Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A long Hard Day Today!

Not much to blog about this evening. But its been a long hard day after an almost sleepless night. I have no idea why I'm not sleeping good lately, and its a good thing I don't have to rise early in the morning. It has come to my attention that there is another major storm brewing..Just what we all need.
Rick and I helped a friend finish up her move today, her son arrived with the uhaul then Rick and I cleaned her apartment from top to bottom, waited for the Landlord to come and inspect-then jetted off to help another friend. So it was a running day.
I'm trying to catch up on my blog reading before bed...
take care~just wanted to say hello and we are thinking of you all :)

Home is where you park it!!
Rick tucker and lilly too


  1. hello..just stopping by to say HI!!..sleep well tonight!!

  2. If you find out what the sleep problem is, let me know, I am having similar problem-no idea why:(

  3. Just found your blog and thought I'd say "Hi"... We are also fulltimers and love the life. I have added you to my favorite blog list and hope you'll come on over to visit us.
    Have a great day & travel safe

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  4. Sounds like you just need some down time and then your mind will go to sleep :)

  5. Hey Elaine and Rick (Tucker and Lilly too), Glad you made it safely through Irene. Vermont looks as though it was devastated by water levels rising. I hope that was the last big storm of the year! By the way, thanks for dropping by A Camp Host's Meanderings and leaving comments the past month while we were on our North Carolina Odyssey. Fondly, Levonne