Monday, April 5, 2010

A Wonderful Rest Day!!

Today has been a great day!!! We rested and laid in the sun alot today...we did take a run into town and found the beer Rick is into the aussie wine and I'm sipping mud slides over ice :)...we had a lazy day and it was fun..even lilly has been resting all day..the rig is clean inside and out..we got that done yesterday..I can't upload pics right now because the wifi and my wireless stick are both slow in this area, but hope to get them uploaded within the next day or two. Tomorrow we head for Fredericksburg Virgina..and will stay there till probably Thursday then its onto Myrtle Beach. Today the weather was gorgeous it was 29C all day...we had a nice supper with our 'drinks'...aww life is grand, the satellite radio is tuned to the 70's and we're humming along..time to refill our glasses, miss you all like crazy but not enough to come home yet..till the next posting I'm over and out on this end..ta ta for now..and hugs and prayers to everyone...WE'RE HAVING A BLAST!!!
Western Village RV Park Carlisle PA (great park)

Easter Dinner in PA--------------------->

<----skyping with Don and Max :) Doing what I do best...


  1. Glad to read on Facebook that you had a nice relaxing day. You need MANY more of those. God knows, you certainly deserve it. You have paid your dues and now it is time to reap the rewards. Enjoy!!!

    Miss ya !


  2. Enjoyed reading your blog. Moving right along & having fun too!!!
    The wine is on "us" at MB!!!!
    Cathy, Brent & McDuff

  3. Where are you guys? No update from yesterday!! I have to ask Stacy to tell me where you are at from Facebook - does the phone work yet? Can I call you?
    I'm going thru mama withdrawl!!

    PS: I might buy a motorcycle I found. Now if that doesn't get you to call me, nothing will...