Monday, April 12, 2010

And yet Another Wonderful Day at the Beach!

Today was another great day! Weather was gorgeous, Cathy arrived with MacDuff around 11am or so and off we went shopping! Rick stayed behind with Lilly and Duffy-(I think actually I know he was relieved not to have to come with me)..and he spent some wonderful quality time with Duff. I'm actually a bit jealous but I had a great time with Cathy..I am completely outfitted for the event from head to toe, dress, shoes, jewelery and evening bag. I'm sooo relieved..and believe it or not "no alterations are required" I definitely lucked out. Cathy was my good luck charm. We had some great laughs, Our main purchase was at Amanda's Creations..upon our return we rested for a bit then Cathy and Duff waved good bye and they headed back to their condo. Yes Duff can wave good bye on command. He is a registered therapy dog. I do tend to get very 'gushy' when I'm around he looks so much like his late daddy. I called home to check on him worried that he may be stressed looking for his momma, and Rick said he was doing great, laying around relaxing ~ I guess the pictures don't lie :) Rick said Lill even cuddled with him after he made himself at home on the sofa in our rig :) lol
Isn't he gorgeous !!

Lilly Sleeping in the Captains Chair next to duff !
After Duff and Cathy headed home , Rick and I and Lilly took a nice walk on the beach 
I love the going away pics :)

And I love the 'together' pics

Lilly and Daddy on the beach, Lilly loves the beach

Beautiful waves as the sun was getting ready to set

Lilly streaking around the beach...she was so happy

Ok folks, I guess thats all for today, time to go snuggle with my to recap it was a great day I said Yes to the dress~had a great time with a dear friend~a nice walk on the beach with Rick and Lilly, what more could one woman ask for !! Ta Ta for now and ya all have a super Tuesday tomorrow ~ its beaching and sun for us...hugs

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