Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Still at the Beach :)

I didn't update the blog yesterday as there was not much new to tell...Rick left mid morning with Beau (a local friend) to find  a new battery for the coach,.and was quite successful. Come to find out our battery was warranted for 85 months so we got an identical replacement for 41.00 US$$..quite impressive to say the least. This battery retails for $169.00. The boys came back here I still wasn't showered or dressed (was having a lazy day after cleaning the rig)...I made them coffee, I hit the shower then Beth (from Truro) and I hopped in my car and headed out shopping...another successful venture:)...Rick and I went out to supper with Viola and Dave (from Toronto) as they were heading back home early this morning.

Today was a lovely day :)...we got up had coffee outside..puttered around the rig..I layed out in the sun..and we headed over to North Myrtle Beach to meet up with Cathy and Duffy at their condo. We had some snacks (steamed shrimp which was to die for)..cracker dip and wine...then the three of us Rick Cathy Myself..and the two dogs Lilly and Duffy, headed out for supper to a really neat down home burger joint for a bite of supper. Rick and I and Lill just returned home. It was another lovely day..We will leave here Friday drive approx 1/2 to Shelby North Carolina, Cathy and Duff head home (Shelby) on Saturday morning and we will arrive at Cathy and Brent's house sometime mid afternoon, and will spend the night with them..then go 1/2 to Gatlinburg Pigeon Forge TN area for Sun. night then onto Gatlinburg on Monday morning..where we will hold up for a week or so...
Duffy Mac's son handsome dude

Duff and Lilly playing on the beach :)

The Handsome boy having a rest 

Lilly and Duffers resting together..he is so are too Lilly girl

What a guy !!

Lilly snoozing after supper

Ok folks thats all for today and yesterday...we really didn't do much but we had fun doing it...nice to hear that Colin and Barb arrived back in Woodstock Ontario safe and sound...till the next blog yall take care..hugs from our home on wheels to yours...


  1. Hi guys.....

    Glad to hear that you are having such a wonderful time. Will you be able to come back to us common folk? lol

    Have a blast, and enjoy every day!


  2. Hi C, yup its something else here..maybe we need to relocate:) are things at home? All ok?