Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Playing Catch up here for Tuesday and Wednesday

Well folks we left Carlisle PA (Western RV park- a fantastic park) yesterday morning and headed on down I81-I66-I66-I17 into Fredericksburg Va. It took us approx 4 hours and we arrived around 3pm at our dear Friends Betty and Lou's to visit and spend the night in their driveway. And what a nice visit we had. We went out to supper at "Charlie's" last night and it was a fantastic meal, great family dining. I had my first mudslide martini..I felt so sophisticated. lol...of course they fell in love with 'Lilly"..they had just lost their dog 'Amy' a couple of weeks ago. I couldn't believe it, as shy as Lilly usually is she made up with Betty (and tolerated Lou) almost immediately. It could be the fact that Betty fed her a whole box of doggie biscuits and almost a whole container of shreddies.  And Lilly had a blast, they had a fenced in yard and a doggie door..she wasn't long figuring that out, and realized she could run in and out at her leisure. We arose early this morning, and had a nice visit before we left at 1pm today. They are wonderful people and are getting up in years, I wished we lived closer so we could be of some help to them. We were on a bit of an incline (major in my books) last night in the rig..and my biggest fear was I would wake up out of the driveway in the middle of the street! Rick guaranteed me we wouldn't..I guess once again he was right!

Elaine Lou and Betty

We arrived at RVacation RV Park in Selma North Carolina around 4:30pm and checked in. What a gorgeous park its on a lake and tomorrow I will take pictures to post. It was a very very hot day and we traveled with the air on all the way. I was terribly nervous today, but tried my best not to let Rick see that. I literally prayed my way out of a panic attack. It could be due to the fact that the other drivers scare me to death when riding along side us on an interstate~one guy was shaving, smoking a cigarette, talking on the cell phone (and no he didn't have 3                                       hands)..and driving with his knees. Thats enough to scare anyone I would think. Miss Daisy seems to love the open roads and just motors along. Thank heavens my chauffeur is such a good driver. We think if we can hold up here tomorrow we will take another rest day from driving. Then its onto Myrtle Beach which should be approximately 3 hrs from here. Then we will remain at that destination until around the 25th of April. Then we will head on over to TN to the smokey mountains, Gatlinburg Pigeon Forge area. Oh and the darn June bugs are out here..humm I wonder if they call them April bugs??? Have a great evening everyone, I'm off to go do my hair I just came out of the shower!! Take care...


  1. Well that means that Russell would fit right in driving with his knees. lol Glad to hear that you were able to get yourself out of a panic attack. I know what that is like, they are both terrible and terrifying at the same time. Miss ya!!!


  2. I love reading everyones comments on the blog ) thanks for following us..yes C he would fit right in...I remember the day of shopping with him and him shaving and driving with his knees..scared me nearly silly...hugs