Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ocean Lakes Resort - What a place this is !!! Fantastic

We left the Rv park in North Myrtle Beach around noon today and arrived around 12:45 at Ocean Lakes Resort. It is 'gorgeous' here..what a beautiful resort. We are now here for two weeks. The beach is gorgeous, the resort is gorgeous and big..constant activities going on..we fell in with the crowd and rented a 'golf cart' for traveling around the park. Nice cement pads to park we sit shortly after setting up!

Not the best beach picture-Rick snapped it from the road...will get better ones tomorrow

View of some of the park...everything is so neat and clean

Lilly and Daddy waiting for Mommie

Mac Duff Came to Visit
Cathy Brent and McDuff (Duffy) came to visit this afternoon and evening. They are staying in a condo in Myrtle Beach ~he looks so much like his daddy 'Mac' he brought tears to our eyes. It was also nice to see Cathy and Brent we will get together again during our visit :)..Isn't he gorgeous...he was from one of our litters 12 years ago..Mac was his daddy and Josie was his momma.

"We were so happy to have some of his golden hugs" "He is quite famous also"
"He looks just like his Daddy"

Although we also enjoyed Cathy and Brent's visit ...we apologize to them, we were so focused on the 'boy' we didn't even get a picture of them...but we will within the next week or two..for sure...we had a great visit...they invited us to spend a night with them at their home on our way to TN (They live near Charlotte SC)..and we are looking forward to seeing them again. Cathy will be here for 2 weeks in this area, and Brent will come down on the weekends.  After the visit we hopped on the golf cart and lead them out of the park to the main gates. She is originally from Newfoundland and Brent is originally from Halifax. 

So as you can all see its been a wonderful day!! I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. Until then ta ta for now and everyone have a blessed night..hugs 


  1. We enjoyed the reunion!!
    After 11 yrs to see one of your "favorite" puppies! So special!
    He LOVES his new beary!
    No worries, we don't mind taking second place to the BOY!

    Had a great eve with you at the campground or should I say "Village."
    Enjoying the beach like you today! Life is Good!
    See you soon. Let's go shopping.......
    Cathy, Brent & McDuff

  2. Oh hush!!!! lol

    I am sooo jealous. It is sunny here today, but the wind is cool. It looks to be a beautiful park. Just the perfect place for you two to veg for the next two weeks. McDuff sure does look like his Dad. I can see why it would bring a tear or two to your eye. Enjoy the weather, and think of us poor people back in N.B. lol

    Miss ya !!!


  3. Hey this the McDuff that they named a beverage room on Champlain Street in Dieppe after? Or was that another dog? Something tells me that it was this handsome guy!

  4. Hey that was Murphy's pub..his name was Murphy..Duffy is the one we flew to SC...he is the stamp of his dad..we didnt' do much today..laid in the sun..Lilly is loving riding around on the golf cart lol...