Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Hump Day Everyone !!

Hi everyone, I didn't post yesterday because there wasn't much to report. We took the day off..cleaned around the rig, laid in the sun..visited with some folks we met...we just had ourselves an all out no bars hold rest day. I do have to admit come supper time I was somewhat bored and antsy so I came in cleaned the rig again lol and made supper...I'm definitely not used to sitting around, but Rick has me in training to become an expert at it.

Today we made a trip to "Campers World" now thats a place to see if your into camping mode. Rick purchased his 5ft ladder, which compacts down to 4"x4" and fits underbelly in the storage just perfect. He also got his wheel covers, which will prevent the sun from baking the tires.
I hit the jackpot with my shopping, I found a shoe holder. And its some slick. It is approx 4 ft long, made out of canvas and it attaches to the base of the bed, out of the way and has pockets in it~to store your shoes. Now instead of Rick tripping over 15 pairs of my shoes, he will only have to trip over 8 or 9 pairs. He is forever saying you can only wear one pair at a time~but I could wear at least 3 pairs in the run of a just don't understand these things. I also picked up a space saving paper towel holder which I needed.

From there we came back, picked up Miss Lilly, and went to the Texas Roadhouse for lunch, and Lilly was allowed to come right to the table with us..she thought that was pretty neat...she just sat on the floor beside my chair..she is getting to be quite the social butterfly and is attracting attention everywhere she goes. Cavaliers seem to be quite scarce in this area.

After lunch we went to the Broadway on the was a nice boardwalk with lots of shops and numerous activities for kids. Picked up a sizzling hot purse..(which Rick didn't think I needed but again men don't understand the need for more than one purse lol)...

From there it was off to Pet Smart, Lilly picked out a new toy, and also chose one for Sammie and one for Jazzie. She thought that store was paradise. All the smells and toys.

Upon our return home we had some new neighbors just across the way from Ontario~and now Lilly has a boyfriend...hes a cutie, he too is a cavalier king charles spaniel the same color as her (hes much bigger) and his name is Mic. Hes definitely a we will have to make sure she doesn't sneak out after dark!!

At lunch today Rick had this wonderful desert for Peggy :)
(they are both chocoholics)

Lilly and Mommie at lunch

Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville :) @ the Boardwalk
The Palace Theatre where alot of the shows are held

The boardwalk area         

So as you can see today was another good day...tomorrow I think we may have company Viola and Dave called today, we met them in the previous park we were in last week, and they may come to visit us tomorrow..

Our Friend Cathy McDuff's momma is suffering terribly with her allergies today, so we are hoping she will be much better tomorrow..

Until tomorrow take care everyone and enjoy Thirsty Thursday~~and remember its followed by Finally Friday :) hugs to all

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