Thursday, April 8, 2010

Another great day in the Sun!!

Its been another great day today. Lovely and warm with a nice breeze. We started off with coffee and fresh air :) the first part of the day was somewhat sad as momma is gone 3 months today and would have turned 95 today..and how we miss her..but we know she is with us daily in our hearts~

Then Rick did all the windows and I did all the interior. We managed to get all the laundry washed, dried, hung up and put away.  Then we were off to Denny's for brunch, and some outlet shopping :)...Found some great deals..especially at the coach outlet. Tried on quite a few dresses, but no luck :(...found some I liked but would require hemming alterations and there is no time for the search continues...

This campground in Selma (RVaction) is wonderful I could stay right here  its on a very nice lake, but we will be rolling on tomrorow,. for Myrtle Beach, its approximately 2.5-3 hrs from here. I'm quite excited to get there because we will be meeting Cathy and Brent and MacDuff on Saturday :) MacDuff is one of our golden retriever puppers from a litter 12 yrs ago that Cath and Brent purchased from us and we shipped him to SC..they will be at myrtle beach so watch for pics of him..he looks exactly like his Daddy "Mac"..
RVacation Park , Selma NC

They had a wonderful park dog here~her name is "Camper"~we found her working with the owner today on the backhoe..she is a darling girl to say the least she just roams around and visits everyone! 

Camper working with the owner and his little guy is driving the cute is that. 

Also you can just click on the individual pictures everyone to see the full picture. Take care all and God Bless its over and out for now will update tomorrow night.

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