel style. And now it's even better with the new sneakers, peace of mind! :c)

  5. So happy you got there safely, except for the tire thing. Good for you insisting on the American made tires. Enjoy your winter in FL!

  6. Good that you caught that tire glitch in time and all will be good for a while.

  7. So happy you are there and settling in. Looking forward to the nesting photos. Just have to say that we love our Class A, so nice never having to get out until we hit warmer temps. Being as it is a diesel pusher we have none of the problems with noise that you mentioned. FYI we are trying to leave fro Mexico on Thursday. Yes traveling on the US Thanksgiving will be interesting.

  8. Since you are back on the road there surely is something you can write about. Hoping to see you at the top of our sidebar again soon.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  9. Just trying to see ifI can still post to this

  10. Hello Elaine, are you still traveling to the south. It's been so long that we have heard anything from you guys. We are going south this year again after taking a long break. All the Best to you!