Monday, June 11, 2012

Birthday Milestone, MH Renos - A busy Time

Well we pulled off a surprise Birthday milestone for Rick. He turned the big "65" yesterday!! Our daughter hosted a surprise bbq at her home for family and friends. And I cannot believe he was totally in the dark until we pulled into their driveway and he saw all the cars. Happy Birthday Rick!! We gotcha! So the big check will start to roll in next month. But they will cut back the existing one of course.
He still can't believe he was 'got'

Cutting of the cake

Opening some gifts
I am still under the weather and have been back and forth to doctors for testing and antibiotics. After a steady 3 weeks of rain and cold today the sun is trying to poke through and for that I'm thankful. Maybe it will perk me up and provide me some energy.

Rick tackled a big job over the last couple of weeks removing the carpet in the living area of the motorhome..he had that place torn apart. But what a lovely job he did of the flooring. It may not be a big area but it sure was a big job, and a lot of intricate cutting and fitting. Although our cupboards are a light maple they are all different shades and we opted to go dark with the flooring versus trying to match the maple variation. The dark wood picks up the small brown squares in the ceramic. I am so glad to see the end of that beige carpet. Great job hon! You are not only handsome but handy as well.

 Sure looks like a professional job to me..and I'm a good inspector. It will be so nice to finally be able to take that little green machine out from under the storage and leave it home! I'm glad we opted for the dark walnut dream flooring.
Three weeks ago I was having a good day, and we decided it was time to wash the outside of the house. I think that is what started this round of unwellness (is that a word) for me. I think I inhaled too much of the javex while scrubbing the siding. I will know better next time to wear a mask! But it turned out great. We still have a small area left to do..but what a big job that was to tackle. Back front and sides.
We have new tenants moving in the first of July, and they seem like a nice 'normal' family. Just what I've been searching for. Wow there are some 'crackers' out there let me tell you!

This is our home, we live on the right side and rent out the left side

A shot of the tenant side driveway

A shot from down in the backyard looking up

A partial shot of our back yard-nice to see everything greening up

This property (2.5 acres in town limits) is the reason we are not ready to sell our home. We love it and it backs onto the petitcodiac river. Rick has his little apple/pear orchard down back, and although it takes over 5 hours of mowing on a ride on, we still enjoy mowing and working the flower beds.
We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Donna and Ralph and their friends with their motorhomes. They should be arriving around June 25th. I'm sure we will all have a wonderful visit. We certainly have space to park them up for as long as they want, and can provide hookups. 
Ossumer is back up in our front driveway, he was down back close to the garage for renovations-so now I can go out and clean and organize and load up for the season. Then we will be ready to hit the road. We haven't been anywhere since our return from down south at the end of April. 
This is a costly month for insurance is due, inspection is due on both mh and car-registrations are due for both mh and car..wowser it seems to all hit at once. The car goes to the dealer today, and the mh to Canada Bread on Wednesday for inspection. I'm sure both will pass the grade.
I should have whispered that!! Hope I didn't jinx us.
Have a wonderful week folks..and may the sun shine upon you all..stay safe out there and remember

"Home is where you park it"


  1. Happy Birthday Rick!!..glad that the party was a surprise..very nice work on the floor installation! you hire him out, Elaine?

  2. Good for you Elaine to pull off the surprise. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rick.

    The floor does look wonderful. Makes the area look so neat and clean.

    Your home has a lovely yard. What a great idea to live on one half and rent out the other. Gives a bit of income in your pockets.

  3. Happy Birthday Rick! What a great way to remember your 65th with that surprise party. We sure like your flooring choice and the beautiful installation job Rick did. Your home and property look so nice also. Hope you feel better soon Elaine.

  4. Happy Birthday Rick.
    The flooring looks awesome! great job.

  5. Happy Birthday, Rick! It'll be nice next month to receive your first Old Age Pension cheque!

    Nice job on the floor!

  6. Well, first of all, a very Happy Birthday to Rick!
    It does indeed suck that pensions are set to get clawed back when CPP starts, but as I've heard it said, "You can only eat one chicken a day".
    Awesomer (my own spelling, sorry) just got even "more Awesomer".
    The flooring is such a huge improvement.
    Had we kept our motorhome, it was one of the things that I had been eyeing, even though we kept that 'stick on' plastic on the high traffic areas the whole time and it was in great shape, it too was beige. No more comment.
    And I have to admit I was kind of "eyeing" that cake. My all time favourite is lemon cake with chocolate icing, so I'll only imagine that that was what it was.
    Hope you get better soon.

  7. Happy Birthday to Rick, good age.
    Great job on the MH, the floor looks great!

  8. Cracker? Cracker??!!! Hey, I resemble that remark... ;c)

    Nice job onthe flooring (for an "old" guy).

    Hope you feel better soon.

  9. Happy Birthday, Rick! Nice job on the floor, you should hire out :)

  10. Happy 65th!! Great reno job, love the choice of flooring and colour. You did a fantastic job.

    I had no idea the rental house was attached, thought it was separate. All the more reason to have the perfect tenants.

    Hope you are slowly feeling better Elaine.

  11. Happy Birthday Rick.

    Elaine, I hope you are feeling better soon.

  12. Happy Birthday Rick. Great job on the flooring - it does look like a professional job. You have a beautiful home there with lovely grounds. No wonder you don't want to sell. That would be hard to replace.

  13. Mr. Handyman! Happy belated birthday! And what a great Job you have done. Makes me want to run over to the MH and do the same! Have actually done it in our former Class C and for friends.

  14. Happy Birthday, Rick! You did a great job on the flooring - I love the wood you chose. Looks really nice!

    I like your house, too. What a perfect situation, live in one side and rent out the other. Really nice house and yard. I'm glad you found good tenants. :)

  15. Happy Birthday Rick! You did an awesome job of your project - it looks lovely. Get well soon Elaine.

  16. Happy Birthday Rick!! What an awesome job on the floor!! I love the choice in wood really looks perfect!! So much better than carpet!!
    Love your home and property...just beautiful!!

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  18. What a great job on the floor. Our Montana is only 3 years old but already the cheap, cheap carpeting is showing a little ago. Guessing that is usual as it is our home. Not sure what I would do when time to replace.

    Nice house and property you have there. Sometimes I miss mine. But then I have the opportunity to visit as daughter and SIL own it now.

  19. Wow, Happy Birthday, Rick !!

    Wishing you the best year ever !!

    Elaine, we are sending prayers your way to start feeling better.

    What a great idea to have tenants help pay the expense of home ownership.

    You two folks are smart I tell ya ... LOL.

    Thanks for the update, and enjoy your summer.

    Take care ... TnT

  20. Beautiful home...Don't blame you for not wanting to sell it.
    Love the floors in the RV. I would have loved having those.