Sunday, September 16, 2012

New Rving Friends Visit !!!

On Friday Rving friends, Bob and Marjorie arrived safe and sound to visit with us. We had never met them before, they are friends of our friends Larry and Marilyn's and come to find out also know our blogging friends Colin and Contessa, small world for sure. We had a lovely weekend, getting to know each other, and when they left today it felt like we had been friends for ever. 
They called when they arrived in town on Friday afternoon, and we insisted on running over to meet them where they were calling from to ensure their GPS didn't bring them across the river the hard way. Here they are all parked and hooked up in our backyard in their beautiful Discovery.

On Friday evening they wanted to take us out for supper but that was not necessary as I had prepared a supper of pork loin roast with all the trimmings. While visiting all I had to do was turn on the veggies and make the gravy. Neighbours dropped in to visit and we all had some great laughs and lots of chin wagging went on. And of course some good vino was consumed --supplied by Bob and Marjorie.
Their beautiful babies Shiloh on the left and J on the right were here too. ..They got along very well with Lilly and Tucker and Shloh and J are wonderful well behaved dogs.
Saturday morning, Bob and Rick got busy getting Bob set up with everything he needed to wash his rig and tow vehicle. While they were organizing that; Marjorie got some laundry done, and then Marjorie, myself and my friend Mel went to the Moncton Farmers Market. Talk about a crowd that was out and about at the market as it was a beautiful sunny day. 
Myself and Marjorie at the Moncton farmers Market
We came home and enjoyed a lunch of finger rolls, caesar salad and desert.
Last evening they insisted on taking us out for dinner, so we hopped in our car and took them to Shediac to tour the area, they got to pick up some lobster at the lobster shop to take home with them- and then we ended up at the Belair in Cap Pele area. We had scallop burger platters and they were to die for.
This morning we visited a bit, went over maps, and I had made a list for them of areas and things to see to PEI and NS including Cape Breton. They pulled out around 11am, and we sure do miss them. Safe journeys friends...till we meet again! Had we been able to clear our schedules here on this end we would have travelled off with them but alas that was not possible!
Myself Rick Bob and Marjorie
And away they go :(
We also celebrated two birthdays in our family this week...our oldest son Don turned 43, and our oldest daughter Tracey turned 38..~~~Happy Birthday Kids- was nice to see you both at lunch today~~~
I'm currently thinking wow where has the summer has sure sped by...we are still battling those wasps in the soffit..which is holding up our plans to exchange a few shingles on the roof...
Heres my handy dandy wasp chaser-hes so brave
And he makes it to the roofline
This week my plan is to start making my lists for my lists for our winter trip. I plan to unload all the clothes from the bus to the house and start fresh. I know there are clothes in that closet that have been there since we left in December and that have 'not' left the hangers. I would like the coach to be totally ready to roll by the end of October. We are excited to announce that Larry and Marilyn will be arriving here to visit  in October! They will be travelling with other friends so feel free Larry to bring them with you there is plenty of room. And hopefully we will be ready to roll back out with you all heading south. I'm getting excited!!!
Take care all, please remember David and Sherry our other blogging friends in your prayers as they are having a medical setback right now! Yall stay safe out there and remember ~~

Home is where you park it


  1. I just love your header photo. So peaceful and calming.

    Just sent up a prayer for you friends for healing and strength. Never can have too many prayers.

  2. Nice to have friends stop by for a bit. Good times!!

  3. Looked like a fun weekend for sure, and your weather looked perfect. Nice looking area the farmers market is in like the colorful roofs and buildings. Rick is braver then I would be with those wasps. Can't believe either that October is coming so fast. Are you staying on east this winter or heading to the Southwest? We are planning Calif and Arizona.

    1. We're heading out to fl...for 6 mos :)....hoping to leave end of Oct early Nov...left Dec 27th last year..sure don't ever want to experience that again....

  4. October and your departure will be here before you know it!

  5. We will see you in FL this winter. Please leace the wasps behind. ;c)

  6. Always great to spend time with fellow RV friends and/or bloggers:)

  7. such great tour guides, the two of you are!..and a parking space too! couldn't ask for more!

  8. It's pretty neat that you have lots of space for visitors (and that they're able to visit!)
    It seems to me I recall there was a particular bridge in the area that was too low for an RV. We ended up having to turn around once upon a time and go across the river another way. Thankfully there was a spot to turn off handy.
    Is this why you went out to meet up with them? Just a guess. Of course, it might have all changed by now, and my memory is pretty dim.
    Funny thing, we had pork loin last night. It's a great Sunday night meal.

  9. if you mean the overpass on main street Bob its still there...thats where I didn't want the GPS to take them its is very very low...but if you meant an actual bridge there was the old gunningsville bridge- problem wasn't so much the height it was the width-it was almost single lane, two car could pass cautiously but not a car and RV. A new one was built 3-4 yrs ago and now its a great wide open bridge to travel on with RVs...before the new bridge the causeway was the alternate route across to Riverview....

  10. You two are obviously terrific hosts! Watch out, if word gets around you may have more company than you can handle! :-)) Crossing my fingers perhaps we will be among them one day. Thanks so much for your good wishes in our latest crisis. All seems well at the moment.

  11. Glad to see you had a great weekend with visitors and I'll bet they really appreciated your home made dinner.

    It looks like Rick was well dressed for his encounter with the wasps!

  12. Bob and Marjorie are a super couple, so nice that you got to meet them. We met up with them On Stone Island , Mazatlan Mexico, again in St. David Arizona and had a fun day in Tombstone Arizona, along with Larry and Marilyn. Such a small world.

  13. very small world :) we are expecting Larry and Marilyn in Oct...

  14. Looks like you are having some great weather. How fun to meet new friends of friends that become friends!

  15. Hopefully we'll see you in Florida this winter. Safe Travels.

  16. Looks like a nice little RV park you have there. It's great to get together with RVing, blogging friends.

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