Sunday, April 11, 2010

Another Wonderful Day!

Hi Everyone, it was another great day here in MB. We didn't do much at all today, went to the beach, laid around in the sun~early this evening we took a drive to the 'Grand Strand'...its an area that is quite interesting to see, its miles of hotels on the beach..some nice ones and some not so nice ones-it is also a very very busy area. Its strange to drive downtown on a main street and see the beach, behind all of the hotels.
Lilly is totally enjoying her vacation, and kind of turns her nose up at "going walkies" she would rather take her strolls on the golf cart. She is getting quite spoiled to say the least. She loves the beach. We stopped at walmart and picked up a land line telephone. We didnt' realize till we arrived here that telephone service is included at our site, and we had taken all the phones off the rig before leaving home thinking we wouldn't need so now we have another one to add to the collection.

Our beach

One of the Lakes in our Resort

We drove the Grand Strand today-it is like a little Las Vegas -Its a main street -these are some pictures I snapped during the drive-very commercial-there was an amusement park right in the middle of it all.

This is not a really good photo but I took it through the screen door this evening-it shows the view from our Rv to the beach

Cathy, Brent and MacDuff brought me flowers: Of course I didn't have a vase on board..I just had to post them they are so pretty:

Tomorrow Cathy and I have plans to go shopping and Rick will get to stay home with Lilly and Duffy. I'm a bit jealous Rick is getting prime time with ok everyone ta ta for now..take care and everyone have a super week.