Sunday, April 4, 2010

Its Been a Wonderful Easter Sunday !!!

Hello everyone, its been a great day. We are now in Carlisle PA at our 1/2 point between PA and VA..we were going to stay in Stroudsburgh PA for a day of rest, but we were well rested from a good night's sleep so we decided to motor on to was only a 3 hr run which was a hop skip and jump for us considering we have been having major long driving days~~the trip down was awesome no problems at all ~we are in a gorgeous campground and what a wonderful charming town Carlisle is. All the homes are very well maintained, everyone has flowers blooming, the grass is green~people were out mowing their lawns. We went to Walmart after we got setup and purchased some RV wash to try and get some of the road grime off the rig. And yes!! everything is open here today.

We had a great easter dinner...ceasar salad, rolls, bbq steak, potatoes etc...very different than what we are used to doing on Easter, but also very enjoyable. We are missing our kids and families especially on this day...While I did the dishes, Rick started cleaning the outside of the RV and is almost finished. Lilly and I took a walk, now we are settling down to watch some Sunday night TV. Rick had previously set up our satellite.  Ta Ta for now..will upload today's pics later..the wifi is pretty slow here..take care all..and we hope you had a wonderful day!!! Because WE did...and we'll be staying here tomorrow for a  'rest' day..


  1. Good to hear that you are FINALLY resting. I bet it is beautiful there. We had a gorgeous weekend, temp in the mid 20s. We had Serenah overnight Friday and Saturday afternoon. We took her outside on Friday evening. She had a ball running around Winnie's back yard and playing ball with Alesha and Russell. She had a sound sleep that night after all the fresh air and running around. Enjoy your rest day, We miss you !!!


  2. Glad to hear you rested!

    Asked T about shirts/hats etc as you had asked what he'd like.

    No hats (he has a hard time finding hats & has to try them all).

    He has no preference but I think he looks good in Orange & Red. And he loves anything with skulls on it!

    Hope you are having fun on your vacation!! xo Tracey