Friday, April 16, 2010

Hello Friday !!!

nother nice day at the beach (you must be sick and tired of hearing me say that) and sunny...had our coffee outside this morning...then I tidied up the rig..we had our showers me into a bathing suit and Rick into shorts and shirt. He left around 12:30 to meet up with some of his RV workhorse buddies from online and have lunch. The 3 of them returned back here to visit. It was nice to meet Mike and Beau..Rick has chatting online with them for over a year so it was finally nice to meet up with them. They are local here to the area.

Rick Mike and Beau

While Rick was out to lunch, Lilly and I took the opportunity for some quiet time and girly time..we sat out under the awning and read in the sun for awhile. Worked on our tans..and rested.

After Rick got back we visited a bit with new friends, Barbara and Colin from Ontario..Rick supervised the installation of their new BBQ...they own two little yorkie dogs (Suzie and Colby) and the cavalier like Lilly named Mick. They suggested we all eat supper together as they are leaving early in the we came home and got our food ready, while they prepared theirs, and then we ate over under their awning. Good supper and good company. Some wine, some laughs :)...

~A Toast to a new friendship~

Rick, Elaine, Barb and Colin 
After supper we all hopped on the golf cart and took a tour of this whole place. Barb and Colin had never seen it all up close..They are booked to come back for the month of April 2011. We came back to our rig with all the doggies..had a drink then they headed home to get ready to roll out to Ontario tomorrow.They've promised to travel down east and visit with us..
So all in all its been a wonderful day once again. Hope everyone has a super weekend...till the next time ta ta for now..

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