Saturday, April 3, 2010

Safe and Sound in PA

Mommie and Lilly out for stroll - Lilly needs 'doggels'

It has been two long days of travel. We have decided that we will stay here tonight and tomorrow night before heading onto Virginia. Firstly we  need to rest, and secondly the Rig needs some attention to try and get some of the road grime off of it. Lilly has been an excellent traveler. We have decided that we are pushing on too hard. We drove 13 hrs yesterday and 9 hours was pretty much uneventful until approximately the last 26 kms to our destination. There was something big going on and we were all re routed, which took us totally off course. "Sally" was not impressed she had major difficulty 'recalculating'. There were firemen at all exits and we had to follow their direction and take a back country road. A snake would have a hard job navigating the narrow winding no guard rail no shoulder and broken pavement road we had to travel. Thankfully Rick was at the wheel and managed to do a fine job getting us through that mess. I was pretty stressed. We traveled the Kangamangus highway  in NH last year, and it seemed like a freshly paved interstate compared to this outhouse path we were on today. Main thing is we are safe and sound, we finally got out for a grocery order, Lilly is finally out of her seatbelt, which she has been living in for the last two days. Tomorrow we will hopefully sleep in, then putter around the RV..and have a day of rest. On Monday we will head out for VA. Have a happy easter everyone!!!!

Daddy and Lilly out for a stroll in NY State 'somewhere'

Miss Daisy having a cool down rest in NY State at a rest stop


  1. Glad to hear that firstly you are there safe and sound after what sounds like a harrowing drive for a bit. Secondly, that you finally get a day of rest. You know guys, vacation is supposed to be all about RESTING.... LOL

    Lilly seems to have adapted well. Bet she is glad to be on stationary ground for a bit. Be safe guys, and REST!!!


  2. I agree with claudette-u r on vacation - take it easy!