Monday, September 12, 2011

Maiden Voyage X 2 !!!

We left home early Friday morning heading to a lake to spend the weekend with friends at their lake house. Any of you who truly know me, knows that I'm a 'go big or stay home" sorta gal...I drove ossumer for the trip ...and did quite well as per my co-pilot. Upon arrival the co-pilot suggested I pass the controls back to him, before turning down the long gravel winding road to the house. I stated I came this far, and that this was no time to steal my thunder, ensure your tray table is in the upright position-we will be landing within 10 minutes - I  arrived in their yard safe and sound!!! Now that first is behind me. ( I did let the co-pilot do all the jigging and jogging to get the rig into place for setup).
These friends have a beautiful boat. Its a motorhome on water..very nice bay-liner. Kitchen, bathroom sleeping area for 4. As most of you know I'm petrified of boats...and for the last two years I have visited either in the rain, or colder weather to avoid a boat trip. 

Friday was a gorgeous hot sunny day, and I sure didn't want to ruin anyones day, because it definitely was a boating day. After a couple of glasses of wine partaking, I realized the boat was loaded with lunch and supper. Panic did set in, so another glass of wine took the edge off of that. So YES I spent all day Friday on the boat. I think the worst thing was going from shore to the boat on the mooring in the little motorized dingy. That was somewhat hairy for me. Sure hoped the wine was out there with the lunch and supper.

Sitting here pretending I'm all relaxed !!!!

I'm so proud of myself !!! I truly wasn't sure I could handle boating for the day but I knew how much Rick wanted to go out also. Great music great company, great friends and must have been great drinks too.

yup I even drove the boat- eventually...they all thought this would help me get over my fear of boating...Drive into our wake Elaine I was told..keep this up and you'll all be coming to my 'wake'...they were told!!!

Thats right - feed some 'nuts' to the 'nut'...there were also some healthy fruity drinks called Singapore Slings!!! They should have been called "do not pour" Slings!! Of course they fed me those drinks before putting the boat up on something called 'plane' move on their part, I should have known something scary was coming !!!

Yup she was pretty much standing up on end!!!!

I couldn't let the day pass without some nice scenic pictures:



There are some gorgeous cottages hidden on this lake !!!

All in all it was a wonderful weekend. We didn't spend the night on the boat..for that I would have required alot more of those "do not pour slings". And not being a regular drinker-there is no doubt in my mind I would have definitely been "seasick" !! I was the one who was somewhat disappointed on Saturday when the weather was gorgeous but the wind was up and we couldn't go boating.
But we had a great Saturday sitting around visiting together, and there did seem to be company in and out most of the day. Needless to say it was a late night but a great one :)...we arrived back home content and tired yesterday afternoon. We both dove for a sofa (this time I did manage to throw dog cookies toward the kitchen and beat Tucker to the sofa), and we remained there most of the day!
So I am very please to have two major Maiden Voyages behind what to do next!!

Take care all~be safe

Home is where you park it !!


  1. way to go Elaine for conquering your fears this weekend!!! put all the rest of us to shame!!!

  2. You done good girlfriend!!! I know you must be proud of yourself!!!
    Have fun

  3. I am betting that you will become addicted to boating:)

  4. Awesome! You go girl!
    Although I'm pretty sure I would have made you then park the motorhome too, but maybe Rick figured he'd "leave well enough alone".
    In the ten years we had our class A motorhome, my wife never ever wanted to drive. Ever. She didn't even want to get behind the wheel of either of the full sized vans I owned over the years. *sigh* She has other virtues. Driving doesn't have to be one of them.
    When it comes to boating, anything that is big enough to not move when you step aboard is fine by her. I specifically remember going out for the day on a sailboat in Puerto Rico. "Oh, I like this one," she says. It was a 50 foot ketch! Slightly out of our price range.
    Speaking of which, maybe next you need to try sailing? Helps to get over your fear when you're making the boat go.
    Only a suggestion.

  5. Sounds like an awesome adventuresome weekend always good times rving!

  6. Now that is how to face your "fears", with a good stiff drink! Looked like a great weekend!

  7. Yay! You did it! You could be the poster child/woman for overcoming fears!

  8. Looks like you handled that boating as well as you handled your rig! Congrats, it sure looked like a lot of fun!

  9. I am so impressed, you drove the rig!!! And then you did the boat thing.....amazing. If I had all those drinks I would have been seasick. Glad you got two huge gold stars this weekend. Congrats.

  10. I faintly remeber from your "how we became RV'ers story, that you one morning asked Rick to buy a boat! Knowing you, it is quite obvious that he did not believe you. What DID he believe?
    Great that you enjoyed that weekend though and I must say that Bea CAN drive our MH too, but not in reverse!! (Needs practice first, on a big plaza.)

  11. Wow! What accomplishments! You drove the rig and you boated for the day! Fantastic! Isn't life grand?!

  12. A little late posting this but I have been so far behind on my blog reading. So glad that you had a great time and got over your fear of the water. Looks like you had a fun time and great weather.

    Kevin and Ruth