Sunday, April 18, 2010

And yet Another Wonderful Day at the Beach!

He everyone..hope your all doing well..we had a good day...

Last night after supper with Colin and Barb we toured the campground and visited back here for some wine..they left for Ontario early this morning..headed back home..

This is Colby Barb and Colins yorkie

This is Suzie Barb and Colins other yorkie, who has terminal cancer :(..shes such a sweetie

today we got up fairly early, coffee out under the awning...was going to go for groceries but the day was so gorgeous we went to the beach instead for part of the day..the ocean was fairly warm..sun was hot but nice breeze..came back showered and headed out for groceries.

Coming out of the ocean :) Was hot and sunny

Rick coming out of the ocean :)

Had a nice supper, Barry and Beth came to visit..we had some wine..then toured in the golf cart, and watched the nightly fireworks..Lilly wasn't impressed, we thought if we took her to see them she wouldn't be so scared..wrong!!!

Everyone has a golf cart..its so funny...all these little one eyed bugs driving around at night...reminds us of a video game lol....I play city life on FB and Rick said looks like you should be collecting taxes here carts are the 'mode' of transportation in this little village!
Isn't this one cute!! There are all different ones..some have bud lite on the side of them etc..some look like race cars...they are so cute...

Heres the line up at the canteen

this is a fountain at night in the middle of a lake..and there are cottages here on the resort all around the lake..there are lights under the fountain...this picture does not do it justice...

Well I hope you all had a good day :) We sure did, now I'm off to watch a movie with my honey...until the next posting...ta ta for now...take care everyone !!
Hugs and prayers

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