Sunday, April 25, 2010

Saturday and Sunday !!

Hi everyone !!! We left Camden SC heading to Shelby NC to spend the evening with friends..Cathy and Brent (canadians who live there now)...We had a was great fun..wonderful supper, Gary and Cindy joined us..great food, stories, and drinks...Cathy and Brent gracefully offered (I think it was Cath's idea tho) to keep Lilly for us while we were in Gatlinburg , Pigeon Forge TN..for Becky's wedding. Craig and Rob arrive tomorrow..Becky and Matt on Wednesday. We are going to the Dixie Stampede on Tuesday evening I think..the drive here was very scary coming through the mountains..I was almost beside myself. I looked out at one point, and sitting this high up in the rig, I see approx a 12" (yes thats inches) guard rail, and ravines and canyons..on the other side of the guard rail...needless to say with my fear of heights I was petrified. Poor Rick..and he couldn't understand why I wasn't taking 'pictures' umm could be because I was as low to the floor as I could get..anyway due to his excellent driving skills, we arrived at our destination in Pigeon Forge TN safe and sound. Now from what I could see today and the past few days, hes the only one on the road with these skills...I don't think any NC or SC cars have blinkers...they never use them...and the drivers do not seem to have any fear...talking on cell phones barreling down entrance ramps..don't you see us??? We're the ones driving a 'house' down the road..Anyway..enough of my rant...Lilly is doing well with Cathy and Brent..I'll be glad when she has her first 24 hours in..and I pray she does not give them any are some pictures of Saturday and Sunday:
On the road from Camden to Shelby

Lilly traveling from Camden to Shelby this girl of ours travels in comfort.

Cathy and Brent's home in Shelby-well part of it our home on wheels is blocking alot of it...gorgeous home

The duffmiester with his Gorilla...handsome boy

The morning after the night before..very early...Brent, Cathy and Gary :)

view from Cathy and Brent's deck....what a view

The definitely live in 'heaven' they have their own pier...gorgeous property-This is on the upper deck

Shot of the lower deck from the upper deck...

Their Pier

And it was onto Pigeon Forge Gatllinburg TN~~

Now I have to explain this picture above...we stopped for gas..not the best pic but I took it from inside the MH...we are at a gas station..facing the building...we need to get between those cars parked along the side, and that red truck and white truck in front of us...and around the whole building with little space to get back on the road. We waited and we waited b/c it was so 'tight'..finally I went in and asked the gentleman if he would mind moving his truck..he was very nice and offered before I could even that problem was solved. 

And we start up the mountains..see how small the guard rails are????

Beautiful but scary


We finally arrive Pigeon Forge TN

wonderful town..see the smokey mtns in the background~lovely touristy it...!!

We found Forest's shrimp company :)

Rick thought we should ride this sky ride up the mountain...I dont' think so....

Well thats it for today folks, we are thankful to be here safe and sound...tomorrow we have some running to do for the big event and the boys should arrive sometime tomorrow before supper time..take care all ~have a super week...over and out from our home on wheels to your home....

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  1. Great pics guys! Your friends on one of the blogs you follow ... "SEMI-TRUE TALES OF OUR LIFE ON THE ROAD" are in the same area! They are currently in AL and will be in memphis when you will be! Interesting that you all travel same areas. lol