Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Bride and Groom have Arrived in Pigeon Forge

Was a nice sunny bright warm day here today. After Coffee and breakfast the boys went hiking, and Rick and I went for some groceries. I made a big supper...then we four had a campfire while awaiting the arrival of Becky and Matt. They arrived around 8pm and we went up to their cabin to deliver them some groceries I had picked up for them, and to visit at long last...Their cabin is on Dollywood property, wayyyyy up in the mountains..was a scary drive up for sure...maybe will be better in the daylight. It was nice to see Beck and Matt..tomorrow is a big day for us all so I better hit the sack...and get some rest. TaTa for now folks and I'll post some pics hopefully tomorrow evening after the big event...have a super day...
supper tonight in the Rig...

Rob graciously offered his and Craig's services to do the supper dishes

I'm not sure Craig was impressed lol

Some pics of Becky and Matt's cabin...Moonlight Ridge
Living Room area
To the 2nd floor
The games room/master bedroom on 2nd floor with hot tub just outside on balcony
games room
View from the bed

Matt and Becky clowning around
Me Becky and Craig..
Rob and Rick

And Last but not Least...Me and My Baby Girl

Tomorrow is her Wedding day - April 29, 2010


  1. I so wish i was there with you all.
    Enjoy the day, take LOTS of pictures
    I will be thinking of you all throughout the day.

    Congrats to my baby sister!! xoxo

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  3. I wish the happy couple many years of happiness , health and joy together. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Matt yet, but I am sure Becky will want to someday introduce him to "Mother Neighbour" lol. You will see me as a nut.....just like everyone

    All the best to you!

    And Elaine, don't forget to breathe........... lol

    Enjoy and have a fantastic day!